Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality
Fatality Box
Developer(s) TimeStrike Logo
Publisher(s) TimeStrike Logo
Platform(s) V2LogoSmallglow
Release Date(s)
WW December 10, 2018 (Fatality)
WW March 11, 2019 (Fatality²)
Single-player, multiplayer, online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Fantendo Smash Bros.
Predecessor Fantendo Smash Bros. Frozen (beta game)
Successor None, although would be Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory if canon
Media Included Disc
Available Input V² controller
Cost $39.99 (USA)
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Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality is a non-canon crossover title in relation to the Fantendo Smash Bros. series, created by TimeStrike as an experiment towards making real Fantendoverse related projects.  Like the other games in the series, it is a fighting game, but contains various elements that flat-out define itself from the rest of the games, such as a Toxicity meter to dish out poison that whittles down at enemies fast, defense mechanics that add a whole new level of skill to the game, and a list of stages with detailed descriptions.  Of what little story it has, it focuses around the recently identified FDX series of robots and the rising of toxicity in the Fantendoverse atmosphere.

Coined by TimeStrike to be the "unique one" of the crowd of Fantendo Smash Bros. games, Fatality is much different than the others thanks to its new toxic-related elements and the usage of characters that have no true link to the Fantendoverse (although they were placed in as guest characters). Athena Hawkins, TimeStrike's leader, has kept Fatality a secret project until it was mostly completed, and it was made secret as she wanted to surprise people after the original mess and concept of her personal Fantendo Smash Bros. title she created wasn't met well at all in reception: Fantendo Smash Bros. Frozen.

Like various other Fantendoverse games, it is released on The V², and released sometime after Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, its main inspiration for existence. On release, it was met with critical and financial success, praised heavily for its gameplay improvements and advancements and for its odd and unique roster. Its use of poison has been lauded and is usually among the most praised aspects of the game. The game received low criticism, but most of that was directed at the slow pace of Toxic Labyrinth and the Melee-like pace of battle, which made it hard to "play safe" at points.

The main theme of Fatality is a 2018 remastering of "Poison" by Alice Cooper, sang by same artist.


Fatality started off as Fantendo Smash Bros. Frozen in 2013, which was led and created by Fandraxonian Enterprises, the predecessor of TimeStrike. Meant for the Wii U and inspired heavily off of the Super Smash Bros. franchise as well as the obscene number of Fantendo Smash Bros. ones, the game failed to meet even mixed reception and was widely panned for its poor execution and its overabundance of "unnecessary" winter elements. The fail of Smash Bros. Frozen put the company at big risk, as it was meant to be one of their larger projects and it was supposed to help them earn much-needed money. They scrapped it and expected to not function anymore, but the successful profit made off of Sweet Invader helped the company and temporarily put them back in proper shape alongside success of Crimson the Roserade and Sonic Advance U.

It wasn't until years later when Fandraxonian Enterprises, then under the name of TimeStrike, decided to try again, and began working on Fatality for The V² and Pacifico platforms, but they weren't able to develop for the latter as it just wouldn't work with the game's fast pace and execution, so they moved just to Toroko's platform. Inspired by Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, previous project Masses and Super Smash Bros. itself, TimeStrike took minor elements of each and blended them with their already forming ideas of a toxic-like atmosphere. Many elements considered as they developed the game were ultimately scrapped, and data of most of these elements were left in the game's files, never taken out. Apparently, Fatality was originally meant to have cards as the main focus of battle in one execution and in another had zombies and vampires as the main theme.

The idea of poison came from an agreement between the staff of TimeStrike to have something unique and interesting in the game, and went upon several ideas to benefit the poison system, although they were careful to try and not make it look "unnecessarily edgy", which is partially why previous projects Bananas: The Final Gambit and Zaxinian Chaos didn't sell very well when put in addition with rushed development and careless planning, and also bugs and glitches. They looked at what made most of their previous games successful, such as General's Pieces' unique fighting mechanics and Nature Warrior's simple pick-up-and-play system, and decided to incorporate both into the game.

TimeStrike refused to send any information to any companies or newspapers on the game's projects, ultimately wanting to keep their project secret and urging others to back away from what they were planning, but an unidentified subject leaked a photo of Aran Leverletto battling Tess in what appeared to be a beta Perilous Pits arena. The public had much interest in what the image was, and they began speculating on what the image's purpose was, and despite much effort to get TimeStrike to reveal their plans, they remained almost entirely shut, and kept fans and the public interested in a different project, The Realm of Dreams, although hype didn't last long for that as they stopped putting effort into revealing new data for the game, solely focusing on Fatality.

A little while later, Athena Hawkins, the leader of TimeStrike, posted a teaser on the company's page that displayed a giant winking face emoticon. This confused many on what exactly the company was doing, but the next day they posted a massive amount of smaller winking faces, to the point where it looked like someone hacked the main page. This remained on the page for about a week before they removed all of them and replaced them with a shadowy image resembling a Beorn. It was assumed to be Unten, but at the same time there were water-like effects around the character, which made it unclear if it was Unten, another Beorn, or a completely original character. It remained on the site for about a month before being removed, and a teaser trailer was posted on the main page by Athena herself, not revealing anything until the end where a mutated, poison-filled Unten gagging out toxins could be seen in CGI animation.

The trailer's reception was initially mixed, with praise towards the graphical design, but were confused by what it was and anticipated it to be an edgy game, which is what TimeStrike wanted. Upon the trailer reaching many hits on YouTube, they released a second trailer that was much richer in content and featured normal Unten, Mynis, Leah, Bowie, Scratch Kat, and more and featured them fighting in the nearly completed layout of the game, displaying its high graphical qualities and some of its new additions to the franchise, such as intoxication to characters to strengthen their attack power or mutating two together to become a monster. In comparison to the first trailer, the second was met with acclaim for its new gameplay designs, its unique roster, and its special mechanics, and the first trailer received more positive feedback for what its purpose really meant in the end.

Following this, the TimeStrike team mentioned that it'd be released later that year, and provided daily updates of things in the game, often a character or stage and sometimes an item or two, and occasionally announced new modes. However, during the completion stages of Fatality, they pushed Harvester of Sorrow into the open, which temporarily delayed Fatality, along with the fact that Athena announced that they're going to make sure that the game was mostly bug-free before release, and wanted to refine everything so that the game is as rich as it can be. During the process, DLC was announced for the game as well as occasional updates to fix any bugs they didn't see whilst working on the final stages of the base game.

It met its release in the following year's Christmas season, met with universal critical acclaim and high score reviews.  As TimeStrike sat with their success, someone (by the name of Jane West) discovered an exploit through the Cyborg builder system that allows modification of the game as the save data of that and the actual game were on different saves.  A mod by the same exploiter was created under the name Fatality² and was spreading around quickly for profit, but it was shut down not long after TimeStrike found out.  Jane saved it to an empty disc though and deleted anything about TimeStrike on it and began trying to sell it out via copies of the disc, but was taken to court following this and was sent to prison alongside others that worked on the project.  Following high demand, TimeStrike eventually released the mod under Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality², which also met critical success.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality hosts several modes for the player(s) to enjoy, from the traditional fighting "Donnybrook" mode to the endless Challenge mode, and contains extra features such as a place for characters to relax in the form of Home Quarters, features its own rather shallow story mode, and has a maze that plays somewhat like a board game with various characters to fight by the name of Toxic Labyrinth.

Name Description
Donnybrook The traditional format for a Smash Bros. game, it's the usual 4-player (up to 16 online) mode that can either consist of players or CPUs. Donnybrook can be done in several ways - SURVIVAL, whereas one must be the last one with remaining stocks, TIMED, where people must gain the most points under a time limit, or INSANITY, which combines both but has a wheel in the background that can alter the course of gameplay.

Donnybrook online is split into two modes; For Heaven or For Hell, which are known as For Fun and For Glory, respectively, in Super Smash Bros. 4. Heaven is on more friendly gameplay, allowing Flasks and stages of all types, but For Hell is competitive based, no items, final destination esque stages, but they can still select whatever character.

Special Edition Donnybrook can also be played with special conditions; turning on the Special trigger allows players to set up extra and unique options to further enhance gameplay, working just like the Special Mode from the original Smash titles. Some conditions can be activated at the same time if a player wished to. Here are a list of conditions that can be activated.

  • Stamina / 300%. In the former, instead of percentages and increasing knockback with damage taken, players rely on health meters that decrease as they take damage. If a player's health meter is completely drained, they faints and are unable to get up again. In the latter, players are at 300% (referred to as sudden death) and most attacks instantly blow someone off the stage.
  • Size. A player can choose to make everyone big or tiny at start. Big players have larger hurtboxes and generally hit harder, but smaller players are harder to hit but don't deal as much damage.
  • Metal / Clear. With the former, all players become metallic and are more resistant to attacks and generally don't take as much knockback from moves, and with the latter, players become invisible and are hard to see, which makes fighting like a guessing game of where the opponents are.
  • Gravity. A player can choose to have low gravity, which makes players jump higher and makes knockback more effective, or have high gravity, which has lower jumps, makes knockback less effective, and makes for long matches and good endurance.
  • Speed. A player can choose to have the pace of a match be slow or fast. If slow paced, players move slower overall, and if fast paced, players obviously move faster overall. Pretty common sense, if you ask me.
Plaza Edition A different mode that carries on the idea of more unique Donnybrook gameplay, but does it in a much different way than Special Edition; most of these gameplay styles don't actually feature you fighting your opponents as the star focus as they do put a different effect on Survival and Timed that requires you meet a certain objective in order to win.  The mode's name comes from the fact that the rules are set up by FDX-34 in the Toxic Laboratories' plaza.

  • COLLECTION: Features the players collecting a determined number of cures.  The first one who meets the collection requirement is the winner.  Players can steal cures by hitting players enough which forces them to lose some of their stock.  The cures spawn on stable platforms.
  • ANNIHILATION: Annihilation features weak holograms in the physical form of common villains (such as the Threat) that need to be attacked and defeated.  The first player who kills the required number of villain holograms is the winner.  Enemies spawn almost everywhere.
  • CAPTURE: Capture the Flag is the full name of this mode.  There is a sole flag that hangs around somewhere in the level, and a player needs to pick up the flag and take it to its randomized destination, marked by a crosshair.  Players can attack the one holding the flag to make them drop it.
  • TAG: This odd mode starts off with no one being "it", but the first fighter touched in the entire match becomes "it".  The one who's "it" begins losing points from their start of 30, losing a point per second.  If they tag someone else, that person becomes "it", and the one who just lost "it" status stops losing points.  If an "it" person loses all their points, they are eliminated, and keeps going until one player remains.
  • KING: In King of the Hill (full name), a safe spot generates on the map where players can hide from poison.  Players in the safe spot slowly gain points, and the safe spot often teleports elsewhere so that players don't easily just rack up points.  The first player that reaches the required number of points wins the match.
  • RACE: In Race, flags numbered 1 to (up to) 9 must be touched by the players in order before touching a giant, star-marked flag to enter the next "lap".  The players can choose where the flags can be and how many there will be in a stage before they officially start the match.  The first person to clear all "laps" is the winner, players finishing in second and third are noted.
Story Mode The game's story mode is a large, complex stage in the form of the Toxic Laboratories, sporting various environments and puzzles for the chosen one to solve.  The story revolves around Unten, Bowie and FDX-300, with only Unten being playable as he has to figure out why FDX-300 has been acting strangely and what's up with her using Bowie as a "scientific experiment", and what's been really happening to the laboratories.

The mode's story is divided by Part, as if in a play.  The player can only save when they have cleared certain parts of the story, but can save any time after the semi-final part and before the final part, whereas they're able to research the rest of the station at any point and they return to the station's start with full access to everywhere after defeating the final boss.

Unten is guided throughout the station by FDX-01, an old robot who has suspicions about the laboratories falling apart and asks Unten to check out the place, using her as a map.  However as time passes, she sometimes appears to go missing and accidents happen in the laboratories, and she begins acting somewhat aggressive towards him.  Eventually, it gets to a point where it all appears insecure.

The player can decide the Factors of Story mode; Intensity and Difficulty.  The former is how violent the story is and how far it can truly go, and the latter is how difficult it is to play the story mode.  At low intensity and difficulty, it's a suiting story for a child, but at high intensity and difficulty, it is a burdening task, and definitely an example of how cruel the game can truly be.

The mode also plays mostly in silence, with no dialogue besides those from either FDX character.

