Fantendo Smash Bros. Haymaker is a FSB game made by Dreams Inc., the game was met with mixed reviews due to its strange story and its new mechanics.


See full story here: Fantendo Smash Bros. Haymaker/Flash Knockdown

The story takes place trillions of years after the tales of the Fantendoverse had happened, now the stories of the heroes such as Unten, Sketch, Strafe and Reese are just legends, and the world is much more normal than how it used to be, we witness the story of a girl known as "Liza", whose parents are murdered and she's sent to live with her uncles.

However she can't remember seeing her uncles when she was a child and they start acting really strangely, so one day she decides to explore the basement even when she's told not to and finds, among a group of corpses, some glass jars with balls of light inside them, her uncles find her out and their skin peels off, revealing strange demons who make the corpses rise to life and corner her, she tries fighting them but by accident makes one of the jars fall and break, making the ball of light transform into Unten, Unten helps Liza escape and the two find out that Liza's "uncles" were part of a gigantic demonic cult and that they have to stop them and retrieve other jars with lights inside them, which are spirits of the characters from the past Fantendoverse.


The main fights play similarly to Smash Bros. but there are a ton of changes, for example now in order to lose instead of having to be thrown off the stage, a character needs to exceed their "Vitalimit", in other words, they have to be hit so hard that they exceed a certain number, though throwing a character off the stage does a lot of damage, among that there are a ton of other changes, such as:


One of the key mechanics of fights in this game is "Equipment", while one can choose to play "Clean" with no equipment, playing with Equipment is what changes up the game, when you choose to play with Equipment, before a fight every character starts off as a ball of light inside a glass jar, usually when playing Clean they just break free right away and start fighting, but if you play with Equipment they'll instead topple over and end up upside down, what you have to do now is play a minigame in which they have to go lower and lower until reaching the end, in the process finding treasures such as money, objects and upgrades, if you get to the end first you get more money but sometimes it's better to wander around and collect items, to move one has to push the joystick in a direction and rapidly tap the B button, or they could hold down the B button to charge up and then topple over, allowing them to roll around and get around faster, but once it runs out you will have to waste some time toppling back to your original position, as soon as one of the players gets to the end the minigame ends.

Once that's over, you will be taken to a Shop before the battle and you'll be able to use your money to buy equipment, or sell the objects that you found to get more money, sometimes there might be a special item on sale which can be really helpful but this only happens sometimes and the items are usually expensive, once everyone is ready, they will be sent to a screen where they'll be able to put on all of the equipment, be it the ones found during the minigame or the ones bought in the shop, equipment work like Badges in Paper Mario, every piece of equipment has its own effect, rising stats, changing attacks, etc. and each piece of equipment has a number on it just like every character has a number assigned to them, the combined numbers of every piece of equipment equipped must NOT exceed the number the character has, or else they will be weared down by the equipment and their stats will be lowered drastically.


When a player exceeds their Vitalimit, they're not out of the game for good, instead they will get a total of 8 seconds to rise up, in order to do that they must hit the A button 5 times in a row in a specific timing, if done correctly the player will keep fighting, however everytime they're knocked out the countdown and rythm will both go faster, making it tough to time it correctly, finally if one is knocked out more than 6 times they will automatically lose by TKO, though the total amount of times one has to be knocked out in order to lose by TKO can be changed.

Dashing and Speeds

A new move that characters have is "Dashing", a move in which a character dashes forwards, as the name implies, with this move players can escape tricky situations, but it can only be done on land (unless you're a specific character) and if it's done too much in a short amount of time, it will start failing and they will trip instead, leaving them open for attack. 

Speeds on the other hand are a new mechanic introduced into the game that switches up gameplay a lot, there are 3 types of Switch that can be accessed at any time with the press of a button in a battle.

  • Speed 1 is the slowest speed, characters go very slow and their jump becomes way lower but they become much stronger.
  • Speed 2 is the default speed, characters go at a normal pace and their jump is pretty standard, all of the players start in this speed when they start a match.
  • Speed 3 severely weakens attacks but makes you much more agile, allowing you to run around faster and jump higher and make chains of attacks.

Speeds add more strategy to the game, however, certain characters maneuver better in certain speeds, for example, a heavy character going on Speed 3 might help a lot to maneuver, but he might trip due to the high speeds, and a really fast and light character when in Speed 1 might randomly speed up for a brief moment from time to time.


