Fantendo Smash Bros. Magma is an upcoming Fantendo Smash Brothers game made by AzaCraft Entertainment and is set to have a roster of 50-60 characters.

Story Mode - Battle of the Fantendians

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Battle of the Fantendians is a three-act story, involving many Fantendo characters facing a dangerous threat that threatens to enslave the entire Fantendoverse and all of it's inhabitants. The story explores the thoughts and relationships of many Fantendo characters. 


Fantendo Smash Bros. can be considered a "Smash Bros. Clone," with characters having four special moves to use in battle, as well as normal moves as well. (The normal moves are typically melee attacks.) The idea is to knock the opponent off the stage. The more damage the character takes, the farther the character will fly. You can also perform a special attack by filling up a special meter, which can be filled by performing strong hits. 

Starting Characters

Character Info
Unten FSBM

Unten is one of the sole surviving Beorns from Planet Zeon, but he is far more well known for being the mascot of Fantendo and owning a black scarf. He uses mostly electric attacks to fight, and since he's the mascot, that also makes him the obligatory balanced character in the game. 

Super Move: Midas Unten - Unten eats a Glistening Blump and transforms into Midas Unten for 30 seconds. This ability allows him to leave a golden path wherever he walks and amplifies the strength of his attacks.

Mika Sho

AzaCraft's staple character, Mika is a mutant who uses fire powers to attack her enemies. She can shoot blasts of fire from her palms, create geisers of fire from the ground, do basically anything with fire really. 

Super Move: Fire Explosion - Mika shoots out an explosion of fire which damages opponents in the explosion's high radius. 

Kiya The Sword Girl FSBM

A mysterious new character, Kiya has the ability to telepathically control weapons. She uses daggers which she can use this telepathic power on, as well as using this telepathy to bring items closer to her and also use her sword hand to attack enemies. 

Super Move: Blade Rain - Kiya sends her daggers up to the sky, and they come raining back down on the players, severly damaging them.

Guaptain FSBM

Leader of the Guap Squad, Guaptain has soon become known as a world-renowned crime fighter similar to Superman, despite his age. In this game, Guaptain loses his signature and rather controversial weapon of a laser gun, and instead fights with an arm cannon and other gadgets. 

Super Move: Guap Bot - Guaptain enters a large mech robot with a "G" emblem on it's chest. The mech is slow yet extremely powerful, but it breaks down after 30 seconds. 

Koloro FSBM

A creation made by the Gods of Color to combat the imposing Greyscale threat. Koloro can shoot blasts of color, and each color is a different element. Red is lightning, Orange is fire, Blue is water, Cyan is ice, Green is wind, Purple is rock, and Yellow is light. 

Super Move: Rainbow Supreme - Koloro shoots a swirling energy beam that damages opponents and combines all of the different colors and their abilities into one. 

White FSBM
Like Guaptain, White wields many weapons in his arsenal. His main weapon is his boomstick, which can create small explosions or be used as a melee weapon. He also can use splash potions, light claws, or drink Ambrosium Tea to heal himself. He also has fire powers.

Super Move: Dark Matter Invasion - White flees the scene as swarms of Dark Matter invade, attacking and possessing players, crippling them. White later shows up with the Light Claws and gets rid of the Dark Matter, and the fight continues on as if nothing ever happened.

Scratch FSBM Redone
Scratch Kat

A cartoony kat who follows no rules, Scratch Kat attacks using cartoony methods and weapons. This includes a gun that shoots flaming marshmallows, making anvils fall from the sky and hit players, or straight up breaking the fourth wall and use his power meter as a melee weapon. 

Super Move: Screw The Rules, I'm the Wise-Cracking Comic Relief - Scratch pauses the match to break the fourth wall, asking the game developers to help him win the battle. The developers reluctantly oblige, and they cripple the other players by glitching them and causing them to uncontrollably taunt for a short period of time. 


