"It's time for a Revolution"-Tagline

Fantendo Smash Bros. Revolution is a reboot of the Fantendo Smash Bros. series, featuring the same concept of Fantendo All-Stars brawling it out in the style of the SSB series, but with a number of innovative changes and a roster retaining few veterans. The name comes from the fact that it is a reboot, and the unique Revolution moves each character utilizes in battle. It was developed by Unversed Entertainment, with the characters from various Fantendo franchises. Sign up in the comments or here. Not all submissions will be accepted.


The main mode is Brawl, basically ripped from the newest Smash game. Players customize settings and can battle Time or Stock. There are a few changes to the basic formula though. There are no Assist Trophies, rather Mininites, small figures that can be bought in-store and be registered to appear randomly on the battlefield. The game comes with Unten, Smile, and Fandro. Final Smashes are also replaced by Revolution moves, which rely on skill rather than chance. Get enough combos to fill your Revolution Bar, and then unleash it.

There are also Trophies, collectible action figures based off of various Fantendo characters. These can be bought with Revolution Coins, attained through fights or other modes, or won in Trophyball, a pinball-game where the player must collect trophies.

Story Mode, entitled The Corruption is a 2D platformer/beat em up. Players complete levels, unlock rewards, and defeat bosses. There is also Smash Squad, a 4-player mode where four fighters explore a gigantic dungeon, solving puzzles and defeating foes, until they reach a boss. At the end, whoever scored the most will win a hefty reward.

Smashopoly is another mode, a board game in the style of Monopoly. The goal is to have the most Revolution Coins, by buying properties from across the Fantendoverse, but instead of Jail, player must fight through three matches, and instead of paying when you land on someone's property, you can get out of it by beating them. The winner keeps all of the coins.

Story Mode: The Corruption

The game's story mode revolves around Champions, the essences of Fantendo heroes and villains, who are created by Expand Hand. However, a glitch in the world of the Champions, Fantom, causes some Champions to become corrupted, leading to a race to travel across Fantom to the core of Fantom and cure The Corruption.

Main page is here. Written by Fantendo veteran and scenario writer Sr.Wario.


There are 40 characters, 20 starter and 20 unlockable.


Image Description Moveset


Fantendo's mascot and a veteran of FSB, appearing in basically all previous titles. He's the obligatory balanced character, with this incarnation from the recent hit title Underground (2014) and he utilizes moves from that title.


  • Unten without a Gas Mask.
  • Un10
  • Netnu
  • Netnu without a Gas Mask.
*Up Special: Fanti Stretch - Unten stretches Fanti, and then lets go, launching himself into the air.
*Down Special: Blump Pick - Unten picks a Blump out of the ground and can throw it, electrocuting those who are hit by it.
*Side Special: Electro Dash - Unten charges up energy and then dashes to the side, moving very fastly and zapping anyone who touches him.
*Standard Special: Toxic Fumes - Unten releases a Gas Bomb, poisoning anyone nearby. Due to his gas mask, he is unaffected.
*Revolution: Midas Unten - Unten turns golden for a small window of time. Walking into any Fanémon, on-stage enemy, or opponent will turn them gold, making them immobile for some easy KOs.


A classic Fantendo character, this ghostborn is here to brawl, in his Unversed Entertainment reboot style. Being a ghost, he's floaty, not that fast, and has little air game, but his moves are incredibly dangerous if executed quickly. He uses Spirits to attack.


  • Dark Purple Smile
  • Dark Blue Smile
  • Dark Red Smile
  • Classic Smile
*Up Special: Wind Spirit - Smile uses the Wind Spirit to glide across the stage, and on stages with an updraft, goes upward.
*Down Special: Explosive Spirit - Smile uses the Explosive Spirit to drop a dangerous bomb that explodes after 5 seconds.
*Side Special: Greedy Spirit - Smile uses the Greedy Spirit to steal any item the enemy holds.
*Standard Special: Marksman Spirit - Smile targets the foe and shoots a Shadow Ball at them.
*Revolution: Demonic Spirit - Smile uses the Demonic Spirit and rampages across the stage, with double attack and double jump power.
Fandro New


The 1000 year old blob is joining the brawl. Fandro may look cute, but he's a powerhouse, and he can shrug off most attacks. However, he is pretty slow, and if players want to use him correctly they need to understand how to play defensively.


  • Fandor
  • Stray By Me version
  • Reverse Colors
  • Ono
*Up Special: Bat Wings - Struggling, Fandro flaps his wings and goes slightly upward.
*Down Special: Slime Shield - Fandro creates a bubble of slime around him, leaving him invincible but immobile.
*Side Special: Long Jab - Fandro dashes forward and punches the foe with great power.
*Standard Special: Spike Ball - Fandro tosses a Spike Ball upwards, which goes down at an arc and then rolls around for a small period of time.
*Revolution: Super Slime - Fandro absorbs everything nearby and becomes gigantic, as well as being able to fly infinitely. In this form, his attack is tripled, but he's even slower.








  • The move that does the most damage in-game is the Long Jab combined with Super Slime, doing 60% in a single hit.



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