  • First mission is to overlook the Laboratories and seek out the cause of an explosion.
  • The next mission is to locate the disturbance located in Sector 0. (Toxius Double)
  • After that, the third mission is to find exit routes in Sector 3. (Sludge Basilisk)
  • The fourth mission takes Unten and Bowie down a route to save a group of prisoners in Sector 1. (Big Muck)
  • After failing that mission, Unten and Bowie must turn on the cameras in Sector 2. (Gunk Slug)
  • Unten must seek out the Anti-Biohazard Gear in Sector 1. (Ooze Machine)
  • Bowie goes missing, Unten must search out Sector 5. (Poison Reaper)
  • After it's confirmed that Unten can't find Bowie, he must turn on the cameras in Sectors 4 and 3. (Toxius X)
  • The ninth mission has Unten turning on the cameras in Sectors 1 and 5. (Goo Express)
  • Sector 6 is closed off by a well-locked door, Unten must find its switch in Sector 0. (Bane Man)
  • Explosion in Sector 0 triggered, Unten must now engage the enemy there. (Malice Woman)
  • Sector 6 opened, Unten must turn on all cameras in order to open a secret area. (Alluvium Doorway)
  • Thirteenth mission has revealed the poison master's location by camera elimination. (Venom Overlord)
  • Bowie located but causing ruckus in Sector 5, must be destroyed. (Mutated Bowie)
  • Following Bowie's defeat, Unten must find each Sector Switch and shut them off in order to stop enemy growth. (FDX-518)
  • OPTIONAL: Bowie should enter Sector 6's "Restricted Room" and defeat the enemy. (Toxia)
  • OPTIONAL: Possessed God detected.  Engage combat in Restricted Room. (Exateno)
Toxic Labyrinth A unique mode that works like an alternative story mode, but doesn't actually feature a true story and is the characters moving in a Fire Emblem style across a board, collecting keys from defeated enemies and opening up new passageways around the Labyrinth. As players move through the Labyrinth, they'll find puzzles that they have to solve in order to move on, and enemies hordes can attack the players. Unlike with Fire Emblem, players and enemies move at the same time, much like RPGs in the vein of Earthbound.

If an enemy comes in contact with a player or vice versa, the screen immediately zooms onto the battlefield, resembling a Smash match that requires the player to defeat the enemies. Once the enemies are defeated, the screen zooms out again. Sometimes when an enemy is defeated, they'll drop a key or a flask, or trigger certain areas to open up. They can also drop chest keys which can be used to open up the semi-rare chests found in the labyrinth, which usually contain trophies and other prizes.  If a character dies, they cannot return to the battlefield unless the player restarts their save or until they start a new file on the mode and recruit the same character.

The player starts out as just Unten and Rachel, but over time the player can recruit the rest of the default roster. Only four players can be out at once, but the player can switch between who's in the current team and who's not. The chosen four move together and fight off the enemies and collect flasks, but the ones that don't have the rare chance of picking up rare items or trophies, and they can sometimes lend an assist-trophy-like hand on the battlefield for when the situation is crucial.

The player has access to an inventory that's shared by everyone and has fifty spaces that can be used for storing keys or flasks or other related items. The spaces are divided into two different categories: items and collectibles. The item stuff can be used by the player, but the collectible stuff has no effect on gameplay and is able to be deposited into the rest of the game's collectibles when they reach a save point.

As players go along, they'll occasionally meet three different unique classes of enemies: unlockable characters, bosses, or characters that spawned from collecting data from across the world via connecting to Wi-Fi. Unlockable characters put up a strong fight, but are unlocked if defeated, and bosses are required to be defeated to get to the next area of the toxic dungeon, and possess a lot of stamina. The Wi-Fi characters are free DLC that have a one in 1/5200 chance of appearing on the battlefield to be defeated.

As players battle enemies, they'll gain experience points for every hit.  When they have enough, they'll reach new levels, which slightly boost all their stats.  While not very noticeable at first, players will begin seeing that their attacks hit hard against low leveled enemies and they'll be able to clash properly against higher leveled ones as they gain experience.  Players that aren't in the active party don't gain experience points whatsoever, so balancing out the players is important.

The Arena An absolute bloodfest that replaces the usual Classic mode, this mode features a sole player (or two) taking on several opponents from the game's playable roster in sets of rounds, plus other unusual selections such as a metallic version of a character, a giant sized one, or perhaps even a boss character.  After all six/eight/ten/twelve rounds (depending on chosen difficulty), the player fights the final boss, which is Oxide Dragon.  The Arena is noted for its bloody atmosphere and for being hosted by Fandraxono instead of a usual FDX robot.

Before each match, Fandraxono shows a scroll to the player character displaying what they will be fighting next, and displays the conditions for that character, such as metallic body.  After that, FDX-77 will give the player good luck and give them the best strategy on each fighter, but on some of the harder modes, Fandraxono will shut her up, which forces the player to try and seek out a strategy instead of rely on the FDX robot for help.  After each match, Fandraxono will hand the player some tokens.

The True Arena replaces what used to be Adventure mode in previous titles, and is a generally more advanced version of Classic mode, with even bloodier settings, usage of Plaza modes, and the fact that players keep half the damage they received in previous matches.  There are bonus rounds, with things such as breaking the targets and collecting as many data cards as possible.  In comparison to the 6-12 rounds in Classic, there are 10-16 in the True Arena.  It is hosted by the Acebreaker instead of Fandraxono, and Fandraxono replaces the FDX robot.  The True Arena also features a different, secret final boss.

Regardless of whatever mode the player chooses, they always go into a match with at least two stocks.  Between rounds in the True Arena, the player can choose to heal themselves by 20% with a weak Heart Flask.  Both of these modes are named after the Kirby modes under the same name, the Arena originating in Kirby Super Star and the True Arena first appearing in its upgrade, Super Star Ultra.

Boss Rush Pitting the player against the game's bosses, the player must fight and defeat all of them, including the ones in the story and the ones encountered in the stages.  It's as simple as that!  There is a single Heart Flask that can be used in-between boss rush rounds, so a player should not hesitate to heal before fighting the next boss, especially considering how brutal they can be.  At the end, the fighter goes against either the Oxide Dragon or the secret final boss, chosen by difficulty level.

Boss Rush is only available when the story mode is cleared and when all stages are unlocked, so if a player hasn't completed the story mode, they really should before being able to play this.  DLC bosses, like Bowser and Ripto, only join Boss Rush if the DLC is bought, but nothing extra is added to the reward for beating Boss Rush if one defeats the two extra bosses.

Burner House The Burner House, hosted by yet another FDX robot referred to as FDX-06 Fitness, replaces the usual Stadium Mode from previous Smash titles.  Unlike with the rest of the modes, it takes place outside of the Toxic Laboratories and is inside a house not far from it, therefore there are no toxic effects to fear of when one is inside the Burner House.

The Burner House has mainly a battle platform taking place in a disco room with open ceilings and walls, but also has a large, labyrinth-like layout behind it that some of the modes take place in.

  • Target Seek places targets all over in the Burner House, meant to be sought and destroyed by the player.  This is to test their eyesight skills, and helps out with finding players in other large labyrinth-esque levels.  Different parts of the house are viewed by different players, mostly to suit to their playstyles.  Target Seek is also featured in the True Arena's bonus rounds, and is the most prominent of them.
  • Mutated Mass Destruction replaces the Multi-Man layouts from other games, and the corrupted toxic versions of the game's characters are fought in an array of sub-modes, like 10 Mass Destruction, 100 Mass Destruction, 3-Minute / 10-Minute, Endless, and Lethal.  In the first two, the player must destroy the indicated number of masses, in the next two, the player spends a long amount of time either fighting or avoiding the masses, in Endless the player fights Masses until they can't anymore, and in the final of these...hoo boy.  Lethal features extremely difficult masses that can knock the player off stage almost instantly, and require true skill to defeat.
  • Grand Race features a character racing CPUs to the very end of the the Burner House, from the entrance to the exit.  This is different from the Plaza's "Race" mode because it's a legit start-to-finish format with no laps, and works near identically to the Race to the Finish challenge that sometimes appeared in Super Smash Bros. 4's Smash Run's final challenge.
  • All-Star features all the game's characters fought in the same order they were introduced to Fantendo, but with a twist: there are now multiple incarnations of each character to fight, so this means one can fight Dino Unten, BowieQuest's Bowie, God Leah Needlenam, and much more.  This is often considered one of the hardest modes in the game and requires that the player has a sharp focus.  Between rounds, the player's health restores to 0% automatically.
Challenge Mode Challenge mode carries on the idea of Event mode from the Super Smash Bros. series, but they are hosted by FDX-96 and FDX-97, who host the Simple and Advanced tasks in the game, respectively.  The Simple tasks are easy missions that feature simple tasks such as defeating a certain number of foes or clearing specific difficulties on missions, but the Advanced tasks feature more detailed missions, and are often considered to be harder than the others since they have more specific challenges such as getting really high scores or by getting a certain number of knockouts in a mode such as Lethal Mass Destruction.

FDX-96 is modeled after Valerie Heartgold and offers trophies and new music and the like when her missions are cleared, and FDX-97 is modeled after her sibling Silver who offers new challengers and completely new areas in the game.  When both have enough missions cleared, a new set called Fandraxono's Death Wishes opens up, which are extremely difficult and grueling tasks only the most dedicated of players could ever accomplish, with unique rewards.

Home Quarters Inspired heavily by Fire Emblem Fates' "My Castle" feature, Home Quarters is a benevolent mode that has no relevance to the other modes, being a customizable "base" that Unten and all other playable characters reside in. The player only goes around as Unten initially, but can later choose to be other characters if one or more other characters build an "advanced" relationship with Unten. While there, the player can decorate their home quarters with decorations, like ornaments, and purchase furniture and other related items resembling Fantendoverse (or similar) universe content. The Home Quarters are not canon whatsoever, and are not featured in the other story modes, and is merely meant to be "fan satisfying" or "a shipper's dream".

The Home Quarters are notable for being where the characters can sit and talk or fight or wade in a pool or...whatever really, the possibilities are fairly endless. Eventually, non-playable characters make an appearance at Home Quarters, usually arriving when the player collects their respective Battle Cards or by DLC. These non-playable characters include Syi, Doomulus Thai, and Elvis & Pecan, who are sometimes vital in building relationships with the characters. If certain characters are paired up in multiplayer with other characters, they may be able to engage an "important conversation". These conversations are ranked by two basic levels, an advanced level, and an expert level. The higher the level, the more trust there is between the two characters. Certain characters that are already best friends with another character, like how Bowie would be to Ashe, are automatically at expert level.

An extra level is known as the love level, and does not affect anything in the Home Quarters, just considered an alternate timeline path, although exceptions are made for, example, Aran and Melissa, which does affect things in the Home Quarters considering they are in a canon relationship. This is merely meant for fanboy/fangirl nosebleeds, and for their dreams to be "envisioned". I mean, it'd be pretty interesting to see how Unten could possibly fall in love with...Bowie. Some of the "love pairings" may not work very well though, which is heavily noted with characters such as Leah Needlenam.

To see some of the conversations, click here.
Character Designer Akin to Mii Fighters from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, players can create their own fighters based off of the Toxius enemies, being cyborgs that can be customized in terms of statistics and attacks, and players can heavily edit these fighters at will, able to change size, weight, appearance, attack effects, and give them weapons or change their style (such as brawler with fists, or swordsfighter with weapons).  In addition, they can be given costumes resembling the Fantendoverse characters, regardless of if the represented characters playable or not in the mani game.  All attacks can have customized knockback, damage output, and the like, but the game will often ask if it can help balance out factors to prevent the fighter from being too overpowered.

The default Cyborg Fighter has poison effects on all attacks, uses fists, and has a strong damage output with a few projectiles in the form of poison shots.  These are the only Cyborg Fighters that can be used in competitive play unless special permission from certain competitive groups to otherwise change a fighter's stats, attacks, and overall style.  The only exception to customization regardless of tournament is height, weight, and physical apperance, which have natural effects on gameplay for the former two and have no relevance to gameplay at all for the latter of the three.

Breaker Mode Breaker Mode is a mode introduced in the mod Fatality², but was kept when TimeStrike made their own licensed version of the mod.  In Breaker Mode, you choose any of the playable characters and have them fight in vehicles and warcraft, such as war ships, bomber airplanes, army tanks, and more, and the goal is to manage one's crew of three and have them manage the weapons and repair their chosen vehicle as the main player moves the vehicle around on the offensive or in the defensive.

There are multiple strategies to Breaker Mode, such as being able to collect items to use new weapons, like homing shots, multi-fire bullets, or anti-fire shields that reflect ammo back at foes.  They can also collect energy tanks to heal their craft instantly with reliance on one's crew, too.  Using the different characters is vital; one moves the aircraft, another fires weapons, and the last heals the vehicle.  If either of the latter two players are knocked out, that part of the ship becomes disabled temporarily until they get back up at quarter health to resume their mission, but if the main player is knocked out, it is game over for all.

Smash Run

As part of the Fatality² mod, and part of an exchange between Gear Games and TimeStrike, the Smash Run mode from Super Smash Bros. Great Fray has been added.  While it only has one stage (being the Toxic Laboratories themselves), the areas all have randomized paths and rooms and are based on the various sectors that the stages make up.  Enemies from the Fantendoverse can attack the fighters, but they are weak and easy to defeat, although some of the stronger ones will join the player in their conquest.  After the set amount of minutes in the mode is over, the two to eight players will engage in a Final Battle, which can be picked and voted on by the players.

