Fantendo Smash Bros. Outbreak is a Fantendo Smash Bros. game created by AzaCraft Entertainment, made to follow up on some story elements of Shattered. 


Fantendo Smash Bros. can be considered a "Smash Bros. Clone," with characters having four special moves to use in battle, as well as normal moves as well. (The normal moves are typically melee attacks.) The idea is to knock the opponent off the stage. The more damage the character takes, the farther the character will fly. You can also use a Smash Ball to perform a special attack that can either harm your enemies or add other effects into the battlefield.

Starting Characters

Character Info
SSB Prodigy
Unten is one of the very few remaining Beorn survivors who attacks with lightning based projectiles and attacks. He also can eat Blumb Berries to gain boosts. 
Mika Sho
SSB MikaSho
The adventurous mutant with fire powers returns for yet another battle. She can shoot flames from her hands, create geisers of fire to inflict damage up250on enemies, or blast herself upwards with fire for a recovery move.
SSB Strafe
A reformed criminal and thief, Strafe is a fast and agile character who uses guns and firearms as his main method of attack.
LeahNeedlenam Colored
Leah Needlenam
SSB LeahNeedlenam
A crazed doctor who runs her own hospital after defecting from the Twisted Cross organization, and she attacks using syringes and needles as weapons, as well as other dangerous medical tools.
SSB Koloro
Koloro is a creation of the color gods who was sent down to save the world from the greyscale gods. She can use blasts of color, each color of the rainbow representing a different element, to fight. She is quite a balanced fighter, like Unten.
FVN Protagonist
SSB Fracture
The gender-ambiguous protagonist of Fracture, Reese is a balanced character like Unten who can use his skills at playing Pong or create portals to and grab items from different timelines and universes to attack.
Nowhere in Particular
A young blind girl and deuteragonist of Nowhere in Particular, Ashlyn is a fire mage and thus uses many fire attacks as well as techniques from RPGs such as heals, summons, and magic-based attacks.
SSB Paintverse
The hero of the Paintverse, Sketch wields Pincelle, the Paintbrush of All Souls, to attack. He can use Pincelle as a melee weapon or can spread paint all over the stage to make enemies trip.
Data New
Once a normal boy until he got experimented on by evil scientist douchebags, now he's a cyborg that fights evil. His robotic hand can transform into various weapons like a hammer, or a blaster that shoots out code blasts. 
SSB Guaptain
Guaptain is the leader of the Guap Squad, a group of 12 year old kids that fight evil. Guaptain uses his lazer gun and other such equipment to fight and mostly uses ranged attacks. 
Quick Volt Art
SSB Volt
A sparkling hero from the planet Chargio, Volt utilizes electric abilities to attack, and is quite the speedy fighter.
Anna Biscuit
Anna Biscuit
FSB MotorChickz
A friendly resident of Candyland, Anna uses her motorcycle, the Biscuit Blitz, as well as items from the Motor Chickz games and her candy friends to fight.
SSB Fandro
Fandro is a blob with immense anger issues, whose usual solution to a problem is to shoot at it. He can use his wings to fly as well as various firearms.

Hidden Characters

Character Info Unlocking Method
Ninjon is a ninja hero of some generic city, who fights using ninja weapons such as ninja stars and his golden sword.
Win 15 matches
Tyler (mr. know it all) main art
FSB MrKnowItAll
An investigator with a generic name. Tyler attacks by analyzing clues and death threats, as well as using a magnifying glass and investigator stuff.
Win 20 matches as Anna Biscuit
SSB 314
A mysterious person made from code, 3.14, also known as Coal Algebraic, can use math equations to fight, as well as throw pies at opponents' faces or create code barriers to protect himself.
Win 35 matches

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