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Fantendo Smash Bros. Meltdown is an arcade fighter made by Drack Games and is a Fantendo crossover title. Gee, don't those words sound familiar. The game is most likely non-canon to the Fantendoverse and it's unsure if it will have a story mode or not. This is really being made just for fun. 




Character Info
Oh gee it's Unten, the character no Fantendo crossover can do without. He's the balanced character, good for beginners, has lightning attacks, blah blah blah I feel like I've explained this 5000 times. Can we talk about something more interesting? Like peanut butter sandwiches. Boy, do I love peanut butter sandwiches.
Strafe hasn't had the best childhood, but he moves past that to lead a less miserable life now. At first he resorted to being a thief in the town of Noah, which is always a good idea, but he moved on to become a hero with Unten and friends. Strafe is a swift fighter in battle, using mostly different types of guns as well as quick punches and kicks.
Rachel is Unten's friend and crush, although she doesn't return the feelings. The two are still friends though, even when things are sometimes awkward... very awkward. She is more of a defensive character than offensive, using her shield gauntlets as her main weapons, but she can also use her gauntlets to shoot shields as projectiles. She also has a Rad Motorcycle™. 
Volt is a sparkling creature and is the other blue alien with a scarf and electric powers who had his heart broken in the Fantendoverse. Huh. Anyways, like Unten, Volt has electric attacks, but his electric capabilities are much stronger than Unten's, and he is also a lot faster. He can also use his Scarf, which is actually an alien artifact, as a whip.
A former catalyst, in the New Fantendoverse he's become slightly more normal. He can still make portals which he can go through, but other than that his moves are pretty standard. However, he can also sing in some of his attacks. 
Life isn't a fairy tale, and Rapunzel's here to prove it. This chick is out for vengeance, cutting her iconic long hair and going after an evil queen with a lust for blood. It's safe to say that you shouldn't bring your kids for story time this time around. Rapunzel is a strong fighter, using her dagger as her main weapon, but she is lacking in speed and recovery, 
Aha, it seems you've found the description of the great Mynis! But I bet you're wondering, what are my abilities? Well for one, I have electric capabilities, just like Unten's! Granted... mine are a lot... weaker... but that's not the point! Electricity is rad! I also have daggers which i can use for melee attacks or as throwable projectiles! Aren't I cool? 
A demon girl and member of the Wasteland Warriors, Scarlet was a former model until she kinda sorta burned down the place. She now acts as a crime fighter, using her demonic pyrokinesis powers as her main weapon. You better watch out for her, because she'll... god damn it I can't think of a fire pun. 
A catonea bounty hunter who never shows her face, Sadisilea is a menacing character with a really hard to spell name. She has many firearms, explosives, and blades built into her suit, and she is also a brute of a character herself. Her one downside is that she doesn't have very good speed, but she's a powerful character nethertheless. 
Ambrosia Gunn
A super-villain with an emotional side, however she's not afraid to kill all the things. She has good strength and speed, but isn't the best when it comes to taking hits herself. She doesn't seem to have many special abilities, but when push comes to shove she can bring out her ultimate weapon: a destructive machine known as Sinistar.
Scratch Kat
Scratch Kat is the main protagonist of wacky comic that actually has a plot kinda, and is some sort of science-y genetic experiment from a destroyed planet. He can use cartoon physics as part of his moveset, such as having anvils fall on people and throwing deadly pies at people's faces. He can also transform into Goku Scratch Kat.
Puff the Dragon
Puff is a dragon who is also a nerd, and is an intense competitive player of the game Battle on War Island. He can fly a bit with his wings, and he also has good melee attacks, punching, kicking, and swinging his tail at opponents. He is best fighting up-close, and his only ranged attack is his fire breath. He's also a Cool Dragon.
Krystal Pérez
Krystal is the goddess of the RTAverse, gifted with electric and telekinetic powers. She's had many encounters in the Fantendoverse before, but this game isn't canon so that doesn't really matter! She is a powerful fighter, using her special power in battle, but she is a sort of glass cannon - not being able to take many hits. 
Aran Leverletto
Aran is the leader of the Starsnow team of Misfits and is a Professional Asshole. His main method of attack is his robot arm, because those are still cool right? His arm can shoot laser blasts, missiles, and bombs, and he also has a knife he can use for close combat. Don't mess with this fucker. 
A former thief who's had a rough life running away from the authorities, but thankfully things seem to be getting better for the guy. While he is, for the most part, a normal human with no special abilities, his main weapon in fighting is The Freezer. The Freezer is a gun which can temporarily immobilize whoever it's shot at, buying Zonas some time to escape from his attacker. 
Vespa Agalma & Adam Ulysses
An unlikely duo of a streetfighter and her boyfriend who's mind has been transported into a backpack, Vespa and Adam are quite the team. They mostly attack with punches and kicks, as Vespa covers short range and Adam covers long range with his extendable robot arms. 
Valerie Heartgold
A flirty celebrity in the Zaxinian Lifts, Valerie is a swift and nimble character who attacks by throwing ninja stars, hitting you with quick punches and kicks, and she can also flirt with opponents to distract them. Kinky. 

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