A new move known as "Weaving" is introduced to make players pay attention to attacks from other fighters, Weaving can be used to dodge attacks and counter-attack right after but the direction the attack comes from is important, as one can weave left, right and back and one needs to weave in the right direction to avoid the incoming attack, for example if someone performs a straight-forwards jab, it can be dodged by weaving left or right, if someone swings a blade horizontally then you can weave back to dodge it.

Infinity Weaving

If you weave at least once correctly, you can pull off an "Infinity Weaving", a move performed by weaving left and right repteadly to make your character start weaving in an 8-pattern, allowing him to dodge most (but not all) incoming attacks for a brief amount of time, however after the Infinity Weaving is over your character will be exhausted and won't be able to Infinity Weave again until you pull off another weave correctly.

Dempsey Roll

A move used by the famous boxer "Jack Dempsey", it can only be done by filling up your "Weave Bar" which is filled up by pulling off weaves in order to dodge attacks, if one pulls 6 weaves correctly in a row, they will be able to perform the Dempsey Roll, to do this one must first Infinity Weave and then start tapping any of the attack buttons over and over again, then your character will use the momentum from the weaving to pull off a barrage of rapid punches, this move can be devastating if it hits, as it does a lot of damage, but while performing a Dempsey Roll you can only move forwards a small bit.

Finale Badge and Ultrattacks

Everytime a player damages another, not only does the opponent's Vitalimit go up, but the attacker's "Ultra Count", a percentage that fills up very slightly every time a player damages an opponent, but will stop rising if he attacks the same opponent over and over, if a player fills up their Ultra Count bar to more than 100% they will be rewarded with an "Finale Badge" appearing on the stage, it cannot be picked up by anyone other than the one who exceeded the Ultra Count, however other fighters can try to take out the player before he takes his Finale Badge, once the player has taken their Finale Badge, they'll gain the ability to perform an "Ultrattack", which is a very strong move useful in taking out opponents, but they only have one shot until they have to fill their Ultra Count all over again, so they have to be careful.


Throughout the match, sometimes a net will fall from the top of the screen held down by a rope and be pulled back with a bunch of pearls and one specific glowing pearl inside, after which the net will swing back and forth until breaking and releasing the pearls onto the stage, every pearl can be broken with 6 hits, however they all disappear after a few seconds so it's mostly unnecessary to attack the pearls, unless you find the glowing pearl, dubbed "Supearl", hidden in between the bunch of pearls, if you manage to find and break the Supearl before it disappears, you'll get a "Supra Finale", a devastating attack which can be stronger than the Ultrattack, however, just like the Ultrattack, you have only one shot.


The roster contains a total of 21 characters, 7 of them are default, 7 of them are unlockable and the other 7 are in the "Mythical" category, Mythical characters are unlocked by special means such as entering a special code, finding a secret area in Story Mode, connecting the game to another, etc.