An alien from some far-out realm or something I don't really know. He can hit hard with punches and kicks, as well as using alien magic from said far-out realm.

Super Move: ALIEN ATTACK! - Pogo sends out a signal light and suddenly UFOs from Pogo's home planet arrive and abduct the nearest fighters and then shoot them out through a cannon, causing a lot of damage. 

Fandro FSBM

Fandro is a blob known for hating everything. Like, literally everything. He can fly and use various firearms to attack, from a simple Cork Gun to an AK-Blobby7. He also can poison people using his blob-like fur. 

Super Move: Bobs Away! - Fandro straps Bob to a large missile and launches the missile at the center of the stage, instantly K.Oing whoever gets hit by it directly and causing indirect damage from the flames emitting from the missile. 

Iron MaskFSBM
Iron Mask

A sheriff who had some sort of tragic past with an adopted father. But fuck that shit because Iron Mask wields a motherfucking GUNBLADE. He uses his motherfucking GUNBLADE as his main weapon for attacking, and it has electric properties as well.

Super Move: We Are The Wasteland Warriors - Iron Mask summons PAIN-T and Scarlet, and the two attack the rest of the players. After 20 or so seconds, Iron Mask, PAIN-T, and Scarlet join together for a super attack, dealing lots of damage. 

Leah Needlenam

Here comes the psychopath. Leah attacks using needles, syringes, and other deadly medical appliances that she can use to stab people with. That must hurt.

Super Move: G-O-D - Leah creates life forms (which amount to freakish masses of tentacles and mouths) and they go after players, biting at them and tangling them up. After 30 seconds, the life forms disintegrate. 

Anna Biskit FSBM
Anna Biscuit

Anna Biscuit is the main protagonist of the Motor Chickz racing game series. She enters the Motor Chickz racing tournament in Candyland, and since she is the main protagonist, she wins the tournament. She can use her motorcycle, the Biscuit Blitz, to run into opponents, and can also use different candy-based weapons. 

Super Move: Lap 1, Lap 2, Lap 3 - Anna Biscuit moves to the side as many racers from the Motor Chickz games race 3 laps around the stage, dealing moderate damage and knockback to whomever they hit. 

Reptflux FSBM

The mascot and first original character introduced in the Fighters of Lapis series, Reptflux is a strong fighter who can shoot beams of red energy, shoot lasers from his eye, and he also hits very hard as well. 

Super Move: Spiderflux - Reptflux turns into a giant spider, shooting out energy blasts, stomping at opponents with his 8 legs, and trapping people in spiderwebs made of pure energy.


Some average guy who has fire powers I guess. He can shoot fireballs and he also has fox blood inside him, so I guess that's cool. 

Super Move: Fire Tornado - Fyre creates a flaming tornado, wreaking havoc on the stage and damaging opponents. 

Strafe FSBM

A grumpy guy who used to be a criminal, fighting with various firearms in battle. He is a very agile character, and also has decent stamina.

Super Move: Bullet Shower - Strafe takes out two large guns and shoots bullets everywhere, doing loads of damage, for a short amount of time. 

Tayshaun FSBM

Tayshaun is a normal guy with an abnormal sense of fashion who has a habit of getting into deadly situations. While he has no special powers, he is very athletic and attacks with strong punched and kicks, and he also has many weapons like a sword, gun, and baseball bat.

Super Move: Cyber Cannon - Tayshaun charges up a blast from his ultimate weapon, the Cyber Cannon, before unleashing the blast on the stage, dealing massive damage.


A cute little guy who fights with the giant horn on his head. Unipon can stab at people with his horn, or unleash energy blasts from it. While Unipon isn't the strongest character, he has great speed and stamina. 

Super Move: UniBomb - Unipon unleashes a giant ball of energy from his horn and blasts it down on the stage, damaging anyone who comes in contact with it severely. 

