This stage belongs to BlackYoshi.

BlackYoshi has his own stage. Why would't he? It'd kinda scare us if BY was sharing a stage with the RedYoshi series characters. In the RedYoshi games, BY's castle is HUGE. But in Rumble, we dramatically reduced its size. It's still a large stage, though. BlackYoshi's Castle rests at the top of of a... floating chunk of earth?! Man, we have changed the castle! Here's a fact about that chunk of earth: Did you know that there's a secret hole in its side that's almost unseeable! Yep, it's true! And inside that hole is a Smash Ball! Getting inside the secret hole is fairly easy, but getting back on the main stage is quite the challenge. So, if you are a figher with great jumping and recovering abiliies, go for it. It's possible you'll think we're no fair; with BlackYoshi's, RedYoshi's, SilverYoshi's, and Little RedYoshi's flutter jumps and Wings Up+B special move, you can get back on the stage with ease. Plus, you'll have the Smash Ball effect! So, the hole is the first stage hazard. The second is if BlackBirdo appears. If she does, she'll start attcking the nearset fighter. After a few hits, she'll disappear. We are starting to think, "Maybe we should've made her and Assist Trophy..."

(This article was created by the FSB Rumble crewmember RedYoshi (tbc).)

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