This stage belongs to RedYoshi, SilverYoshi, and Little RedYoshi.

Something about this stage feels a lit-tle familiar... Could it possibly be a level from RedYoshi SNES? I think it is! This is a moving stage, too! Despite it being here alone for so many years, it looks like it's in great shape! But... where is everybody, like the enemies, and isn't BlackYoshi's Castle around this level, too? But when you reach the end of the level, you'll find a heap of ashes and debris. Is this possibly where the World 1 castle was? What the heck happened? Did a fire destroy it or something? We may never know. Once you reach the end of the level, a raging river comes, and transports to back to the beginning. If you are swept way with the river, you get lots of damage. There is a boat you can get on to avoid pain. You can fight and force your foes off the oat and into the river! Merciless!

(This page was created by the FSB Rumble crewmember RedYoshi (tbc).)

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