Unlockable Characters

Character Info
Wave The Raccoon FSBM
Wave The Raccoon

A raccoon prince, his attacks revolve around fast hits using his claws and his tail. He also can get help from his animal friends Kitty the Kitten, Feathorworth the Chicken, and Turtore the Turtle.

Super Move: Shadow Wave - Wave temporarily transforms into a shadow of his former self, allowing him to pass through some walls and freeze foes in their tracks by scaring them. This transformation lasts only 20 seconds, but it can also go away if he takes too much damage.

Kontrast FSBM

Formerly known as Mallumo, herald of Greyscale, Koloro turned him good and now they're best friends. Kontrast has a similar playstyle to Koloro, but with different attacks and Kontrast hits harder.

Super Move: Rainbow Blast - A large rainbow forms in the center of the stage, damaging anyone who touches it, before exploding, shooting comets of color all over the stage.

Sketch FSBM

The hero of the Paintverse, Sketch wields Pincelle, a sentient paintbrush that doubles as a sword. He can use Pincelle as a melee weapon or use her to leave a trail of paint behind, causing opponents to slip and fall. 

Super Move: Paint Attack - Sketch sprays all the other players with gobs of paint, making them slow and slippery, as well as dealing rapid damage. However, this effect wears off after 20 seconds. 

Lectro Redesign

A bitter war criminal who for many years was thought to be dead, he is a fast character who attacks with lightning shocks, and can also use an arm cannon as well as a spin-dash. 

Super Move: Supercharge - Lightning comes shooting down from the sky, temporarily supercharging Lectro to be faster and have better stamina, as well as the lightning doing damage to whoever it hits. 

PalmMan FSBM

PalmMan is a robot who once worked in the mining facility called 4.5, but abandoned it to save his friend DragonMan from being dismantled. He has an arm cannon which shoots Napalm blasts, that stick to the opponents and blows them up. 

Super Move: DragonMan - DragonMan comes in, shooting fire at opponents and slashing with his sword. 

Fredbear FSBM

Originally an animatronic at Fredbear's Family Diner, he fled to have a good time in the islands of Hawaii. He can use his microphone as a melee weapon, or throw hawaiian leis or shirts at people. 

Super Move: Spoopy Scary Animatronics - The other animatronics come in and attack all of the fighters, including Fredbear. 


Volt is a sparkling, a species that does.... IDK, electrical things? Volt is a fast fighter and a force to be reckoned with, but has weak stamina.

Super Move: Sparks Fly - Volt flies up to the top of the stage and sends large electric strikes down at opponents. 

Rachel FSBM

A worker at a gas station, and one of the few normal people in the group. Anyway, I'm not really sure what powers she has, but she's a strong fighter. She also has a motorcycle. 

Super Move: Stuntmaster - Rachel builds a quick makeshift ramp and then rides on it with her motorcycle, creating a small shockwave when she hits the ground and damaging anyone who comes in contact with it. 


Andy is a former friend turned enemy turned friend of the Guap Squad, and is Guaptain's childhood friend. Andy has control over machines, and can send out little droids to attack, as well as using Guap Squad weapons such as laser guns and arm cannons. 

Super Move: Pure Evil - Mr. O comes in and brainwashes Andy into his evil form, making him stronger, faster, and have better stamina. However, the brainwashing only lasts a limited amount of time, and he is shortly reverted to his original self. 

Bobtain FSBM

Bobtain is Guaptain's best friend and the 2nd in command of the Guap Squad. Bobtain doesn't share many moves with Guaptain and Andy, and instead fights by shooting fireballs from his hands. He is faster than Guap and Andy, but isn't as strong. 

Super Move: Pixelize - Bobtain uses an NES to turn into a giant pixelized version of himself, who can stomp around and deal massive damage. 

Kimbra Blowfish FSBM
Kimbra Blowfish

An extremely manipulative person who lived in SUNSET before being arrested and murdered. She now got reincarnated into the main Fantendoverse. She is known for being a skilled actor, and she also has weapons such as guns to fend off cops and other people who try to get in her way. 

