Fantendo Smash Bros. Meltdown is an arcade fighter made by Drack Games and is a Fantendo crossover title. Gee, don't those words sound familiar. The game is most likely non-canon to the Fantendoverse and it's unsure if it will have a story mode or not. This is really being made just for fun. 

The game originally went into production in Early Summer 2016, but was retooled in Late Fall 2016 slated for a Spring 2017 release.

Story Mode - Nebula Rising

A seemingly unstoppable alien hivemind has come down to earth, and it is up to the Heroes of the Fantendoverse to stop it, along with some new faces. Meanwhile, a malicious evil begins working behind the shadows...

The story mode, while not canon to the New Fantendoverse, is said to be focused on character interaction rather than having a complex plotline. The story is also inspired by older Fantendoverse stories, while featuring newer characters. 



MeltdownIconUntenNew MeltdownIconStrafeNew MeltdownIconChelseaNew MeltdownIconCuraNew

MeltdownIconFeraNew MeltdownIconThornNew MeltdownIconScratchKatNew MeltdownIconMynisNew

MeltdownIconSmileNew MeltdownIconSkettNew MeltdownIconAlenaCarternew MeltdownIconJillandJellNew MeltdownIconEllieNew


MeltdownIconRookNew Ednameltdownicon




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