Fantendo Smash Bros. Psychosis
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Toroko
Platform(s) The V2 / Pyrohedron
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Series Fantendo Smash Bros.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Psychosis is a Fantendo Smash Bros. game developed by Pyro Enterprises, being their first foray into Fantendoverse lore. The game is supposedly an attempt to make a different type of FSB game, using sprited graphics and introducing a unique Psychosis Points mechanic.

Sign-ups are here: User blog:Pyrostar/Fantendo Smash Bros. Psychosis ~ Official Sign-Up Blog


At first glance, Psychosis appears to be a completely standard Fantendo Smash Bros. game. It relies on the standard Smash design of being a 2D fighter with simplified controls and a unique percentage meter for health, with the knockback a character's takes going up when hit and needing to be knocked off the screen to be KOed. Psychosis does differ significantly from the norm in several ways however.

Psychosis is all-around slightly slower than past FSB games, focusing on reacting to what your opponent does than going on an all-out offensive. In addition to this, the shield ability has been completely removed, being replaced with a new counter ability that all fighters have access to.

The main mechanic is the introduction of Psychosis Points, inspired by the BP system found in Bravely Default. Each fighter has a PP bar that slowly rises over time, and when it fills, they gain one PP and the bar resets. Players can expend PP at any time to slow down time temporarily, allowing them to chain strikes together to perform powerful combos. Up to 3 PP can be stored at once, but players may also expend PP when they have none in order to go into the negatives, in which case they will have to earn it back legitimately.

PP is earned over time, but also increases when the player is hit by an attack or successfully counters an attack.




Character Description
The Beorn who escaped the destruction of his homeworld, Unten is a character that all of us should know well. Despite being the leader of the Fantendoverse "heroes", he does it not because he wants to, but because he feels he needs to. He's a nice guy in general, but it's entirely likely that the stress of being a leader has gotten to him...
Unten is advertised as an all-around fighter, and is one of the simplest characters to get ahold of. He utilizes basic physical attacks as well as electrical powers in his fighting style, but the introduction of Psychosis Points have changed up his abilities slightly.
A young man of demonic descent, Zonas has been on the lam for years, trying to avoid his own family to keep them from stealing the strange power locked within his body. He's worn many guises, taken on many identities, and only very recently began travelling with a pair of girlfriends who actually care for him. If that's not a harsh life, I don't know what is...
Zonas is a speedier character who relies less on offense and more on evasion. His moveset takes some inspiration from Super Smash Bros. character Corrin, transmuting his body into demonic mouths to attack in rapid combos. Interestingly, while he still wields his Freezer weapon, his demonic form has gained trace amounts of cryogenic abilities as well.