A doctor who tends to play by her own rules. Actually I don't even know if she's a real doctor. Where did she get her degree? Anyways, Leah is fast and powerful, but can't take much damage. She can attack with scalpels, a bonesaw and various other medical tools.

Leah Nightmare

Entrance: Emergency: Leah hops out of the back of her ambulance.

B: Needle Sniper: Leah pulls out her sniper rifle, which shoots needles. Like Unten’s taser gun. first you press B to get out the sniper rifle. Unlike Unten’s taser gun, you have free movement, and can move regularly while holding the sniper rifle. You can put away the gun by pressing A or being attacked. Press B again to fire a needle. If it hits someone, it’ll poison them for five seconds, raising their damage but not doing any knockback. You have five needles in your sniper and you get them all back when you lose a stock.

Side B: Hospital Bed: A hospital bed on wheels appears in front of Leah, and you can run around and control her while she runs around with it. There are no jumps. The first person to get hit will fall onto the hospital bed and get controlled around with Leah. The second person to get hit will just fall over normally, as well as knocking the first person off. You can intentionally fall off a ledge with your opponent, but beware, there’s no getting back up once you are off. You can press B or just run around for five seconds to make the bed disappear and knock whoever is riding it onto the ground. Up B: Tentacle: A large tentacle appears from a portal in the ground and throws Leah upwards. This can be done in the air as well. Anyone who is hit by the tentacle while it’s throwing Leah will take damage.

Down B: Blood Container: Leah spills some blood onto the ground from a jar. People who run over it will slip (this includes Leah). The only safe approach to getting around it is walking slowly.

Final Smash: Leah’s Ambulance: Leah gets in her ambulance. You can move around freely, but you cannot jump with the ambulance. Anyone who gets hit by the ambulance will take a lot of damage and knockback. The front of the ambulance does more damage than the back of it. You can press A to fire a heat-seeking missile from the back. Oh yeah, did I mention she has a missile on her ambulance? She’s kind of insane. Anyways, the missile will target whoever the most health besides Leah. Whenever someone gets killed by the ambulance, the sound of a long beep is heard. The finisher ends when either she drives off the edge or ten seconds have passed.

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