A blue beorn who was on the run, but discovered a small village which told him about the prophecy involving him. Unten is a rather balanced character, making him an easy character to play for beginners. He attacks with a variety of punches and kicks, along with shooting lightning bolts from his hands.


Entrance: Zeon Rocket: The Zeon escape pod crashes onto the stage, and Unten jumps out of it. B: Blump: Unten takes out a blump and takes a bite. After he eats the blump, his melee attacks do more damage for ten seconds. After the ten seconds is up he can take another bite. After three bites he has eaten the whole fruit, and cannot take another bite until he loses a stock. When he loses a stock, he gets another blump.

Side B: Taser Gun: Unten takes out his taser gun. Pressing B the first time will put him into a state where he can’t move and is holding the taser gun. You can press B again to shoot, which will stun your opponent for a brief second and make them fall over. It also cancels recovery moves, so you can use it to guard ledges. You have up to three bullets, and they come back over time after you’re finished.

Up B: Void Portal: A portal appears above Unten. You have three seconds to choose where the portal goes before one opens underneath you and you’re teleported. This attack can be cancelled in the three second you are choosing, either by pressing A or getting attacked.

Down B: Shock Wave: Unten slams both of his fists on the ground, making a mini shock wave that will trip opponents nearby.

Final Smash: Midas Unten: For ten seconds, Unten turns gold in color, becoming Midas Unten. When in this form, your attacks do twice the damage and you are twice as fast than normal. Behind you, you drop puddles of molten gold, which make opponents slip. After ten seconds, you become normal again.

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