Koopacreep FSBR

Who's this guy? I haven't seen him in any Fantendo games. Wait, wasn't he an Assist Trophy in FSB DS? Could this possibly be a new character in the Fantendoverse making his debut to games in Rumble? This is just too weird... Anyway, here's the purple Koopa, Koopacreep! He mostly uses his magical paintbrush wand to attack.


Koopacreep is a new face to the Fantendo universe. So? He's a coll fighter, is what I'm sayin'! With his paintbrush wand and his flying carriage, he's packed for Rumble and ready to go! With Koopacreep, his wand attacks have fairly good attack range, so your able to safely attack up close on the opponent or a character's length away. Remember one thing: Koopacreep's wand attacks deal more damage when he's farther away, so try to hit your foe with the wand's tip. Offense is one of Koopacreep'a strengths, because his speed allows him to attack almost immediately. Keep those things in mind.

Final Smash: Hover Mobile

When Koopacreep uses his Final Smash, he hops into his flying carriage (which was given to him by his father), hovers around, and shoots foes with his blaster!

(This article was created by the FSB Rumble crewmember RedYoshi (tbc).)

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