Most of the mode works like how it did in the original game, although Vs. Boss has been divided into "Vs. Boss" and "Vs. Final Boss", so that players don't need to fear about randomly facing a challenging boss like Toxia or Mallory.  The latter can just be disabled overall to prevent coming across any of those challenging opponents whatsoever.  In addition, toxins are of course added to the stage, using the same effects that Fatality's typical gameplay has.  It is possible to play Smash Run online.



At first glance, it just seems to be your typical Fantendo Smash Bros. title, which takes an awful lot of mechanics from the home franchise Super Smash Bros. already. The goal is to fight the other characters using attacks of all types (normal, ground, air, combos, throws and grabs, specials, hyperdrives which replace final smashes and whatever) and knock them off stage boundaries when they have taken enough damage. As characters are beaten up upon, they receive more damage, and become more vulnerable to losing their stock.

Depending on the gameplay style, the goal is to either survive and not lose all one's stocks (Survival), gain the most points from knockouts in a time limit (Timed), or play a new mode entitled Insanity, which combines both, but also has a wheel in the background that spins once every thirty seconds, which adds a new element to the battlefield that changes the flow of pace and can either hinder or help players out. If a player wins in single player modes, they earn gold that can be used to purchase characters, trophies, stages, or even other modes.

There are a lot of different atmospheric elements that differentiate this game from others, for example, every game in the series already existing prior to this one, barring Shattered. There is a Toxicity meter in the game that each character owns, and as they become more exposed to the toxins of the match, they begin taking auto-damage, although will be able to dish out more damage. The Toxicity meter poisons the character enough that some of their moves begin having different effects, and often for the better - this powers the character up even as they become more vulnerable to getting knocked out of bounds.

To combat the toxicity, players can optionally come into battle wielding special gear that renders them invincible to the toxic conditions.  While it does prevent them from using the Toxicity meter to their advantage as well as possible mutation when they're falling behind in matches, the atmosphere no longer cuts at their health and allows them to play safer.  In addition, all stats for the character are very slightly increased, with the most notable of these rises being in defense, which allows them to hold down mutated and Toxicity-empowered characters better.

Fantendo Smash Bros. is already all about offense, but Fatality makes defense much more important, especially as offensive levels have already been raised a lot thanks to Toxicity. To compensate, in addition to the shield and grabbing mechanics, the stages are larger in size than usual and the game becomes more of a hide and seek game, with the goal being to find players and catch them off guard. Thanks to the sizes, the game can be played up to sixteen players online in a single match, although it remains four player offline, until the V² comes up with a way to have eight player gameplay. Additionally, characters can form pillars, thicker shields, or the like to help build up power before the opponent breaks through.

Characters can charge up their power to five different levels, and for each level that the power is raised to, the more powerful the character's moves will be, benefited heavily by the Toxicity meter, and the special moves of the character have a few different effects, which often increase range, distance, power, or even add new properties like freezing or shield breaks. At max level, the player can use their Hyperdrive, which has incredible power and effects that are more than likely to either deal massive damage or straight out OHKO.

When characters lose their stock but are falling behind severely in a match and still have an extra stock or more, they'll become mutated by the poison in the atmosphere and have severely altered stats that greatly benefit the character and make them very strong, although heavily damages them in the process. They'll reach 300% within thirty seconds, but the effects of the character are so strong that they can wipe out a few opponents within that time. Once their stock as a toxic character is gone, they turn to normal, or the game ends if their final stock was used.  The mutation advantage cannot be used if toxic gear is on the character.

Within the stages, there are tanks storing the Metroid Fusion parasite "X" that can be destroyed to release these foul creatures.  However, the toxins of the atmosphere have battered them so much that they are no longer capable of sucking down on others, and as a result they can be touched to restore health or become stronger.  Yellow X restore health, Green X give statistic increases, Red X do both, and Blue X actually harm on contact and try and go towards players, but they are rare.  Whether or not X show up in the stages is up to the player; they can be turned on and off.

On the character selection screen, players can choose what characters they want to use, what characters CPUs use, and other players pick their own characters.  From here, match settings - like stock number, time limit - can also be set up, and when all characters are selected and confirmed, the players go to a stage selection menu.  CPUs can have a CPU level set from 1 to 12, 6 being default.


Teams can also be used in Fatality, able to be split into three offline or fifteen online (although the usual amount of teams is two and four, respectively).  The general objective of gameplay remains the same; be the last one surviving or have the most amount of points, but being on teams requires cooperation, and there are several ways that the players can be forced to cooperate with one another.  Teams are often used in the "story mode" and are sometimes used in the extra mode of gameplay; "Party".  Teams can be named by the player; names can be up to 64 characters in length.

Among the ways the players can be forced to cooperate are "Shock Rope", "Forces", and the offline exclusive 2-on-2 "Fusion".  Shock Rope ties members of a team together mentally and if they move too far from each other, they'll be shocked and receive damage, which requires them to sort of fight as if Ice Climbers.  Forces brings changes on the battlefield like wind that push players towards each other so that they can fight, and they'll get punished if they're not found fighting with each other, side by side.  Fusion brings toxins to mutate together players on a team, and creates a character with the moveset of the team leader but the movement and attributes of the other.  One player controls the attacks and the other controls the movement of the character.

Data Cards

Trophies from the Super Smash Bros. franchise return, although in the form that's acknowledged as Data Cards. Obtaining data cards can come from many things, like clearing modes, defeating enemies and collecting them, or purchasing them off the in-game shop for a generally low price, although some cards are exclusive to certain modes. There are a grand total of 1200 Data Cards, based off the playable roster, characters from around the Fantendoverse in general, certain items, places, and more.

Initially, one cannot view Data Cards properly, but if they purchase the Mind Reader from the shop, they can place all the cards in the machine at the same time, which reads the included data for the player and displays models in the third dimension via hologram. After they finish reading the unread cards, they come out of the machine as toys if characters, new environments the player can use to customize their living quarters if stages, ornaments to hang on trees if items, and more. The clothing of characters can be worn by any player in the game.

Data Cards display name, origin, description, and the ability to see the object within from any angle.

Zodiac Stones

The Zodiac Stones are the game's "assist trophies". Upon breaking open a Zodiac Stone, one of three possible moves will come from it, and there's three of those per stone. However, unlike assist trophies, what comes out of the Zodiac Stones is not a character, and they are sometimes found lying around on the battlefield. They have a 0.35% chance of appearing within a second's worth of gameplay, therefore they are rather rare.

Zodiac Stones' three possible, randomized moves are divided into Offense, Defense and Support. An offensive move will damage opponents, a defensive move will help its breaker, and a supportive move will do something rather miscellaneous, such as healing. The moves are often associated with what the respective Zodiac symbol is - for example, if a Scorpio stone was broken, an event based on water will happen. The Zodiac Stones, when broken, feature a momentary flashing image of Zodiez before the move takes effect.

In the game's "plotline", the Stones were created by Zodiez and given to the laboratories so the citizens from within could defend themselves, but as Unten and the others appeared, they were able to use these stones as well.

Stone Effect
HZ Stone Aries
  • The Aries ram appears and becomes a flaring blitz, and charges into the furthest opponent for high level damage.
  • The ram forms a fire shield around its summoner, which negates fire attacks and gives them one-time invincibility.
  • The ram appears for the player to ride on, and they can use it to slam into enemies.  The slams from the ram have high knockback.
HZ Stone Taurus
  • The Taurus bull stomps on the ground, causing boulders to emerge out from nowhere and attack foes.
  • The bull hangs in the player's shadow for ten seconds, acting as a counter when the player is hit, dealing severe damage towards foes.
  • The bull comes around and bounces on the ground, shocking foes temporarily and knocks them over.
HZ Stone Gemini
  • Two twin humans appear and teleport around, grabbing enemies and slamming them into the ground when possible.
  • The same two humans duplicate the player so that they have a copy that can absorb and take damage for them.
  • The same two humans can take opponents and bring them to the player for them to beat up while they hold tightly onto them.
HZ Stone Cancer
  • The Cancer crab forms two giant pinchers that can grab and choke opponents, dealing a lot of damage.  However, it's somewhat easy to avoid.
  • The crab can form a veil of water around its summoner that allows them to outlast damage better for the rest of their stock.
  • The crab can flood the stage with water, slowing opponents and giving its summoner free movement in the water.
HZ Stone Leo
  • The Leo lion forms a giant fiery tornado that spins around on the battlefield, taking in opponents and trapping them in a multi-hit vortex.
  • The lion spins around and around, going around the player in a fury, defending them from attacks temporarily.
  • The lion fuels the player with a high attack level, also boosting defense, both of these boosts being temporary.
HZ Stone Virgo
  • The Virgo maiden comes about and brings forth a quake, forcing opponents that are careless down into the gap, killing them.
  • The maiden forms an orbit of sharp rocks around the player, damaging opponents that hit the orbit.  As the orbit is hit, the rocks disappear.
  • The maiden heals the player using the power of earth, turning the surface partially into health to be absorbed.
HZ Stone Libra
  • The Libra scale appears and tilts the stage severely, hoisting its summoner into the air and keeping them safe as opponents are tilted towards doom.
  • The scale appears and balances its summoner's stats, making them a much more versatile fighter momentarily.
  • The scale appears and balances one's Toxicity with their current health, which can either be a help or hinderance.
HZ Stone Scorpio
  • The Scorpio scorpion appears and swings around a massive tail, horribly poisoning opponents and beginning to sap at their health harshly.
  • The scorpion increases its summoner's Toxicity up to max instantly while not increasing their damage intake.
  • The scorpion appears and drains the toxin damage out of its summoner while keeping their Toxicity level intact, helping recovery.
HZ Stone Sagittarius
  • The Sagittarius centaur appears and takes aim, firing an instant knockout arrow that sends the opponent off the stage regardless of percentage.
  • The centaur travels alongside the player, blocking any attack, even the hyperdrives that the Taurus bull couldn't counter.
  • The centaur builds a bridge to heaven, summoning a heavy light that pushes all opponents down, slowing them and strongly increasing their gravity.
HZ Stone Capricorn
  • The Capricorn goat bashes its feet against the earth, knocking opponents up so that it can smash into them with its great body.
  • The goat bashes its feet against the earth again, but buries foes so that both it and the player can beat on them.
  • The goat jumps up and down, making an armor of stone fall from the ceiling that helps defend the player from attacks.
HZ Stone Aquarius
  • The Aquarius human appears and tosses cups of scalding water around burning foes and making them get tossed far away.
  • The human forms a tornado around the player, reflecting projectiles and sending foes high into the air.
  • The human appears and forms a drift of wind that makes opponents jump high and become really floaty, allowing the player to knock them easily off stage.
HZ Stone Pisces
  • A pair of Pisces fish appear and do powerful flops around, burying opponents that they land on or meteor smashing them.
  • A bunch of fish appear and leap in the air, assaulting opponents and pushing them far away form the player while doing some damage.
  • A cup of water appears, tossed by the pair of fish, for the player to drink, restoring all health in an instant.


There are thirty items within Fatality, and they're all juices held within "Flasks", which contain scientific experiments created by FDX-295 that are in the form of liquids.  They have different effects on the game's playable characters and can also sometimes affect other characters such as assists and bosses.  Like with usual items, Flasks can be turned on and off.

Name Description
1-Up When consumed, the player gains an extra stock or a point in matches, which can provide extreme benefit.
3-Up The same thing as 1-Up, but grants three stocks or points if someone is so far behind it's not even funny.
Ace When the Ace Flask is consumed, the player will do a quick strike at all foes and deal 100%, which splits by 2 for every player that they hit.  (i.e. 33% for 3 foes)
Boomerang When consumed, makes it so that projectiles that miss opponents turn back and land back in the player's hand.  Can damage foes on the way back.
Chance Brings a random effect to the battlefield when picked up, which can either put the players and opponents at an advantage or disadvantage.
Death If the Death Flask hits an opponent, they will suffer instant defeat, but at the cost of placing its user at 300%.
Explosive By being thrown, the contents will shake up and generate a large explosion that hurts many within its blast radius.
Fault-Seeker When consumed, the player can detect the opponents' weak points immediately, aiding them in combat.  The color of the flask disguises it as something else...
Growth By being consumed or tossed at by someone, the affected player will become temporarily larger and have larger hitboxes, but has larger and more powerful attacks.
Heart Heals 100% when consumed, and is therefore a more powerful orange.  However, it does cause the player to become temporarily infatuated.
Ice When the Ice Flask hits the ground, it freezes it solid, which can cause opponents to slip and trip on contact with the ground, allowing for set-ups.
Joker When consumed, the player teleports when an opponent is about to hit them.  Has three uses overall, but can hinder approach.
Kiss When the kiss flask is tossed, its opponent becomes cursed with love, and become dizzy and unable to move properly for a small period of time.
Lava The lava flask creates a pool of lava when thrown, which damages and burns players that make contact with it, even affecting its thrower.
Mercury Mercury doesn't poison the player, at least not in this case, because when consumed, they'll become metallic and heavier and sport more powerful attacks temporarily.
Nightshade Upon being consumed, it'll instantly bring an opponent's damage up by 40%.  Best thrown at foes for best effect.
Orange This simple drink heals a player by 50% when consumed, and has no real side effects.  If thrown at other players, they will be healed instead.
Pole This flask can't be consumed at all - instead, its contents become a giant pole that poisons on contact with other players.  In other words, it is a free sword.
Quicken Upon being consumed, the player's movements will increase by 130%, moves being executed faster and general movement overall.
Rifle When tossed, it'll transform into a gun that the player can use.  The new weapon can be used to gain new distance and hitting options.
Shrink By being consumed or tossed at by someone, the affected player will become temporarily smaller and have smaller hitboxes, but in turn has smaller attacks with lower power.
Toxin Upon being consumed, the player reaches full mutation early, and has the same effect as what happens when players get too far behind.
Urchin When tossed, urchins split from the potion, which latch onto opponents and immediately begin drenching them of health.  The more urchins, the more pain.
Vital When consumed, the player can hit for higher damage sometimes, having a 20% of doing so.  These are referred to as critical hits.
Water The water flask creates a pool of water when thrown, which slows players that fall into it, including the thrower.
X-Ray When broken, everyone becomes X-Ray'd, displaying their weak spots, which gives the player an idea of where critical hits should land.
Yell The yell flask makes the player yell out a loud noise that intimidates all opponents on stage, lowering their offensive power.
Zap When consumed, the player gets a shield of electricity around themselves that can take up to 30% before disappearing.  Opponents making physical contact become paralyzed.
? The ? Flask has a random effect, but its effect isn't determined until it is directly used.  To make things more confusing, the flask color is just flashing rainbow.
... The ... Flask summons Satan from the depths of Zaxinian Hell, whom goes over the stage and turns it into a massacre arena, sharply increasing difficulty and action.


