Clyde---------->Clyde Brawl

It's Clyde! He's back in Rumble. Clyde is quicker and has better reactions and he isn't scared to give it a go! He's had a minor look change. So what else has changed with our Yoshi?


Very similar to previous games, Clyde has no changes to the moveset. It best to have a quick start with Clyde - using the most powerful moves where possible. Egg Roll and Egg Throw (used by Yoshi in Super Smash Bros. Brawl) are in for last resort. Open Fire and Bomb are harder to use, but when you get the hang of it - they come off with utter destruction for the rivals. The Final Smash hasn't changed much either (see below for more!) There are no moves from Clyde, or Flame series, bar Tartan Army!

Final Smash: Tartan Army!

The same Final Smash? Well it's similar, but not the same. The Tartan Army come all at once giving a better chance of destruction. Clyde should be one to be feared when this army come to play!

(This article was created by the FSB Rumble crewmember Clyde1998 (tbc).)

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