Image Name Series Description Equipment Limit Vitalimit Ultrattack Supra Finale
UntenSports Unten Prodigy This dude's kind of the mascot of Fantendo so of course he's a pretty big deal and he's in almost all Fantendo games, Unten in terms of stat is pretty all-around, he's decent with all 3 Speeds and is a good blend of speed and attack, making him a good character for beginners, Unten attacks with punches and kicks and using Fanti to electrocute foes. 15 200%
  • Blump Rain: A barrage of Blumps rain down from the screen around the general area that Unten is located in, not only damaging opponents but paralyzing them.
  • Midas Unten: Unten becomes Midas Unten, a form in which he's encased in the toxic mineral, "Midas Gold", slightly decreasing his speed but increasing his attack majorly and allowing him fire blasts of liquified Midas Gold.
LizaFSBHaymaker Liza Original Liza is a girl that lives in the Fantendoverse of the future, she's unique in the fact that unlike other characters, she doesn't rely on powers or abilities, as she's just a normal human girl, instead she relies on fighting techniques from boxing and judo, making her a strong character in meelee but not reliable in ranged combat. 18 170%
  • Heartbreak Shot: Liza uses up all of her strenght to throw a punch directly at the opponent's chest, stopping their heart for a second and making them collapse, so they not only receive devastating damage but they are also left open for attack, however the attack doesn't have much range.
  • Rope Sling: Liza shoots a glare forwards, if any character is caught in this glare, they will be caught in a cutscene in which the area is transformed into a boxing ring as Liza dashes backwards and onto the ropes, which sling her forwards at incredible speeds as she takes her opponents with her and throws several jabs rapidly at them until they hit the ropes at the other side, then Liza moves out of the way as her opponents are slinged by the ropes at high speeds, which can make them fall off of the stage.
LeahPostShattering Leah Needlenam Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture Leah Needlenam is here! She hasn't changed much even after dying and becoming a spirit but she's still a good fighter, Leah is not very athletic but she can deal some good hits, she can also use "medicines" to inflict negative effects on opponents, use surgery tools and use X-Ray scans to temporarily disable certain parts of the opponent's body. 13 250%
  • Precise Cuts: Leah jumps on the foreground with a scalpel as a giant organ falls down the screen in slow-mo and a counter appears in the top-right corner with 10 seconds, Leah has to align the scalpel with the marks on the organ to cut it correctly, if she does the pieces of the organ will be shot in separate directions, dealing damage and knockback to anyone in the way and another organ will fall, however if she doesn't align the scalpel properly the organ will just fall down the screen and she will waste time, once the 10 seconds run out the attack ends.
  • G-O-D: Leah transforms into her G-O-D Form and temporarily gains the ability to fire out weird freaky tentacles from her arms to hit enemies far away, spawn weird masses of muscle that bounce around and deal damage to opponents and creepy hairless wings on her back to fly and get to her opponents easier.
DreamboyShattered Dream Boy Dream World Takeo Yumi, also known as Dream Boy is the hero of the dreamworld and he's here to smash! Dream Boy has a huge range due to the ability to send parts of his body through portals and can also concentrate dreams into energy and then release it as "Dream Waves" or "Dream Blasts" to damage enemies, Dream Boy's mechanic is the "Dream Gauge", he starts out incredibly strong and with his gauge filled, but he needs to release energy periodically and subsequently weaken himself to lower his gauge, because if the gauge stays at max for too long, the energy will overwhelm him and he will collapse. 10 150%
  • Dream...Recolor?: Dream Boy morphs into a purple Yoshi and the player has 10 seconds to aim his tongue and trap nearby opponents in his mouth, however the player can only move a small bit in this form, after the 10 seconds are up Dream Boy will morph into a purple Pac-Man and start munching on all of the enemies he trapped as a Yoshi before spitting them out, this move has little knockback but the damage dealt is pretty good.
  • Dream Resurrection: Dream Boy jumps into the air and releases a barrage of Dream Waves which don't do actual damage but manage to transform the battlefield into a plain dreamscape-like area before growing huge and stretching his limbs into various portals, if a player goes in contact with one of his limbs or Dream Boy himself he will receive a lot of damage and be paralyzed for a second, after some time has passed, Dream Boy will turn back to normal and do some sort of reverse Dream Wave, returning the landscape back into its original form.
SmileShattered Smile GHOST SMILE Smile is a ghostborn, and while he is pretty weak on delivering hits on his own, his slimy body allows him to take a lot of hits, though if you wanna really pack a punch you need to learn to use Spirits, Smile can switch between Spirits by using his Down B, every Spirit has their own attacks and learning how to switch between them rapidly is key to mastering Smile. 22 280%
  • Demonic Spirit: Smile equips the Demonic Spirit and glows red as he becomes much stronger and faster, however in this form he's controlled by a CPU, you can still guide him (for example pressing left will make him steer in that general direction) but he mostly controls on his own and as soon as he's near an opponent he will go berzerk on them and deliver as much damage as possible, ignoring any shields or defenses, after a certain amount of time has passed the Demonic Spirit will leave Smile's body cackling as Smile stops glowing red.
  • Order Spirit: Smile equips the Order Spirit and his eyes start glowing white as he gains a gray aura, in this form Smile becomes stronger and can fire shadow projectiles, after a certain amount of time has passed Smile will stop moving and combust into a shadow explosion as the Order Spirit leaves his body and Smile goes back to normal.
SketchNewExo Sketch Paintverse Sketch Villiar is a young boy that can wield the SoulBrush as a weapon, he can swing it as a sword or fire paint from it like a gun, he can also call Spirits to help him, but overall, even with such attacks he's still just some kid, meaning that he's lacking in defense. 17 150%
  • Paintarrow: Sketch throws the SoulBrush in the air and summons a bow, then he places Pincelle in the bow like an arrow and jumps on the foreground, the player then has to aim where to fire Pincelle, wherever it lands it causes a small explosion of paint.
  • Spirit Realm: Sketch throws a black glowing orb that sticks onto the ground and turns into a portal, from there a barrage of spirits come out and start chasing the opponents, if they catch someone they will start scratching them and biting them, which does very small damage but can pile up if too many ghosts catch you, after some time passes a big ghost with an iron mask pops out of the portal and roars loudly, paralyzing the opponents and making all of the ghosts return into the portal along with him.
PalmMan2015 PalmMan PalmMan PalmMan is a robot built by MineMan forced to work on the mines, he can shoot energy blasts from his PalmBuster and throw napalm bombs, but his most interesting mechanic is "Palm Fronds", instead of a Vitalimit PalmMan has 5 Palm Fronds in his head, if he receives too much damage in a short period of time, he'll drop one of the fronds, causing an explosion, if all of his fronds fall off, he'll explode and he'll automatically lose. 15 PalmMan has no Vitalimit, instead he has 5 Palm Fronds, when all of them fall off, he loses.
  • Pegasus: Pegasus appears from the bottom of screen and dashes upwards until he reaches the top of the screen, from there he will aim and fire barrages of shards of diamonds which can hurt and temporarily paralyze opponents, however if a character can jump high enough they can hit Pegasus to stun him for a bit, after some time has passed Pegasus will dive through the screen diagonally until disappearing through the bottom of the screen again.
  • Robot Combo: DragonMan appears next to PalmMan and forms a shield of fire around him as he shoots a powerful flamethrower straightforwards as PalmMan is free to move around and do damage to opponents, as well as throw bigger napalms that do more damage, eventually MineMan will jump from the bottom of the screen, grab DragonMan and dash off the screen, damaging anyone in his path.


