Palutena's son, who came from a city of thieves. Strafe is rather slow and heavy but has quick attacks. He can attack with guns, bombs, light powers, and... orange juice? Odd.


Entrance: The Rascals: Strafe is thrown out of a white van.

Neutral B: Desert Eagle: Strafe takes out his Desert Eagle. When he takes it out, opponents in a certain range around him will get stunned. Press B again to shoot it. The gun has more strength against stunned opponents.

Side B: Light Magic: Strafe uses his light powers to create a light beam. The light beam targets the nearest opponent. The light beam doesn’t do much knockback, but it trips the opponent.

Up B: Bomb: Strafe pulls out a bomb. You can either press A to throw said bomb and make it detonate, or press B again just to blow yourself up. Although it does make you take damage, the bomb will knock you high into the sky for recovery.

Down B: Orange Juice: Strafe pulls out an… empty orange juice can? Odd choice. Anyways, Strafe throws the orange juice can. If it doesn’t hit anyone, it just lies on the ground and can be used again. If the orange juice can makes contact with a projectile or trap, which will fill it up. It can hold up to four projectiles. When you pick it up when it’s filled, it’ll do the same damage the projectile it absorbed did.

Final Smash: Tank: Strafe hops in a tank, which drives across the stage very quickly. It goes all the way offscreen. Anyone who gets hit by the tank will get dragged with it, and will be KO’d.

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