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Fantendo Smash Bros Fatality

Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality features something like the "Fighter Ballot" that was on the official Smash Bros. website, whereas players could vote for characters that they wish to see in Fatality as downloadable content (DLC). It was set up following complaints that some important characters didn't appear in the game, and TimeStrike wanted to hear the feedback from the game's players, so they set up a thing to see what their fans truly want.


How it works

In the comments, one must simply comment the characters they want to see in the game, and if they meet the specified conditions, they will be considered and placed on a list.  TimeStrike will then create an online thread that has people vote their sixteen favorites out of the bunch, top eleven placing for winning results.


  • One must comment one to five characters they want to see in the game, and two of those slots can be their own characters, but players are required to submit at least one character that isn't theirs to be in the game, to prevent immense bias.
  • Less of a condition and more of a reminder: One can pick characters from the Fantendoverse, RTAverse, Zaxinian Lifts, and any other universe with a link of sorts to the Fantendoverse.  They can also just choose genuine Fantendo characters.
  • The characters must also be free to use, although permission needed characters are accepted as long as the submitter is the one that owns them.
  • The origins for the characters should either be Fantendo or Lapis Wiki, no exceptions.
  • The submitted characters must have art of sorts, as icons are used in the game. TimeStrike'd like it if they had full art, not simply a bust or anything.
  • The characters cannot be joke characters, such as Poopbutt Koopa.
  • Anything breaking the above conditions WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.



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Not Accepted


These were the winners of the ballot. The number in parentheses tells you how much votes a character received. Valerie won by a LONG shot, having double the points of the ones in second place, Alena Carter, Firefly, and Vespa.

  • Valerie Heartgold (10)
  • Alena Carter (5)
  • Firefly (5)
  • Vespa (5)
  • Jake Skett (4)
  • McBoo (4)
  • Ivan (3)
  • Liameno (3)
  • King Ash (3)
  • Mistress Nell (3)
  • RTAverse Leah (3)


  • The reason why there are an odd number of eleven characters that will be added to the game is because a twelfth character has already been planned.

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