There are forty-eight (sixty thanks to Fatality²) default characters in Fatality, and fifty-seven more being purchasable. The purchasable characters can be bought with in-game tokens after meeting certain conditions.  All characters have their special moves and hyperdrive explained in the following character table.  As of Fatality², a later release of Fatality, guest characters such as Unipon and Stiv & Mordir were added into the game as playable characters, and were purchasable with in-game tokens.  Their inclusion, alongside with others like Lilith, originated from a hack of the game.  Fatality² characters were initially exclusive to only that game, but were eventually added to the main game as default characters, being in the final two rows.

Each character has a total of sixteen costumes, divided into two groups: unprotected and protected.  The former is normal gear and stuff that the character wears, while the latter has the characters wearing anti-toxic gear.  Both groups have four alts that are simply recolors, three that are different clothing designs, and a surprise, usually random design as the last in each group.

A ballot for casting votes for downloadable characters was released half a year after the game's release, on June 10th, 2019.


FSBF Icon UntenFSBF Icon ZeritaFSBF Icon RachelFSBF Icon CrowFSBF Icon LeahFSBF Icon StrafeFSBF Icon BowieFSBF Icon PalmManFSBF Icon SiaFSBF Icon SakeenaFSBF Icon PlatoFSBF Icon MiodaFSBF Icon AlcyoneFSBF Icon SamFSBF Icon VoltFSBF Icon ThornFSBF Icon SlaughterbusFSBF Icon SmileFSBF Icon AmyFSBF Icon TayshaunFSBF Icon CuraFSBF Icon RayFSBF Icon AranFSBF Icon MelissaFSBF Icon Scratch KatFSBF Icon Lub LubFSBF Icon LuckyFSBF Icon FeraFSBF Icon MasqueraFSBF Icon HamaFSBF Icon HeinFSBF Icon UmbraFSBF Icon LianaFSBF Icon TessFSBF Icon AuraFSBF Icon EpicaFSBF Icon AmaiaFSBF Icon Nizzle and ZorpFSBF Icon RapunzelFSBF Icon MaleficentFSBF Icon GoblinFSBF Icon YEFSBF Icon FlipFSBF Icon AliceFSBF Icon Meta-FormFSBF Icon JakeFSBF Icon Kra;gulFSBF Icon Shy Guy Yellow

FSBF Icon QuartzFSBF Icon X-RayFSBF Icon FandroFSBF Icon UniponFSBF Icon Stiv and MordirFSBF Icon Tr'pFSBF Icon PixelFSBF Icon LilithFSBF Icon YonenBooeFSBF Icon SpeedyFSBF Icon WhiteFSBF Icon Terra


FSBF Icon MynisFSBF Icon NetnuFSBF Icon Doomulus GrimeFSBF Icon ReeseFSBF Icon Iron MaskFSBF Icon PAIN-T 2.0FSBF Icon ScarletFSBF Icon ZellenFSBF Icon FuseeFSBF Icon ElizeFSBF Icon Rose ReaperFSBF Icon 3.14FSBF Icon OoberFSBF Icon PeshFSBF Icon HugoFSBF Icon BlankFSBF Icon KrystalFSBF Icon BlazeFSBF Icon ChelseaFSBF Icon DataFSBF Icon FirballFSBF Icon DawgFSBF Icon TwilightFSBF Icon CiriestaFSBF Icon QuetzFSBF Icon WidiFSBF Icon CorshamaFSBF Icon ROBOFSBF Icon AydinFSBF Icon SaronaFSBF Icon DawnFSBF Icon BeckFSBF Icon SketchFSBF Icon SquavFSBF Icon VirusFSBF Icon YukiFSBF Icon King Kube KiloBotFSBF Icon AingeruFSBF Icon ZonasFSBF Icon Kid KibaFSBF Icon FroloFSBF Icon AlyssaFSBF Icon SFSBF Icon RubberFSBF Icon SkeletraxFSBF Icon TigzonFSBF Icon MylanFSBF Icon MarleyFSBF Icon SlanitoFSBF Icon PIKAFSBF Icon ClockwarxFSBF Icon The MistakeFSBF Icon The ThreatFSBF Icon SavantFSBF Icon McQueen MarioFSBF Icon NightwolfFSBF Icon Corrina

DLC Fighters

FSBF Icon VespaFSBF Icon NellFSBF Icon IvanFSBF Icon King AshFSBF Icon SkettFSBF Icon Alena
FSBF Icon LiamenoFSBF Icon FireflyFSBF Icon ValerieFSBF Icon SilverFSBF Icon Leah 2FSBF Icon McBoo
FSBF Icon LuigiFSBF Icon MarioFSBF Icon Donkey KongFSBF Icon LinkFSBF Icon SamusFSBF Icon Captain Falcon
FSBF Icon NessFSBF Icon YoshiFSBF Icon KirbyFSBF Icon FoxFSBF Icon PikachuFSBF Icon Jigglypuff

Criteria Table

All purchasable characters require 20 Tokens before being able to be played as, but characters only appear to be purchasable if certain criteria is met.  While the Fantendoverse DLC must also be obtained through usual gameplay means, the Super Smash Bros. DLC are all playable immediately on purchase. Twelve of the playable characters can only be found via playing Toxic Labyrinth.

Character Unlocking Method
3.14 Complete 50% of Story Mode.
Aingeru Defeat a hundred opponents in Endless Mutated Mass Destruction.
Alena Achieve Skett's normal Data Card.
Alyssa Purchase half the available unlockables.
Ayden Use every Flask provided in the game.
Beck Open the game at dusk.
Blank Use 30 Zodiac Stones.
Blaze Clear all of FDX-96's missions.
Chelsea Purchase the Grand Carrot.
Ciriesta Find and engage her in Toxic Labyrinth.
Clockwarx Clear All-Star mode.
Corrina Find and engage her in Toxic Labyrinth.
Corshama Win ten fights in a row without getting knocked off boundaries once.
Data Play on twenty-four stages at least once.
Dawg Clear Boss Rush at least once.
Dawn Open the game at dawn.
Doomulus Clear Story Mode on Normal difficulty.
Elize Bolt Complete 25% of Story Mode.
Firball Play on all stages at least once.
Firefly Win a part of Story Mode without taking damage.
Frolo Clear Target Seek with forty-eight characters.
Fusee FInd and engage her in Toxic Labyrinth.
Hugo Use 12 Zodiac Stones.
Iron Mask Clear Grand Race within two minutes and ten seconds.
Ivan Play thirty matches with Beorns alone.
Kid Kiba Play three hours into the night.
King Ash Win Chao Karate's expert mode.
King Kube Find and engage him in Toxic Labyrinth.
Krystal Clear all of FDX-97's missions.
Liameno Win Chao Race's expert mode.
Marley Purchase the Cat Cracker.
McBoo Play as "recolored" or "inspired" characters 50 times.
McQueen Mario Find and engage him in Toxic Labyrinth.
Mylan Deal 10000% damage overall.
Mynis Clear 50 matches with Unten or Netnu.
Nell Play the game for a full hour after the Threat is unlocked.
Netnu Clear 20 matches with Unten.
Nightwolf Find and engage him in Toxic Labyrinth.
Oober Complete 75% of Story Mode.
PAIN-T 2.0 Clear Grand Race within a minute and forty seconds.
Pesh Clear all modes at least once regardless of difficulty.
PIKA Collect at least one data card for Mario, Pikachu, and Bowser.
Quetz Find and engage her in Toxic Labyrinth.
Reese Clear Story Mode on Hard difficulty.
ROBO Clear Target Seek with twenty-four characters.
Rose Reaper Find and engage her in Toxic Labyrinth.
RTAverse Leah Have at least 30 matches with Leah in it.
Rubber Mend 1000% total health in the game.
S Win at least ten matches without taking damage.
Sarona Randomly becomes available in the shop.
Savant Play a match as every other, non-DLC or Fatality² character.
Scarlet Find and engage her in Toxic Labyrinth.
Silver Clear Hardcore Challenge on any difficulty.
Skeletrax Find and engage him in Toxic Labyrinth.
Sketch Design at least one stage.
Skett Achieve Alena's normal Data Card.
Slanito Beat Toxic Labyrinth on the highest difficulty.
Squav Find and engage him in Toxic Labyrinth.
The Mistake Beat the Arena.
The Threat Beat the True Arena.
Tigzon Clear 500 stocks via Donnybrook.
Twilight Clear Boss Rush without losing a stock.
Valerie Win 20 Sudden Death matches.
Vespa Work in pairs at least ten times.
Virus Beat 3-Minute or 10-Minute Mutated Mass Destruction.
Widi Design ten different Cyborg Fighters.
Yuki Clear at least one match with all default characters.
Zellen Find and engage her in Toxic Labyrinth.
Zonas Clear Fandraxono's Death Wishes.



