Just some woman living a normal, every day life. I got you there, didn't I? She was one until a blue furry alien crashed into her planet. She's fast and agile with rather weak attacks. She can attack with a motorcycle and shield gauntlets.


Entrance: Motorcycle: Rachel rides in on her motorcycle.

B: Shield Toss: Rachel tosses her shield like a frisbee. The shield acts like a frisbee and will come back to her. It does more damage on its journey back to her than it does on it’s way.

Side B: Riding: Rachel gets on her motorcycle. The motorcycle kind of functions like the Wario Bike, but a little differently. You cannot throw the motorcycle like you can the Wario Bike, when you get off it disappears. If you steer off of a cliff, you’re screwed. No getting off then.

Up B: Gauntlet: Rachel leaps upward into the air with the gauntlet on her hands. The farther she is in the air, the more damage she’ll do. The leap can be cancelled if she’s hit.

Down B: Shield Gauntlet: Rachel kneels down with her shield in front of her. The shield will absorb any attacks done to Rachel for five seconds. It can also reflect projectiles back at an opponent with x2 speed. However, it doesn’t protect grabs or attacks from the back. You can either press B, get attacked from the back or wait five seconds to cancel it.

Final Smash: Super Shield: An enormous bubble shield protects Rachel. She can move freely in the Bubble Shield. She is immune to attacks in this state, and anyone who touches the shield will take damage. This will last for fifteen seconds.

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