Image Name Description Series Equipment Points Vitalimit Ultrattack Supra Finale How to Unlock
IronMask WastelandWarriors Iron Mask Born as an orphan named Cheryl, she was adopted by a really shitty abusive father, he ran away from his home, now he's a badass sheriff who lives in the Wasteland and will fuck up any criminal he sees with his MOTHERFUCKING GUNBLADE, the gunblade itself holds Iron Mask down so he's kind of slow, however the ability to switch between the gun and sword modes offer Iron Mask a lot of possibilites in the attack front. Wasteland Warriors 10 250%
  • Ammo Blast: Iron Mask stands still and fires a barrage of Squid Bullets which stick to opponents' faces, slowing them down and messing with their controls while Iron Mask is free to move around and fire Light Discs, which are barrages of energy discs that are a bit weak but can pile up damage very quickly, once a certain amount of time has passed the Squid Bullets will fall off of the opponents' faces and Iron Mask will run out of Light Discs.
  • Wasteland Warriors: Iron Mask calls upon the Wasteland Warriors as he jumps on the background, PAIN-T 2.0 jumps in and fires a barrage of paint blobs that stick to the ground, if a player comes in contact with them they will be trapped and receive repeated damage, after that Scarlet jumps at the center of the stage and release two bars of fire that spin around, burning anyone that come in contact with them, after that Whitney dashes through the center of the screen as Iron Mask jumps back on the foreground.
Win 10 fights in the Wasteland Colisseum stage or unlock him via Story Mode.
StrafeSports Strafe Strafe is a bounty hunter from the lands of Noah who's really skilled at using weapons, Strafe has 3 tools of destruction, his fists, which act as normal attacks and are decent, his guns which are strong and helpful in taking out enemies far away but has ammo and needs to be reloaded after a certain amount of bullets are wasted, a rifle which is much faster and stronger but cannot be aimed like the gun, if you're playing as Strafe, ammo packs will drop periodically throughout the match, if you run out of ammo for your gun or rifle you'll have to wait for an ammo pack to drop so you can refill your weapon. Strafe 19 270%
  • Flamethrower Rampage: A helicopter dashes through the top of the screen and drops a flamethrower, which Strafe grabs, Strafe now can shoot fire, dealing good damage to anyone the fire hits and causing them to receive repeated damage because of the burns, everytime it's used the "Gas Counter", which starts at 50% depletes itself bit by bit, once it goes down to 0 the flamethrower will start shaking and Strafe has to throw it, wherever it lands it will cause an explosion.
  • Gamma the Lizard: A helicopter dashes through the top of the screen and drops a crate that crashes as soon as it hits the ground, revealing a giant Gamma the Lizard inside, who Strafe rides, while riding Gamma the Lizard Strafe is faster and can use Gamma to bite enemies and hit them with Gamma's tail or even shrink them to make them weaker both defense-wise and attack-wise, after a certain amount of time passes, Gamma shrinks back to normal size and runs off.
Beat Corrupted Palutena in Story Mode or win 10 fights in Palutena's Temple.
KiyaExo Kiya Kiya is a swift and agile character, one of the fastest characters, however she is also kinda fragile, and her direct hits aren't too good either, instead she relies on the floating blades she can create and control telepathically, these blades sure as hell pack a punch, being able to easily pick off opponents, but Kiya must be concentrated in order to use them, meaning that they're radically weakened if her damage meter is too high. Keeping Kiya's damage meter low is the key to mastering her. Fantendo Smash Bros. Magma 15 135%
  • Swordbit: Kiya spawns a ton of swords which orbit around her in a circular fashion while rotating, esentially creating a shield which can slice apart opponents that get near to her, doing damage and allowing her to rack up good combos, as you also have unlimited telepathic energy regardless of your damage meter in this form, however after a while the swords disappear.
  • Blade Rain: Kiya raises her hands up in the air as the pink flame in her eye goes out and a bunch of swords appear below the stage and suddenly dash upwards, slicing and doing tons of damage to anyone who gets hit by them, then the pink flame in her eye lights up again and the swords suddenly drop from the air, if the sword falls on an opponent on its hilt, it will do more knockback but if it lands on its blade it will do more damage, at the end Kiya will send all of the blades towards the center of the screen with a small explosion.
Win 10 games as Sketch or Iron Mask or unlock her through Story Mode.
AranSportsResort Aran Leverletto Aran is a guy who lost one of his arms while playing around with saws, however the metallic arm he got had awesome abilities. Aran is worn down in terms of speed because of his heavy metal arm but he can deliver some strong blows with tons of knockback but not too good when it comes to piling up damage, he's also pretty frail. His metallic arm has 3 modes: Hand Mode, which gives him floating red glowing tubes which function as fingers, allowing him to grab items and opponents from afar, Laser Mode which gives him a set of projectile attacks to use, and Saw Mode which trades in range for sheer power. Fantendo - Meltdown 18 220%
  • Multi Mode: Aran gets out a screwdriver and kneels down as he starts tinkering with his metallic arm, accidentally creating a mix of all 3 Modes at once, now you can use your fingers from Hand Mode to trap opponents while firing at them with lasers to do damage and if you get close enough saw them for some extreme damage all at once, however after a while the metallic arm starts to short circuit and Aran has to revert it to its normal state.
  • Vulture Blade: Aran gets out his stun gun extension for his metallic arm and stuns anyone within a certain range from him, after which he will get out a longsword filled with dark magic that does tons of damage and knockback, even if you don't catch anyone with the stun gun you can still use it on opponents, however Aran's speed might make that troublesome, which is why trying to catch as many opponents as you can with your stun gun is key.
Win 5 fights with PalmMan without losing more than half of his Palm Fronds or unlock him through Story Mode.