Character Description
FSBF Icon Unten
The mascot of Fantendo and often regarded to (rather oddly) as the "Last of the Beorns", although it seems like someone makes a beorn every single month.  A leader not by choice but by obligation, he's gotta do all this stuff that tires the heck outta him and well it seems like every day just becomes more confusing and more frustrating for the poor dude.  It adds up with the big smile on his face.  That's probably fake camera smiling.  Ever heard of people who smile for cameras but they're not really smiling?  Bet you ten dollars that's what Unten does for every screenshot he's ever been in.
FSBF Icon Zerita
What used to be Unten's best friend, Zerita doesn't show emotions often and is a fierce warrior although she seems rather wild and chaotic, although I guess that's to be expected just because of her looks. She's a great character from afar, utilizing bullets and harpoons for attacking, and does decently up close, making her a good mixed attacker. As someone who looks like they're engulfed in blue flames, it's just some weird flashy fur. #omigosh What's always bothered me is that she's Unten's sidekick...something about that doesn't really feel right, for some odd reason.
FSBF Icon Rachel
It's Rachel! ...No not that Rachel, I'm talking about Rachel Harel you idiot. Anyway she's said to be rather normal in a sense as she hasn't been exposed to how odd the Fantendoverse is yet, but you know what? She's an extraordinary ordinary and actually has quite a bit of importance, being a great big friend of Unten and has some pretty strong weapons in the form of her gauntlets and a piece of nice Zeon technology. Have you ever thought of how incredibly detailed and radical she looks for a normal human being? No matter what she does, Exo never ceases to surprise me.
FSBF Icon Crow
Did you know Crow originated in some weird forum games? ...Let's just keep on topic. Bipolar, yet calm and quite confident in her abilities, Crow isn't one to mess with, and has a heck of a fighting style. Her swordsman style of fighting is extremely deadly and her attacks lock on pretty well, and that accurate is complimented, perhaps too much, by being able to split atoms with enough accuracy. Those she doesn't look at 'em. Darn it Crow, that stuff is dangerous! In short, Crow's a pretty darn cool gal and she's kinda smokin' hot. If you ask me, anyway.
FSBF Icon Leah
Ah yes, Leah, the one...crazed doctor. There's a lot you gotta know about her, but because I can only have so many lines of content, the best thing you should know is that she's insane, only caring for like two people and not caring whatsoever about everyone else. Other than that, note her quirkiness, her occasional non-addictive smoking of cigarettes and consumption of alcohol, and her actual access to GOD-LIKE powers (no matter how odd they may be, keep yo kids away). You know, you might be thinking you're probably gonna die on sight, but she's actually calm and collected usually unless provoked.
FSBF Icon Strafe
Whoa guys, behold, one of the few hot males in the Fantendoverse! ...Eh I'm sorry about others, they just don't have Strafe's good looks. Gushing aside, you got an agile and precise man with strong independence. Once a thief, now a cool dude that (sadly) still has a lot of emotional scars from childhood, which he hides via his joke cracks. He even did some fourth wall cracks! Now uhh...see that's all I can really say about Strafe, but can we make a petition to make all male characters in the Fantendoverse look this good? There are none to rival this man's unquestionable beauty.
FSBF Icon Bowie
Yee-haw! It's Bowie, pardner, and he's dat boy from the furthest ranches of da country, and he gonna snap yo neck without a warn! Pardner, he may look silent and cuddly, but look at da boy closer, and y'all notice his long rope and his expert durability skills, and hoo boy howdy, he can pack a flickin' punch! Just be careful that ye don't make him hoppin' mad, or he's gonna kill all da peeps around him that ain't recognized as family, pardner! Yee haw! Say, notice his sheriff star. It be green, the most unoriginal of colors! Why ain't it yellow like a REAL sheriff? Who knows, pardner?
FSBF Icon PalmMan
I know what you're thinking: a robot master? Well actually, no, he's this cool gay robot dude emerging from the 4.5 mine. He's pretty strong too, with Napalm Shots and Explosive Fingers, and is pretty optimistic and at times can be hilarious whether or not intentional. However, even as a dude with a ton of focus, he gets anxious a lot and would have to be calmed down by DragonMan, his boyfriend, although I think right now they're separated. You know, this is the first dude I've written so far that I have to pretty much make a moveset for alone. RIP Victory copies.
FSBF Icon Sia
A gargantuan swordswoman who stands tall above many, and probably the most sassy looking tall person ever.  Her main weapon be the Palm Cutter, which cuts down palm trees...but why?  What does Sia have against palm trees, some of the most gorgeous plants??  For someone her size, I doubt it's a surprise that she's flexible and has quick reflexes, and her attacks are pretty sharp and execute fast.  See, I bet she'd make a better hero than Unten, but I somewhat doubt Unten's gonna let that hit him.  Er...actually, that was Underground stuff.  I have no idea what's happening now.
FSBF Icon Sakeena
A cute and adorable Muslim teen!!  Aw she's so soft and plushy looking!...until you realize that the little soft gal can bend the dip outta metal.  But you know, when you look besides the fact that she can probably bend your car's parts, she's this big fan girl who jumps at the thought of adventure and seems to ship about everyone with everyone, regardless of gender and sexuality and stuff.  I think that's what I gathered from my research.  So...would she ship Black Eyes with Devina?  Volt with the Threat?  I want her opinions on everything. 
FSBF Icon Plato
Pretty rude dude (that rhymes) and one that likes to get straight to the point.  Besides this, he holds the powers of Inversion, and this can also control his personality at points, and can get to the point where it's out of control, leaving him confused after stuff he's done.  Poor Plato.  What is Inversion?  See it's a dark based elemental power that reflects he can draw a circle midair and reflect projectiles and stuff so they stay away from him, or drawing an arrow pointing upward reverses his foe's gravity.  Wouldn't mess with this dude.
FSBF Icon Mioda
Somewhat arrogant and a bit jelly of Unten because of his position as the "savior of Zeon" or whatnot, Mioda is this other cute girl (!!) who is a tribe leader of the Zeon Wilderbeests.  She can crack jokes sometimes but she's rather genuinely serious.  Cute or not, she's strong and has laser crossbows and tomahawks, and I sure as heck bet she has good aim with them.  Did you know she used to be this young boy known as Mondo?  I have no idea how she became much different but I guess I have to catch up on things...where should I start?  No really, where do I start?
FSBF Icon Alcyone
You know, there are a lot of flirty people hanging around in the Fantendoverse, and Alcyone is just somewhat like that, but ain't an exception.  She has a big heart and tends to fall in love pretty easily, so this makes her at least somewhat merciful towards her enemies.  Beyond this, she is quite a daredevil, and do whatever as long as she's paid!...although has made exceptions before.  Mischievous and rarely intimidated, Alcyone may just be one of the more unique cyborgs out there.  I've heard about her being cool and stuff with Elize Bolt...dude, I ship this stuff.
FSBF Icon Sam
He's the servant of the Fan, but Sam...uhh, doesn't have the greatest memory of all time. He is a forgetful FRAUD a lot of the time, and his life force is connected to how his master feels about him, so BIG TROUBLE befalls him if the Fan ain't satisfied. Regardless, he tries to do whatever the Fan tells him to do, even if it means forgetting a lot of the it's like, an independent forgetful dude. Poor dude.  Sam attacks with a light sword, can dash via using portals, and can warp his way back up to the stage.  For someone who's forgetful, he has plenty of moves at his disposal.
FSBF Icon Volt
You know, I'd start off this paragraph on Volt with a Voltdozz joke, but those are pretty dead stale.  Volt's an optimistic Sparkling that can also be stubborn and maybe a bit naive, but knows when to rise to the occasion and doesn't appear to hold back.  He may be small, but don't doubt his powers - they're a real shocker to those who do doubt him!  Maybe he ain't the best in battle, but I bet he goes as fast as lightning.  Pretty...electrifying dude, if I do say so myself.  Kill me...I mean, after all, the more you read of these characters, the more stale electric jokes you'll find!
FSBF Icon Thorn
Thorn is incredibly determined, putting everything she can into accomplishing her goals. This also makes her incredibly stubborn, quick to act instead of finding a passive solution, and occasionally single-minded. She can come off as rather aloof and has a morbid sense of humor, but tends to be very protective of those she's bonded with. She is somewhat shallow in style, using mostly a blade to attack, but she has moves fast and strikes really hard, making her one of the stronger characters.  If you don't know how to deal with Thorn, she'll be a Thron in your side.
FSBF Icon Slaughterbus
I apologize to Mr. Slaughterbus for removing his amazing moveset list and for rebooting the entire table, but I hope that he forgives me.  Anyway, those that the Slaughterbus attacks would likely get schooled...right?  Heh, jokes.  Buses are usually pretty much just transportation systems, but not Mr. Slaughterbus, he's got a HEAVY METAL philosophy to spread and oppressors to obliterate.  He calls himself perfect at everything, and it's true - who wouldn't think that Mr. Slaughterbus isn't perfect??  Mr. Slaughterbus moves at very high speeds, and can chomp through his foes.
FSBF Icon Smile
As intimidating as Smile may appear to someone, he's actually a pretty nice dude that would actually prefer to read a book than engage in social interaction, although will help others when they're in need (although has a tendency to snap if pestered enough).  However he mostly has his good nature and is pretty mature and probably one of the few ghosts you'll ever meet that isn't a stupid prankster.  Say, Smile would make for a really cool contrast with the poison of this game...see, he looks kinda radioactive and there's sludge all over this darn game...
FSBF Icon Amy
A cyborg from the 31st century?...c'mon man, doesn't she look super human?  Er, well, there's a lot about Amy that's pretty darn extraordinary for what she looks like, having psychic powers, extremely high intelligence, incredible combat talent, and immune to any disease of the rainbow.  In other words, it's a calm and friendly looking killer machine...but you know, she acts cool, upbeat, and appears to be happy yet has a lot of inside dilemmas.  I'd call her out for being a mary sue, but I'm sure she has some weaknesses that are easy to exploit.
FSBF Icon Tayshaun
Tayshaun, much unlike Amy, is way more normal, and is just real athletic and great in strength.  Confused and rather weirded out that people tend to look up to him as a hero of such, and a (I-bet-to-be-bad) joker with firm opinions, and is so different from the above character it's not even funny.  Do you suppose that Tayshaun can save the world with a slam dunk?  How about playing the perfect game of soccer?  Either way he's rad and I absolutely love his hairdo, it makes him kinda hot to be honest with y'all. the way, you guys tend to forget Tayshaun a lot...stop doing that,,,
FSBF Icon Cura
An old robot from the '80s era booted to life once more by Unten and company in recent times, and a compassionate and cheerful robot that tends to act pure and sort of like a soft child.  However, that child-like sensitivity doesn't mean that Cura isn't strong, and as a robot I bet that she can hit pretty hard.  Say...did you know that she's living in a house right now with this lady named Chelsea Ranch?  They do pretty well together...y'know, I wonder if they'll become girlfriends eventually...that'd be pretty hot.TM  ...No I mean, extremely hot.TM
FSBF Icon Ray
A Sparkling in a robotic suit, Ray uses only his electrical powers to fuel his suit, so it may seem like he isn't strong, but he has a grappling hook for incredible recovery, arm cannons that can provide both offense and backwards recovery, and can burn opponents with his jetpack fuel.  In other words, Ray is more of a situational type of character.  I don't actually know that much about Ray when it comes to personality and stuff, so excuse me if this description is boring, princess.  You know, Ray's kinda cute.  I want his Sugar Ray in me. (it's so easy, it's so right) (break me)
FSBF Icon Aran
Self-taught engineer with a hot temper and a rude kid (calling him that cuz I'm cool), Aran's a bad boi that never seems to get out of his baby-like temper management problemsTM and I guess he'd play a lot like Samus, with that awesome looking arm cannon that he obtained after having lost his arm by placing saw blades on robots.  Arm cannon has a handy saw blade, energy gun, grappling hook, and stun gun all in one, but otherwise has skilled hand-to-hand combat and a mini sentry plus a smoke grenade.  For someone with temper problems, he's sure prepared for battle.  
FSBF Icon Melissa
Tall lady made out of this odd particular known as Cyrilians, which she also is able to manipulate and use in battle.  Unlike her husband Aran, she's rather calm and collected, yet speaks with the mouth of a sailor and has several breakdowns when talking about things that happened in "the lab".  What lab.  Explain this to me at once.  Anyway, able to use these dust-like particulars, she can form weapons out of them, like guns, and can also form motorbikes.  That's some pretty cool stuff.  Honestly, I have say this one thing about Melissa: she's way too hot.  A fluffy, furry kinda hot.
FSBF Icon Scratch Kat
Scratch Kat
You're probably thinking: this is some generic looking cat.  Well, that's word I like to call simple, and Scratch Kat my man is way more of a different story than any cat you've ever met.  A warper of reality, and one with rather hyper-exaggerated emotions, acting way over-the-top hyper and excited, and...would you just call that a happy and awesome sounding lunatic?  Scratch Kat in battle I'd imagine to be some top fighter, able to use the warping of space and dimensions to his advantage and able to absolutely infuriate any player who doesn't know how to fight the best cartoon cat, especially when he has so many AU versions of himself that he can use...
FSBF Icon Lub Lub
Lub Lub
The most radical and cool and hip and stylish and fashionable and funky and splendiferous cat on the block, Lub Lub is the rad dude who pushes good vibes in every direction. He can be chill and collected, but I bet he'd be a heck of a fighter on the battlefield, with those big and strong looking arms. He can be a smidge mysterious (or so the article says) but eh whatever information he collects doesn't exactly tend to be used.  Lub Lub is extremely powerful on the battlefield, moves swift and fast, and is very easy to play as no matter if you're playing casual or not.
FSBF Icon Lucky
It's always gotta be Lucky's unlucky day, doesn't it, with his power of shadows making him vulnerable to even the weakest of foes and the fact that nothing good - well almost nothing - seems to happen to him doesn't help either. Things like that leave him pessimistic and often quiet, and just seems to have absurdly low self-esteem. Can't really blame him, but the dude lit up at some point after his debut game Lucky Charm, but he still doesn't seem to have much faith in himself. I'm so sorry, Lucky!  Maybe in another game, you won't be mistreated.  We need an AU Lucky where he's God.
FSBF Icon Fera
Random sentence of the day: If you try and search up the cooperative and strong Fera, you might see "Feraligatr" in the results instead!  However, she ain't even close to a water type, she's actually closer to your average fighter, but is intelligent in the waves of battle and fights well enough with simply a spear and shield.  Yes, I said it, spear and shield, not sword and shield.  Are you ever just tired of how many swordsfighters there are out in the world?...are you happy that Fera uses something different?...well if not, I'm glad you don't care, 'cause I don't either.
FSBF Icon Masquera
A female golem with a special and also super cool looking design, able to draw in and absorb souls to alter her abilities.  However, as much as I like to admit that she looks kind of hot, she acts a bit like a child and I'm sure she ain't interested in dating regardless of age.  Oh well.  So, what does she offer other than altering her abilities?...what do I mean by that?  Simple.  She can use a katana-like blade and transform into different forms via wearing different kinds of masks.  She is one of the game's lighter characters, and definitely one of the trickiest to use.
FSBF Icon Hama
Princess of the Dragon Kingdom (and looking not much like one actually), this fairly egotistic and rather hilarious mercenary going by the name of Hama has awesome fiery weapons, like the Flaming Spear and Boomerang, which she can use as ranged moves in combat.  I guess it's pretty clear that she can use fire powers...she can blitz around the stage and use these moves to her advantage, being able to attack both from up close and far away.  Her fire moves can be overwhleming and trap opponents in vortexes of fire, so you're pretty much damned if Hama takes over you.
FSBF Icon Hein
