It's Karma, the powerful Yoshi-Koopa hybrid! Returning from this game's prequel, Karma has a large amount of strength and speed. Use her to find out more!


Karma's attacks are very strong. If you use her Shell Throw and immediately use Tongue, she will throw the shell with her tongue, causing the opponent to be hurt by the shell and get eaten! Karma can also use Egg Throw and Shell Throw at the same time to throw a Spiny Egg!

Final Smash: Yoshi-Koopa Stampede

Well, looks like Karma might need some help! If she gets a smash ball, she will whistle a strange tune, and a bunch of Yoshis and Koopas will stampede! A very powerful move, so watch out!

(This article was created by Peanutjon (tbc).)

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