Fantendo Smash Bros. Melee is a game by Jet, Inc. and is in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series. Add your own characters if you wish.

Playable Characters


Name Sprite Description Series
Karma Karma is the Koopa/Yoshi hybrid who looks rather weak. Don't make her mad, or she will show her strength! Karma Series
Timer Timer is Karma's good friend. Some say he looks ugly, some say he's cute. What do you think? Karma Series
Nightwolf Nightwolf is the mysterious wolf from the Nightwolf series. With several powerful attacks, Nightwolf is sure to make a good fighter! Nightwolf series
Argus Argus is Nightwolf's best friend. He is very strong. Nightwolf series
Purple Koopa Bro. PKB is a brave, courageous Koopa who is returning with the same moveset...but stronger. PKB Series
Moyan Moyan is the star of Fantendo Fury and a good friend of PKB. Fantendo Fury Series
RedYoshi RY is back in FSB Melee! It looks like he has fun when he fights... RedYoshi series
Mick cool The super strong and kind Micool Guy is ready for the Melee Micool Series
Sam The Koopa The Agent Double Koopa is ready to become way serious. He even have better moveset! Super Sam Squad Series
Fire John Fire John is Sam's brother, and this time he got more than his own fireballs to join the melee. Super Sam Squad Series


Name Sprite Description Series How to Unlock
Tom Tom, the mysterious farmhand/demon, joins the fray! Nightwolf series Play 80 matches with Argus or 150 matches with Nightwolf
Tatan Tatan is PKB's arch nemesis, and will be a strong rival to whoever stands in his way. PKB Series Beat classic mode with PKB
Laval Laval is a good friend of Moyan's who first appeared in Fantendo Fury 3. Fantendo Fury Series Beat classic mode with Moyan on normal difficulty
Cooper Cooper is a Yoshi friend of PKB's making his FSB debut! PKB Series Play 50 matches with PKB
Speedy Speedy is a speedy Bumpty friend of PKB. PKB Series Play on the Newcomer Capital stage 5 times as Cooper
RedBirdo A girl who can really fight. She is slower than RedYoshi, though. RedYoshi series Complete the "Returning the Ribbon" event in Events mode. Or, play 650 matches.
Micool the Master He is a true hero and a true swordsman that's ready for the Melee. Micool Series Play 50 matches with Mick Cool.
Groudous Maximus The Villain of the Micool series is ready to cause some Chaos. Micool Series Defeat Tatan with Micool 64 times.
Clarx ClarxSprite The mean, monsterous Clone Creature and hope to defeat Sam and John once it for all! Super Sam Squad (Series)

Unlock all characters villainous characters above of him, then beat one of them as Sam or John.

Ultra Mario The main character in the Ultra Mario series, and he can fight real strong! Ultra Mario (series) Play on Night Villa 50 times.


Name Art Art with Fighters Description Series
Timid Timid FSBM The cloudy land where Beary lives serves as the first confirmed stage in FSBM! Watch out for animals randomly coming around. Super Beary Bros.
Night Villa NightVilla Night Villa, the mysterious village of Nightwolf! It plays the same as in Fantendo Smash Bros. DS Nightwolf series
Micool's Castle Outside a big red and black castle where Micool and his servants live. Micool Series
RedYoshi's Island On top of a very green and high hill. Sometimes it can be snowy, rainy, foggy, or clear of the weather. The stage hazards depend on what the weather is. RedYoshi series

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