Hein is what we call a different child from the rest, having been different from his sports-playing schoolmates and a loner, but that didn't stop him from being an explorer and taking on the Dark Woods, becoming the Grim Kid in the process.  He may look simple, but has several weapons and abilities at use: a whip for distance fighting as well as the Skeleton Scythe, his primary weapon, which hits hard and can upgrade into the Blood/Ghoul/Needle scythes when the down special is used.  If fighting Hein yourself, prepare for a rough match.
FSBF Icon Umbra
Mr. Umbra Shader is no one to mess with when he fights for his friends, being a fierce and strong-willed person who will take his friends no matter what it all boils down to.  He can be a bit ignorant, but when the Grim Re- err Umbra swings that dark scythe around, you won't even remember that he's ignorant and you don't have many seconds to react.  In battle, that appears to be his primary weapon, therefore making him much like a swordsman, but he has the ability to play Hell-like mindgames, his Scythe of Shadows having darkness effects that act as extra range for the weapon.
FSBF Icon Liana
Liana here just can't seem to make up her mind, she was once a leader of a BIKE GANG ow but then wanted to settle down...but eventually ended up working on one of the largest companies in the world before resigning there too.  But one thing's for certain; a stubborn rogue, but also cheery and brash, and a quick learner and smart leader.  While her movepool doesn't appear to be very wide, it's diverse and filled with different options which give her different edges over battle: rope tying to trip opponents for easy combos, slam a bike into foes, and learn physical attacks quickly from foes.  She can adapt to all weapons in the game.
FSBF Icon Tess
She came from...Mars??  What??  Anyway, Tess can't logically appear in this game 'cause she's DEAD, but you know how video games just revive characters for crossovers and stuff?  WE DID JUST THAT. #dealwithit  Tess has multiple personalities that all have unique characteristics and traits that differ themselves from the original Tess, and can make her look as if she had a...split personality. (the joke is me!)  Tess' weapons are rather basic, such as a laser gun and a scythe, but she's good to be picked up by beginner players.  
FSBF Icon Aura
JUST like with Tess, Aura is a female human being that's able to turn her appearance and abilities around using personality.  However, they tend to give her much more varied abilities, being able to send out shockwaves as Red Aura, use a flute to hypnotize enemies as Cyan Aura, or create extra platforms as recovery as Purple Aura.  Not a lot of her seems to be known, so she looks kind of mysterious...but maybe that's just because she lacks a personality section.  Aura can prove to be difficult to control, so one needs to steer her well in order to use her properly.
FSBF Icon Epica
A lionhearted girl that can sometimes be foolish, and a lady full of worries that just jumps straight into overall, a girl of mixed emotions and feelings?  She looks like a generic hero or even just a generic human, so with that being said...Epica doesn't have any real special abilities, but has skill in boxing and karate, but isn't really all that fast.  In fact, she's a bit slower than most of the human race, but what she has in odd physical power...should remind of you of Ness, who is a strong child.    She can be kind of tricky to use, so be careful.
FSBF Icon Amaia
The last human wielder of the spirit essence acknowledged as Magia, Amaia is a headstrong character who has the potential to KNOCK OUT A CHARACTER IN ONE BLOW.  However, this isn't without her flaws and can be a bit reckless, thus she must play as a defensive character so she can be able to land her strongest attacks right, which is already hard considering her defensive talents are actually really poor.  Otherwise, she is a fairly average physical fighter who does some lame fighting damage.  If one isn't prepared for Amaia though...she can be as random as Waluigi.
FSBF Icon Nizzle and Zorp
Nizzle and Zorp
A very strange duo of sorts consisting of Nizzle on the bottom and Zorp at the top.  In seriousness, Nizzle's this ultra depressed dude with a bunch of negativity within him, and has trouble controlling it, and Zorp is this mindless buffoon that doesn't make much sense.  They have strange abilities, such as being able to use poison, electricity, and lunar magic to their advantage, and can be a threatening foe from afar.  Nizzle and Zorp seem to have something special to them...I mean, why else is Zorp atop Nizzle?  Do they...really have something special??
FSBF Icon Rapunzel
Having been trapped in a tower under the sentence of a lifetime by the witch who placed her there, Rapunzel seeks revenge against this person (her stepmother) and wishes for her to die at her own hands, no one else's.  This results in her just doing things for her own benefit so...she's pretty brash.  She is a rather simple fighter, using her dagger as a primary means of offense, and can use said dagger to reflect light to stun enemies, which gives her different styles to play: offensive or defensive.  She can also use magic seeds from good pal Jack to form mutant venus flytraps and stuff.
FSBF Icon Maleficent
Having earned a multitude of names (I bet bad ones and bad puns) over her years of terrorizing the lands whilst seeking out something important, Maleficent is a strong sorceress who uses black magic to assault and kill off foes. She's kind of a jerk and doesn't put her cruelty aside, and is way manipulative and can destroy enemies easily as she always uses that to her advantage. She collects tons of magical objects and books, to which she unsurprisingly can use on the battlefield, having a multitude of unpredictable attacks to use at hand. Players beware, they're in for a scare!
FSBF Icon Goblin
Hey look, it's Gobli- wait that's not his name.  What is his name?  The world may never know.  But...Goblin's this cute dude who can switch between three classes: swordsfighter, defender, and magician, and can use elements from other classes including bomber and archer.  In other words, Goblin has a mixed game, and can really fool around with opponents that don't know how to take on such strategies.  That sword kinda looks like a Buster Sword.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Boy you're dead wrong if you think I was going to make an Illuminati triangle.
A mute (and cute) character who easily grasps most concepts and is friendly and deeply caring for friends.  Kind of reminds me of Mario, in senses.  Feral and scavenger, YE attacks mostly physically, but can also use his trademark needle for both long range attacks and huge power, although there is a bit of difficulty and slowness in executing the moves.  He can also spin around with his tail to trip and lower the defenses of foes.  Honestly, it's always bothered me that YE is named "YE".  What does YE stand for?  Do YE agree with me?
FSBF Icon Flip
A regular frog with a backwards cap, and has basic attributes, like jumping mega high and can glide short distances using his webbed feet, kinda like a flying squirrel?...he can also swing enemies into oblivion with a cracked baseball bat.  What a total bat sass.  Flip is pretty pumped, always ready for adventure with his pal Cobby, and is frankly unstoppable.  Kind of an admirable choice for a character of that style, really.  As a duo character, they can inflect a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and Cobby can take opponents in to Flip (as if he were a rope) for the latter to beat up on.
FSBF Icon Alice
Descendant of a God who was granted magical powers based on the concept of spring, Alice is a confident and dutiful girl who can sometimes get impatient but that's okay since she's pretty hot.  Erm.  Anyway, she harnesses the powers of spring, able to utilize wind to push opponents around and strike with magic.  She can burst into the skies with an incredible recovery that's supposed to resemble a blossom blooming.  Alice is fast, has strong special attacks, and is just a lovely character overall.  If you were around for 2015, you'd see some things I have in common with the creator.
FSBF Icon Meta-Form
Like some other characters on the roster, Meta-Form dude here can change forms or transform, but key difference here is that his whole body can morph! He can become a plane, a tank, a lion, or even a toilet paper roll (although that's not in his moves), that's how flexible his abilities happen to be. Meta-Form has multiple attacks and is surprisingly durable for a machine, having auto-repair that very slowly heals him during the course of battle. He is also bulletproof. His weakness suffers from the core on his belly, which can make damaging him pretty easy.
FSBF Icon Jake
I wonder how many of you remember this guy.  One of a group of AI's living inside a computer program, Jake has total access to telekinetic and hacking powers, able to form platforms out of programs, but can also use electricity to shock and eliminate foes.  Thanks to his total hacking "skillz" he has some of the best dodge skills in the game, but like with how one can easily delete a program, it's not hard to knock Jake out of the arena if one can actually hit him.  By the way, he told me to send you guys a message: "you all suck lol"
FSBF Icon Kra;gul
What kind of character has a stupid name with a semicolon? Kra;Gul, apparently. Otherwise, Kra;Gul is a radical soldier with a strong playstyle, perfectly fit for the atmosphere of Fatality, hitting fast and having good damage output in various moves, and has range in the form of pyrokinesis attacks. Unlike various other characters, Kra;Gul is capable of supporting his allies well in team mode, able to raise their stats to make them better fighters, and in turn they help his poor defenses. To use Kra;Gul well, one needs to find good opportunities to strike and keep him safe.
FSBF Icon Shy Guy Yellow
Shy Guy Yellow
Shy Guy Yellow is just plain awesome. What looks like a yellow shy guy is surprisingly varied in abilities, and is built for W A R S and also houses of bikini girls. Shy Guy Yellow has short-ranged, but strong physical attacks with a trip effect, and can toss bikinis to blind or confuse foes, and can blow up two balloons that look like breasts to recover. He can also set up a small house of bikini girls as a wall, and can morph his most famous quotes on Fantendo into strings of attacks that have great horizontal range. When in doubt, play Shy Guy Yellow. He'll take off your temper.
Extra Defaults (originally Fatality² exclusives)
FSBF Icon Quartz
An alien originally known as Six, Quartz is a super strong being with abilities to fly, utilize heated claws to attack enemies with ease, and can generate explosions that harm inhabitants on the earth.  Once one of the Threat's Top 10, Quartz definitely means business, having that wide arsenal of attacks that can deal tons of damage to opponents.  Even though she ain't part of that top ten anymore, she really is still a good fighter. She is weirdly into heat and is awed by it.  What if she touched heat?  Maybe she'd learn fire isn't a, I digress.
FSBF Icon X-Ray
Despite looking a bit intimidating, X-Ray is a genuinely caring person that tends to love all living things, only held back by Leah's weird morals.  Silent, but deadly, she can paralyze opponents in place with X-Ray scans and can poison opponents to do multiple damage over time.  She has access to similar weapons as Leah, but also has entirely different tools in her arsenal, which prevents her from being a clone of Leah.  We'll leave that to RTAverse Leah, shall we?  Honestly I wonder if she can pull up that little curl of hair - that must be blocking 50% of her vision.
FSBF Icon Fandro
Angry and sadistic person, Fandro is perhaps the cruelest and most likely to talk behind someone's back, not holding back in any forms of negativity, always ready to unleash it.  What a sad, strange little man.  He can reflect elemental attacks and has great magic talent, but otherwise has abmystal speed and defenses which make him easy to defeat.  His attacks though do quite the number on opponents and they certainly can help make up for his weaknesses, although not by much.  He has a stupid brother, entitled Bob, who is also the greatest person ever.
FSBF Icon Unipon
An old androgynous spirit inhabiting an absolutely ADORABLE body, Unipon is the cute protagonist of his rather self entitled UNiPON game, utilizing his powers from that game to attack in this one, including the ability to use fire, thunder, or even plague powers.  When he's not utilizing those amazing powers from his horn, he can slam it right into enemies to do good damage and knockback.  While he can be real strong, he is actually one of the lightest characters in the game and has a really powerful jump, in fact, one of the highest in the game.  Good luck jiggling the Unipon, you'll need it.
FSBF Icon Stiv and Mordir
Stiv and Mordir
Stiv and Mordir are quite an interesting pair, with Stiv being a cute friend who attempts to the best in those he encounters, although can be easily manipulated.  Mordir, on the other hand, is more reserved and thinks more often, but if that temper of his lets loose, hoo boy!  The two often battle utilizing combo attacks, with Stiv being surprisingly more of a heavy hitter while Mordir attacks quick and fast, and acts as his grab function.  Honestly as two almost entirely different people, it's amazing how Stiv and Mordir even manage to get along.  Or at least...I think they do.
FSBF Icon Tr'p
Interdimension traveler known for various cases of mischief, Tr'p can move through portals to various dimensions, but lacks the usual abilities of a catalyst such as time traveling and creating timelines.  He can manipulate dark energy to hurt opponents, by sinking it into them or firing it off as dangerous spheres.  He looks too rad to actually use'd think that a shed of light would hit him to use stylish moves.  But nah, he's got these shadow traits.  How many Trips are there in the universe right now, actually?  This is the only Trip in the game but...
FSBF Icon Pixel
An antagonistic character that is a materialized computer program in the form of a human being, she hates literally all humans because of what they did to Glitch and the fact that they seemingly always betray her.  How savage.  Pixel's a fast mover, since after all things involving technology usually move pretty fast, and she can both use a "cursor" as a short melee weapon with a sweetspot at the tip or open up a menu to do various things, such as copying items or pasting them, or "deleting" enemy attack frames temporarily, which prevents them from landing sweetspot attacks and stuff.
FSBF Icon Lilith
A young girl that was one of a few chosen to save the world.  Now, I could argue that this has totally been done before (Ness yo) but ehh she's kinda adorable and innocent so I'll give her a passing mark.  Yet again, she's pretty determined and can be timid...that's fairly generic, but she mostly comes off as a healer and can heal herself or allies and recover that health to herself in a short amount of time, and can shoot magic projectiles and use more jumps than most other characters.  Adorable or not, Lilith can be really threatening in team battles...
FSBF Icon YonenBooe
A clever and kind Booe (...bear species?), YonenBooe seems to be your typical hero, but comes with a great amount of sarcastic comments and enjoys cooking and playing violin.  You may be thinking that with those short and puny looking arms and those short legs, he might not be a good fighter, but YonenBooe is actually fairly unpredictable, able to use fire magic and can move opponents from a distance away, and can toss enemies from his origin game "Apples" to surprise foes.  When will we ever see YonenBooe again?  Nobody knows...
FSBF Icon Speedy
Courageous and good natured, Speedy is a rather cautious and alert character that enjoys a good challenge, although won't harm others unless absolutely necessary...too bad he's now in a game that has fighting, even a bit of gore, everywhere he could possibly look.  In battle, Speedy (rather obviously) is really fast, able to bump into foes for damage and to send them flying, and has high capability to combo and take opponents from zero percent to death.  In addition to these abilities, Speedy can get help from other characters from his franchise to attack foes.
FSBF Icon White
Somewhat of a kleptomaniac leader of the Dark Matter Resistance and a well-acknowledged hero throughout the hyperspace known as Zolara, White is a fire/mirror elemental poopoopo- excuse me, Popopo wielding the explosive firing Boom Stick and the Matterbane, both of which he can use in combination with the "Crystal Artifacts" to make for a very dangerous, very challenging fighting style.  Y'all picked on recolors a bunch back in the day, but White's style is one heck of a style to underestimate, because he actually has a wide variety of weapons he can use on you.
FSBF Icon Terra
Hailing from Pop Star, Star Warrior Terra is a very serious, on-point character that will go through any circumstances in order to accomplish his goals, slashing at foes with his mastered Rainbow Sword and utilizing three strong elements (fire, ice, electricity) at will.  Trained by Meta Knight, there is much to fear in Terra's fighting style, having numerous strategies that will take a while to completely master under the hands of a player, having different effects and statistics when under elements.  While this honorable fighter is very strong, Terra at times may be controlled by emotion...which can be good or bad.  God, there is so much to say about Terra that if I fit everything I was going to say here, it would take half the page.


