Assist Pearls can summon characters when used. There are a total of 15 Assist Pearls, each doing massive damage (or none at all) when summoned. There will be a total of 25 when all has been confirmed.

Image Name Description
Hood'em bear Bear the Hood'em A rather odd mix of a bear and Hood'em, Bear makes an appearance as an assist. He proves to be quite helpful, as he showers the stage with items.
Bella petals Bella Petals A lively, yet spastic ally. She comes from a series of parodies, but her earthly powers are nothing to joke over.
Treena Treena A much more serious ally, Treena has the power to grow trees and vines everywhere she goes. Vines and trees are great for recovery.
ItemMasterTS Item Master Drops random items and then stretches out like a vine before turning into a vine like monster that pushes everyone out of the way.
JIM2012 JIM I can't. There's literally nothing on what he can actaully do. Help would be appericated.
Sispirit Sispirit A Wind Spirit and Guardian Angel, Sispirit will make fierce winds blow against the stage, making players slide back, or become lighter.
Haterman Haterman Appears and will distract all players by saying he hates events that are happening in the match. He hates everything, including this game.
SovietSledgeBro. Soviet Sledge Bro. Appears and says a random "In Soviet Russia..." joke, e.g. if he says "In Soviet Russia, car drives you!" a car will smash across the stage and hit opponents.
Grace3D Princess Grace Appears and fully heals all damage of the summoner.
NOOORBERT by Ryu Norbert When he appears, a loud "NOOORBERT!" is heard yelled, Norbert will then panic and begin to charge around the stage, knocking into opponents.
Germoo Germoo Germoo the demoo from One Winged Angel makes a appearance as a assist. When summoned, he charges a large amount of lightening and then disappears into the shadows.
Darmanitan Dream Darmanitan (Darmanitan Slam) Darmanitan uses his super strength to beat any opposing opponents when summoned. Afterwards, Darmanitan swings from a vine and exits the stage.
PikachuCP Skyler Skyler uses thunder-based attacks when summoned, and then uses Volt Tackle and disappears.
Luigi MP9 Luigi Luigi, the second Mario brother makes an appearance as a summon. He jumps on opponent's heads and then sucks up one in his vacuum, which promptly explodes.
250px-Dash Rainbow Dash A friend of Twilight's, Rainbow Dash appears as a summon. She first flies in the air, disappears for about 30 seconds, and then comes down at high speeds and causes a sonic rainboom, which becomes electrically charged and leaves a rainbow path behind, and will aim for opponents.