Fantendo Smash Bros. Nightmare is an FSB game made by Treefrog Productions for the Canopy. It includes aspects that often appear in FSB games such as Super Smash Brothers-like gameplay and original art, but also includes moveset pages for every character. Over fifty characters are currently planned. The game isn't canon to the Fantendoverse.


Original arts coming soon!

Name Info

Unten Nightmare


A blue beorn who was on the run, but discovered a small village which told him about the prophecy involving him. Unten is a rather balanced character, making him an easy character to play for beginners. He attacks with a variety of punches and kicks, along with shooting lightning bolts from his hands.

Leah Nightmare

Leah Needlenam

A doctor who tends to play by her own rules. Actually I don't even know if she's a real doctor. Where did she get her degree? Anyways, Leah is fast and powerful, but can't take much damage. She can attack with scalpels, a bonesaw and various other medical tools.

Strafe Nightmare


Palutena's son, who came from a city of thieves. Strafe is rather slow and heavy but has strong attacks. He can attack with guns, bombs, light powers, and... orange juice?



Just some woman living a normal, every day life. I got you there, didn't I? She was one until a blue furry alien crashed into her planet. She's fast and agile with rather weak attacks. She can attack with a motorcycle and shield gauntlets.

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