Character Description
FSBF Icon Mynis
Oh gosh darn man it's Un- err, Mynis!  See, to get Mynis right in your head, imagine Unten, but considerably dumber, but like in a good and humorous way.  This is how you writes your counterparts, kids!  Despite being almost entirely incompetent on the brinks of war, he calls himself a hero...and...PFF.  You can really tell his hero-egoism by how many things there are on his body, he wants to look like he's the ultimate hero but if you look at him much closely you realize that he's just kind of an idiot, but a lovable one.  Look at his fabulous Super Reversal Scarf!  His amazing Electro Buster Bolt!
FSBF Icon Netnu
He is so desperate to be the opposite of Unten that his name is practically the backwards version of it.  Brilliance!  Original the name, do not steal!  Well actually he's a different person now but you gotta credit the days of Fantendo old for such wondrous naming styles.  Also, if you wanna be the opposite of the blue hero, turn to a RED and BLOODY color!  It works every time.  Now anyway I'd say some serious things about this dude other than the fact that he has some limited fire attacks but I got nothing...except that he's cooler than Unten.  Actually hotter than Unten, 'cause he's totally on fire.
FSBF Icon Doomulus Grime
Doomulus Grime
One of Unten's great known foes, this odd creature has a reputation for misdeeds, like destroying Zeon and killing Chief Dongorio.  As people are clearly idiots, we have no idea where this top notch dude is nowadays.  But anyway, see that arm cannon?  It works like a lot of other arm cannons.  He can also do a wide ranged snap with his jaws, swing that fancy tail around for damage...he's pretty strong and physical, although that durability of his just flat-out sucks.  Things many people don't know: Doomulus Grime probably has his arm cannon as part of his skeleton.
FSBF Icon Reese
However you choose to view Reese, he can definitely mess you up, able to pull weapons out of nowhere and use very minor time travel talents in order to suit battle to his advantage.  He can additionally toss a piano around as a heavy, unexpected projectile, and together with his other skills, he makes for a brilliant opponent who's really good at using zoning strategies.  Reese is a pretty naive dude but you can't persuade him well, but he does sure to do anything for 'bad girls', like...Leah.  Leah, yo.  I wonder how far this expands to?...maybe the Zaxinian Lifts' Mallory, too?
FSBF Icon Iron Mask
Iron Mask
I'm really sorry Strafe but I personally thought Iron Mask was hotter the entire time!  Anyway, this leader of the Wasteland Warriors with a mysterious mask who is quiet and asks too many questions uses the Root of Yggdrasil (how do you even pronounce that) to attack his foes.  That's a blade that's merged with a gun, so he can both attack up close and from afar with really no problem.  Just look at that nice, nice hair.  Isn't it cute enough to place your hands in and ruffle up?  ...You don't think so?  Maybe it's just me then... :(
FSBF Icon PAIN-T 2.0
PAIN-T 2.0
Known as PAIN-T 2.0, this hot-but-likely-cold robot uses paint to attack, and generate weapons out of a canvas in order to mess with foes, able to blind them, drain them of attack power, or toss 'poisonous' globs of paint that really sting on contact.  Considering all that hot armor on her, she isn't fast, so she has to be managed carefully in fights.  I'm going to personally fight her for Iron Mask.  Iron Mask is my husbando, and my husbando only.  I'm sorry but this is how it's going to go, PAIN-T. *gets ripped*  Get in my house, fight me in real life.
FSBF Icon Scarlet
Another member of the Wasteland Warriors, Scarlet is a demon that originally had a career about modelling before it literally up in smoke.  Rip.  Fire is a rather generic talent, but that's what Scarlet uses, capable of projecting it from any part of her body...even her belly button.  She lacks focus however, but is capable of hitting multiple targets at once, which makes her very effective in team battles, and even better if it's three against her as she doesn't necessarily have to focus on one.  Scarlet doesn't look that scarlet to me...she looks more red.  Maybe kinda crimson.
FSBF Icon Zellen
A "Herald" without a real align, Zellen is an ADORABLE lady with the ability to create portals to other universes and "write" alternative ones, and is quite the show off.  You know what I would want her to show off, right?  She tends to be calm in all situations, even tense ones, and uses others to reach her goals.  Zellen uses the Angel Blades in combat, which will morph to match the opposing opponent's weapon, although it hits really hard.  Zellen must heal herself, as even when she loses stocks, she'll return with the same percentage she had when she was KO'd...poor Zellen.  Such strong powers, such challenging remedy management.
FSBF Icon Fusee
A "Time Princess" and one of implied several, Fusee is a quirky young woman who plays around with time although she's supposed to mend it.  She kinda looks like she came fresh out of school...hmm, that's some unusual princess wear.  In battle, Fusee can manipulate time and either go for fast paced attacks or slow paced, easier to land ones.  She can't alter a foe's movement speed unless she utilizes her hyperdrive, which allows her to control time to whatever extent she pleases.  If you choose her to fight with, be prepared to light that Fusee and be ready to go, as you need to be fast to manage her low guard.
FSBF Icon Elize
Elize Bolt is an incredible robot, capable of learning any attack and using it to her own advantage, and can completely replace her moveset with her opponents' moves, able to mix it up well if there are several foes at once.  She can also alter her attacks to have elements such as fire, electricity, or even ice, but it's all over if Elize is kicked harsh in the head or chest, which makes her lose all that extra data.  She can also copy personality traits, but without 'em, she's rather an anxious and scared being, and is really deep down nervous and stuff.  Poor Elize.
FSBF Icon Rose Reaper
Rose Reaper
Rose Reaper looks nothing like a reaper, does she?  Being the product of White Goddess and Lock (instead of two adoptive parents that were killed whom she assumed to be her real parents some time ago), she was an assassin an- and stuff I guess.  Rose Reaper is very agile and has some of the best climbing and running speed in the game, and has very fast slashes with her three scythes, all of which she can switch between.  While her defense is poor, she makes up for it by being able to auto-heal slightly for a few seconds upon each hit she deals.
FSBF Icon 3.14
By God, remember when I said Kra;gul had a stupid semi-colon in his name?  3.14 is literally a mathematical term.  Do you end up pronouncing it like "three point one four"??  3.14 is a brave yet clumsy peacekeeper of sorts, and can phase through technology and through the air, and can charge up mathematical formulas that have more power and range the longer they're charged.  He's very light though, so this high range comes at the extent of getting knocked off stage super easily.  Some of his stuff has high end lag too, so one needs to time his attacks properly.
FSBF Icon Oober
"I killed this Athena person because she's so BORING, am I right?  Anyway, I make people suffer the stuff I do, I can mentally scar them and also almost outright kill 'em just so they feel the bitter pain I've been through.  Just look at my jacket, with the eyes for buttons and stuff!  Ain't it cute?  Honestly, I may not seem much, but I can transform into big and ugly things that can make you puke your head out, and I can scrape against your mind to confuse your controls or make you actually want to go and self-destruct.  Choose me!  I'm the best!"
FSBF Icon Pesh
Ah yes, Pesh.  His backstory reminds me of mine...well in the past few years I have been obsessed with medieval stuff.  Clever and life-risking for friends, Pesh is no peshover, having gone through various feats in order to become the man he is now, he can utilize a sword to slash at opponents or command his Pushy to align provided Hazzies in a line to either damage opponents or make Niceys latch onto and harm the opponent.  You know, maybe you've seen Pesh under a different design.  Why am I using this supposedly darker and "edgier" design?  I like it better, that's why, Frank!
FSBF Icon Hugo
Frequently working for the 42- I mean 410 squad, Hugo was this once-average person until he joined F.A.N.T.  Hugo has access to telekinetic powers, able to move things with his mind or cause Psionic Explosions.  Otherwise he doesn't have much skill in other fields, which would make him seem like a poor fighter.  However, Hugo has the contrast of being able to shove fighters into the ground, into others, and grab multiple foes at one time, although he has to manage a psychokinetic meter to prevent his powers from derping out when needed.
FSBF Icon Blank
Another ally for F.A.R.T- I meant F.A.N.T, Blank joined The Operatives to put her power to use after running from the past.  I wonder what kinds of bad stuff she did as a kid...anyway, she can camouflage with the surroundings, although isn't really invisible, so she can still be detected with lasers and stuff, but it takes the most perfect of eyes to find her.  She can find multiple ways to hide, which makes her rather effective with a defensive game, and can use a belt for very strong and long-ranged attacks, a rather rare combination.
FSBF Icon Krystal
Lady with telekinesis and a rather normal pistol at hand, Krystal is this tentacle-obsessed lady that I could totally kinkshame but I'm not because I'm too cool to do such.  Apparently a goddess of sorts (how even?), she'll vent out anger with her powerful moves, and can attack like Hugo Logia in ways, able to move opponents around and use psionic explosions.  Beyond this, she can also draw really well and is apparently good at flirting.  ...That's a lot for one lady to be able to do on her own...but you know what?  We've had stranger characters in the Fantendoverse.
FSBF Icon Blaze
Did you know that Blaze was once a circle with turd-shaped and colored hair??  Capable of moving and attacking like a ninja and being able to avoid tripping over her stupidly long hair, Blaze is a master of espionage and can use that to her effect.  Although I don't see how this works well considering her hair seems like it can get in the way.  But hey!  That hair has a lot of good uses.  Suppose she can wrap it around herself like a blanket?  Hide things in her hair that would normally be unseen?  As Blaze, one should expect to grab her opponents using her hair and blaze around the stage.
FSBF Icon Chelsea
Cura's mechanic and one who harbors feelings for the pure robot, she's a young feller from Bluecarrot Farm.  I would have said Texas to be funny, but Texas is dumb.  Chelsea can use her Giant Wrench in battle and switch between modes to either do more damage, do faster executions of those attacks, or heal herself.  She can also toss crates of onions or use a jetpack to move upwards to avoid enemy attacks.  What I really want to see nowadays is for her and Cura to truly get together.  I mean, not only would it be cute, but it'd also be pretty hot.
FSBF Icon Data
Harder, better, faster, and stronger, and equipped with several upgrades that make him significantly more capable of taking on fights, Data is outward, quiet and calculating, and is sorta intimidating as well.  His cannon has multiple purposes, able to turn into a blade, a staff, and the like at will, and can strategize between these to have a very effective combat style.  For him, work's never over, goes hour after hour.  He kind of reminds me of Mega Man personally...I mean, he's blue, got the arm cannon...and I already made fun of him two years ago...
FSBF Icon Firball
This is probably one of the weirdest things someone can lay their eyes on, but this hunted cute creature of sorts has NEVER BEEN CAUGHT by his fellow creators.  He doesn't care what situation he's in, he always appears to be happy and just runs right into anything like the persistent little bugger he is.  He has super speed and very high jumps, and is very hard to deal with on the battlefield when it comes to inexperienced players.  There's something unsettling about Firball really...have you ever thought about the fact that like half its body is its tail?  Spooky...
FSBF Icon Dawg
Back when I organized full character files into the table, it hardly looked like Dawg had legs.  But anyway, you know how Scratch is wacky and stuff?  Dawg is like the opposite, being cynical, sarcastic, and KINDA MAYBE SORTA bossy.  He has some of the same wacky things Scratch does, like the ability to warp reality (although refuses to acknowledge or use it), but he has a mallet which he can utilize in several cartoonish ways to attack.  Despite all his negative-ish traits, he wishes to make Scratch happy, and it may as well be the only thing that keeps him going.
FSBF Icon Twilight
An old colleague science guy dude that was obsessed with making the perfect robot, although it apparently led straight to his demise.  Idiot.  He's honestly a pretty unknown person for the most part and he seems to be kinda's implied that he didn't always have that cape, for starters.  He can conjure weapons using the gem on that and use it to shock people.  Twilight can teleport around to avoid attacks and those sharp teeth can make for decent biting attacks?  I don't really know.  He can also tinker with machinery to attack his opponents as well.
FSBF Icon Ciriesta
