BlackYoshi Brawl
Hm. I recognize those cool sunglasses anywhere. It's BlackYoshi...! Along with his enemy, RedYoshi, BlackYoshi returns to rumble! While RY has his own improvements for Rumble, we decided to give BY some, too! For starters, you'd be suprised on how much faster this villain has become! He's a sure powerhouse, too! C'mon, something's gotta be up. Has BlackYoshi visited a gym or something?


The only cahnges we've made to BlackYoshi attackwise is his smash attacks and aerial attcks. In FSB DS, BY's forward smash attack was the same as RY's, but we scratched that. Literally. We literally scratched that idea, because BY's forward smash is BY slashin with his sharp claws. It's a poerful attck, and it doesn't need much start-up time. A fully charged forwrd smash can KO a foe with 30% damage or more, but it also depends on the weight of the foe. Now let's move on to BlackYoshi's aerial attcks. These attacks are all different than RedYoshi's. What changes are there, then? Well, BY's aerial attcks are close to pretty much the same. Neutral attack: spins while slashing with his claws; Side: slashes with his claws; Up: uppercuts with his claws bared; Down: spikes the foe with his claws. I had no idea that someone could love theirlong fingernails so much...

Final Smash: ShadowSlash

Here goes BlackYoshi with his favorable claws again. When he uses this Fianl Smash, the screen suddenly goes black. When light comes back, BYslashes any opponents nearby. If a direct hit hits a foe with 25% or more in damage, it's almost a guarunteed KO.

(This article was created by the FSB Rumble crewmember RedYoshi (tbc).)

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