RedYoshi Brawl

Well, lookie here! If it isn't four, five, six, seven... We lost track, but if it isn't the Five/six/seven (or more)-time veteran in the Fantendo Smash Bros. (series): RedYoshi! This ColoredYoshi was given some inprovements his last appearance in FSB DS. Like what? Oh, maybe a higher midair flutter-jump, a new Special Move, increased power and speed, and how about a new Final Smash? Here's RedYoshi!


Because RY was changed for his next appearance here on Rumble, it'll take some practice to get used to his new features. For example, RY's new ↑+B Special Move is ColoredWings. This is a great recovery move. It deals no damage, but still, it'll surely be helpful. When RedYoshi uses ColoredWings, he grows feathery wings change change colors. For a short amout of Time, he is able to fly anywhere. But when the time flies up (get it? Flies up?) The wings disolve, and sends poor RY falling down, down, down to the ground.

Final Smash: PokeHand

RY's Final Smash for Rumble is PokeHand. PokeHand stands for Pokemon Hand. Even we didn't know this ColoredYoshi had Pokemon! Anyway, after RY grabs the Smash Ball, press B and he'll call out one of his three Pokemon: Leafeon, Staraptor, or Shaymin. Leafeon is the most common Pokemon to come out and deals moderate damage, Staraptor is the most uncommon and inflicts a good amount of damage, and Shaymin is the least common to come out and does the best damage out of the three.

(This article was created by the FSB Rumble crewmember RedYoshi (tbc).)

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