YE is a green lil' raccoon from a reality separate from the Fantendoverse, who was teleported into this reality separate from the Fantendoverse by the evil Overman Corp so he can't mess with them. YE is similar to a real raccoon in the fact that he's small, fast and sneaky, being able to dodge most attacks, though his own attacks aren't all that powerful either. YE can slash and stab enemies with his strange big needle, use his broken dimension-traveling device to warp to areas near him and dig the ground for temporary weapons such as guns and metal claws which break after a while.

New Fantendoverse


  • Claw Enhancement: YE jumps in the air as a jetpack suddenly appears out of his dimension-traveling device along with a futuristic-looking metal claw, the jetpack straps onto YE's back as the metal claw sticks onto his right arm, now the player gets to control YE, who now moves much faster and can fly, as well as use his metal claw to slash and stab opponents in close combat and stretch it out to hit foes far away until the fuel on the jetpack runs out, causing it to stop as the metal claw falls apart. In this state, attacks don't harm YE but if a lot of attacks hit his back (where the jetpack is) while he's on the ground, the fuel time is shortened.
  • Fate of the World: YE gets out his dimension-traveling device and starts hitting it, causing it to spazz out as it somehow goes into a reverse mode of sorts and starts spitting out tons of robots from Overman Corp along with Jeremy, who has a jetpack and uses it to take YE far away from the chaos for a certain amount of time, during which Overman Corp robots will be roaming the stage and trashing it, beating up any opponent they find, opponents can beat them but it might take a bit and a team effort, or just hide from them, but YE can still use flash grenades provided by Jeremy to lure in Overman Corp robots to your worst enemies. After a certain amount of time, the dimension-traveling device which was left on the stage starts shaking and a giant yellow portal is opened up, which lures in all of the Overman Corp robots as Jeremy flies over the stage before his jetpack malfunctions, causing him to drop YE back into the stage and fall into the portal.
Win 10 fights as Unten and 10 as Strafe or unlock him through Story Mode.

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