Super Move: Aquatic Collapse - Water begins to fill up the stage, as blowfish, swordfish, and other deadly fish creatures come in and attack players. 

JohnMogwai FSBM
John Mogwai

John Mogwai is well-known for being a criminal, ladies man, and having Rayman arms. He is a rugged character who isn't afraid to fight dirty, using many large guns as well as fighting with his fists.

Super Move: Nukes 4 Dayz - John leaves the stage, than enters back in from a helicopter and unleashes bombs and missiles from the helicopter, dealing critical damage to both opponents and the stage. 

Marley FSBM

Once a humble cat, Marley died in a car accident, but only came back stronger. Now a robotic supergenius, Marley can shoot lasers out of his eye or launch rockets out of his hand. Now he must assemble a team of warriors to combat the oncoming threat....

Super Move: Online Connection - Marley plugs his brain into a computer network, and sends in dozens of mini robots to attack opponents. 

Unlocking Criteria

Character Unlocking Method
  • Win 15 Matches as Reptflux
  • Win 20 Matches
  • Win 40 Matches
  • Get 10 Flawless Victories
  • Win 60 Matches
  • Get 25 Flawless Victories 
  • Win 90 Matches
  • Win 50 Matches as Unten
  • Win 34 Matches as Guaptain
  • Win 68 Matches as Andy
Kimbra Blowfish
  • Win 120 Matches
John Mogwai
  • Win 150 Matches
  • Win 190 Matches 

Boss Characters

Character Info
Bloo Beary FSBM Phase1
Bloo Beary (Phase 1)
A sadist bear who tried to involve White in his evil cult. He can summon recolored Yoshis and Hedgehogs to attack for him and also can shoot energy beams.
Bloo Beary (Phase 2)
Bloo Beary's true form, after defeating his Phase 1 form he turns into this. He can attack with his tentacles, breathe blue fire, or bite at his opponents to attack.
MysteryFrog FSBM
A frog pro-wrestler who goes by the stage name "Big D," Felix hits very hard but isn't very smart, so it's easy to avoid his attacks. However, if you do get in the way of his attacks, it will do a lot of damage. 
The ultimate final boss, Fandraxono has a very sporadic attack pattern and is hard to kill. However, his attacks deal less damage the more HP he loses. He can fly around the stage, claw at opponents, or shoot beams of darkness. 

Assist Characters

Character Info
WackyCarrot FSBM
Wacky Carrot
Who is Wacky Carrot? Nobody knows really. He's a carrot that is wacky. He throws rotating carrot gifs at random places, and that's about it. The wack is strong with this one. 
EdgyBowie FSBM
Edgy Bowie
This isn't the Bowie you know and love. This is EDGY BOWIE. He gets his kicks by scaring the shit out of little children and listening to Linkin Park albums. When Edgy Bowie comes on the stage, Heavy Metal starts playing in the background and Bowie starts throwing boulders at anyone who gets close to him. 
BobtheBlob FSBM
Bob the Blob
Fandro's dumb brother, Bob is a lazy and dumb person. That's all. When he appears on stage, he clumsily spills Doritos on the floor, which can cause opponents to slip and fall. 
Blue is White's younger brother and a member of the Dark Matter Resistance, though that's not much of an accomplishment because there are 1600000 people in the DMR. My pet squirrel is probably in the DMR. Anyway, when summoned, Blue will jump around the stage and slash at things with his scythe. 

Random's Horrific Mish-Mash Factory

Horrific Mish Mash Factory

A new gamemode where you can create custom characters by combining parts of other characters into a deranged combination. Here are some examples of combos you can make:

Character Combo Of
MikatheBeorn FSBM
Mika The Beorn
Unten & Mika Sho
Whitetain FSBM
Guaptain & White