Appearing to both be a avid learner and warrior of sorts, Ciriesta treats literally everyone with respect, although can be somewhat cold as she knows that one day she'll have to see almost everything she loves burn to ashes.  Ciriesta can use the powers of STARS (yes!  in bold!) in battle, burning her opponents with them, and can use the STAR blade in combat.  She can transform this blade into many different weapons though, which helps prevent her from becoming predictable to the opponent.  That hair looks kind of do the stars get in her hair?  Or are they just painted there?
FSBF Icon Quetz
Looks nineteen yet acts like she's ten years younger than that, Quetz is a curious, hyperactive "Harpy" who is heavily attached to her friends and family, fearing losing them.  It's one of her phobias.  Quetz is extremely fast and has several jumps, and has some of the best ways to recover back onto the stage.  While her attacks don't deal much damage, they're extremely quick and easy to execute.  You know, for someone who acts nine, there is quite a bit of her, you can make out her entire legs...but we're not supposed to think that way!  Goodness no!
FSBF Icon Widi
A synthetic organism created to replace Fera as Terran Hero, Widi is like her in the sense of being a great soldier with high level skill, but has the EDGY prospect of wanting to KILL her original.  In fact, she enjoys taking orders on the battlefield and doesn't appear to have real sympathy...she utilizes poison and electricity to attack her enemies, and can manipulate plasma and regenerate herself if necessary on the brinks of war.  She's not a clone of Fera though, or at least not fully -- her attacks are stronger, she has different specials, and has several different neutral moves.
FSBF Icon Corshama
Originally an up and coming musical artist, Corshama died along with her band in a typical car accident.  Luckily, her talent was thought too good to really let go to waste, so she was revived.  Unlike her good friend Hama, she is polite and calm despite her crazy looking appearance.  Corshama is slow and kinda heavy, but uses a lot of projectiles and has great defense, making her ideal for a camping style.  Because of that, she's pretty different from Hama, who is fast and resides on using full offense attacks.
Okay, what exactly is a non-combat oriented robot doing in this game?  How would the ROBO, our good friend, fight?  ROBO, unlike in his debut title, has gears already at disposal, and can use the various abilities from ROBO, like yellow gears to speed around or red gears to blitz and tear through enemies.  When he takes enough damage, grey gears come into effect, which makes him much stronger...and the best janitor ever, and becomes way, way better than he ever was in any ROBO game to date. #ohsnap #damn #sickbnur
FSBF Icon Aydin
Having gone into the body of his brother to cure every disease in his body, Aydin has met several inhabitants inside his bro's body and got to know his brother even better.  See that syringe he's holding?  That's his weapon, and he swings it like a sword.  He can change the properties of the syringe via putting capsules inside, such as a yellow capsule that does multi-hit damage to enemies or place in a purple capsule to stun enemies.  Thanks to these assets, Aydin can be an unpredictable and challenging fight, and can dish some real brain damage.
FSBF Icon Sarona
Very much like Epica, Sarona's pretty lionhearted, but how does one manage all that hair?  Then again it's not old Blaze-level.  While she can be kind, did you know that she can be brutally intimidating towards her foes.  She is very quick and uses light-based attacks, such as Shine Bombs and Luminous Pillars, and has therefore long reach.  You know, Epica and Sarona look so normal, but they're also not, and that's just kinda weird.  Sarona doesn't have great defense or offensive power, and those are her main flaws, so one should be careful when using her.
FSBF Icon Dawn
Fear Fighter, human, feisty and a seeker of brawls with a love for fighting, who would want to actually mess with Dawn Shadows?  Like many fighters, Dawn holds the powers of darkness, but rather than using it as projectiles, she channels it through her body to power up her melee moves.  She can also hide within shadows and plunge areas in darkness although they kinda hurt her.  While she can fire balls of dark magic (not that kind of balls you sicko), she has mostly strong melee attacks.  Shall one fall to her, it'll be the Dawn of their fall.
FSBF Icon Beck
Beck controls the element of Flow, a mysterious form of energy that allows Beck to enhance his abilities.  I beckon that it'll allow him to power up his attacks too, and as such his physical attacks do some damage, although not enough to be noticeable.  To pay this negative off, though, Beck is extremely fast and while difficult to control can immediately dominate a battlefield within seconds.  Beck is rather silent and somewhat unwelcoming at a glance, but he means no harm almost all of the time and will always try to achieve his goals.
FSBF Icon Sketch
There is something sketchy around here...nah it's just Sketch.  This sometimes wild and imaginative young boy has a colorload of attacks using his Soul-Brush, which can be used as either a short-ranged sword or as a projectile shooter, able to use elements such as fire with that weapon.  He can summon spirits too, as oddly behaved as they can be, and get them to do extra work such as forming a grappling hook to get Sketch to higher places.  As happy as he looks, he's pretty insecure and scared inside.  Poor Sketch, with palettes of sadness.
FSBF Icon Squav
The leader of the Squavacados and a bearer of the power of light, Squav's a natural born leader who's really brave.  This kind of reminds me of generic Disney movies.  His attacks are, much like light itself, based upon speed, and he can whip them fast with his tail, strike quick with his Exulbore (because who needs Excalibur), and use the power of light to uniquely dispose of darkness and poison itself.  This nutty creature also has the ability to quickly bite and make his enemies flinch.  Despite these cool traits, he's kind of a slippery fighter.
FSBF Icon Virus
Virus has a lot going for him really, being this "hip" deity with a huge hint of sarcasm, and seemingly thinks the destruction of things as a big joke (although it's disguising his anger).  It doesn't pay to make him mad, as Virus can get out of control.  Goody goody gumdrops!  He can teleport short distances, utilize electricity in a manner similar to Volt, and can hack machines and enter the stage of Fatality in an effort to run away from foes.  Virus alert, delete him immediately before someone gets hurt. (forward this message on to everybody)
FSBF Icon Yuki
Unlike Alice Harumi, Yuki Silverfield controls the season of winter and uses unique chilly and icy attacks.  However, she is cold, bitter, and dead serious, and can be rude regardless of whoever she's talking to.  She doesn't really tend to play nice even in the snow and rarely shows a sweet and caring side, but can actually feel and witness happiness.  She can manipulate ice, create crystals as projectiles, and make weapons and the like out of ice.  Some of her specialties include freezing and putting opponents out of their misery when they're frozen up.
FSBF Icon King Kube KiloBot
King Kube KiloBot
A rude yet cooperative leader of Bad Bots, King Kube KiloBot is actually not really as evil as he is greedy and glutenous, although likes to spread destruction to his foes.  Unlike the usual villain you'd expect, King Kube KiloBot actually cares for his troops and is actually a good sportsman.  If only we had more villains that were actually somewhat sympathetic.  In battle, King Kube KiloBot is extremely powerful and has very strong defenses and can use electricity, although his speed is extremely poor, and he has high falling speed, but remains a very formidable opponent on the battlefield.
FSBF Icon Aingeru
Aingeru is an intelligent strategist that has great aerial combat, able to fly in the sky using his wings (no, he isn't an angel).  His primary weapon is the Buster Chaos Sword, one of a few legendary weapons.  While he's more effective in the air, he's also easier to defeat in the air, so it serves as a conflicting situation when one wants to be in the air or on the ground.  Aingeru also possesses fire and wind elements, and can use them to his advantage.  No, he isn't an angel, you idiot.  Just because someone has wings doesn't mean they're a damn angel.  You got me?
FSBF Icon Zonas
Wow, another character from me.  Woo.  Nice.  Whatever.  Zonas was a runaway thief that used to live in a family of demons and resorted to the streets of a big city, unexpectedly gaining two girlfriends and defeating his rather evil family along the way.  Despite all that, he's kind of like a baby in ways, like he has preferences to how to open a box of cereal and gets scared pathetically easily.  Underestimate or overestimate Zonas, he wields the Freezer gun, which he can use to stun and damage enemies upon contact.  All of his taunts are actually pretty pathetic...they're so full of...depression.  Sadness.
FSBF Icon Kid Kiba
Kid Kiba
Hero of the Ghoul Realm, Kid Kiba is a fearless vampire teen with determination to annihilate and destroy the vampires that made him the way he is now, and has a single fang as he knocked out his other fang to look like a rebel to the other vampires.  Kid Kiba is very fast and can chomp down on opponents insanely quickly, and has a health-draining mechanic that allows him to take health for each individual attack he has, but he has poor defenses.  By the way...I don't think I've told anybody about this, but I really despise his haircut.  Like, that's some shabby hair, bro.
FSBF Icon Frolo
Referred to at times as the Master of Spades, this mechanical Hamstar going by the name of Frolo has access to electricity and can shock foes just on physical contact, and can fire electrical orbs that launch foes clean off stage.  He can also slam against the ground to form shockwaves that launch foes into the air.  Frolo's specialty is speed, but he also has abnormally good power, which makes him an effective fighter, and has okay defenses.  However, some of his executions can be kind of slow and he has fast falling speed, which can hinder recover.  His theme song should really be Hellfire.
FSBF Icon Alyssa
A (unofficial, non-trademarked) detective emerging from Poland, Alyssa Wenn is a curious woman who often crosses ways with others' situations and gets into a bad temper easily if something is hidden from her or if one gets on her nerves.  Being a rather ordinary human, Alyssa doesn't have much to display in battle, and also has weak attacks and subpar defense, but has an enormous strength: the ability to gain knowledge on an enemy's weaknesses with help from Xavier, Gizelle, Skylar, and Casumir, all of which give different hints on one's flaws.  Cheater.
An investigator who has tasked herself to create an army to fight off Kira to prevent a horrid future, S is a surprisingly good hand-to-hand fighter who attacks with fast chops and seemingly normal human attacks that can in truth connect to each other really well, making her one of the better combo-oriented characters.  Despite this fighting potential, she tends to be pretty forgiving and rarely shows hints of anger.  In fact, she always tries to move towards what could make her happy.  ...I wonder which person thought it was a good idea to give her a one-letter name.
FSBF Icon Rubber
While Rubber can rush into things quickly and has a tough time solving situations, he's not dumb or anything.  Despite his rather "monstrous" appearance, he is pretty affectionate and gives out hugs more than most.  He takes pride in his abilities, able to form wings, spiked maces, and more with his stretchable body.  Rubber in battle can stretch out his body and turn parts of him into different weapons and formations that can quickly allow him to overwhelm his foes, but he also is Ganondorf-like slow and has a recovery so bad that it's among the game's worst.
FSBF Icon Skeletrax
A prisoner of the Luxmors Prison, Skeletrax is a light-hearted individual known for being a remarkable swordsman, and previously a remarkable gunsman.  He jokes a lot about the happiness of being dead and not having worry about the living systems that most living objects possess.   Skeletrax is very lightweight, one of the lightest in the game, but has some very strong attacks regardless, being very like Mr. Game & Watch in that retrospect.  Like a few other characters, Skeletrax is completely immune to the toxic effects, but cannot gain power off of it.
FSBF Icon Tigzon
Excellent fighter and one that runs at high speeds, Tigzon has a unique gameplay style, utilizing combo-esque skills to take down and smash apart enemies.  He should sort of remind one of Sonic the Hedgehog thanks to his high speed able to keep him running through loops and corkscrews.  Apart from his super speed, Tigzon can utilize fire to his advantage, and can mash the two together for some impressive attacks.  He can be considered the polar opposite of Nightwolf, being a fast attacker who rushes down his foes in contrast to pure brawn.
FSBF Icon Mylan
Queen of the Skies of Wonder, Mylan Starlight is...uhh...well, we don't actually know that much about her, but she is a good battler, capable of using the stars and light to her advantage.  She can dazzle her foes with the light to paralyze them, and can make stars rain upon the battlefield to bury them in the wrath of the outer dimensions.  ...Ehh, maybe that sounded kinda "edgy", but I guess I can't care less, especially as my OWN characters are in this game.  ...While we're still at this character, what are the Skies of Wonder really?  How could one be a...queen of it?
FSBF Icon Marley
It doesn't really matter that Marley is little known, he is an incredible "cat" that can speak mechanically and has absurd attacks despite his human-like structure.  Marley is more of a generic fighter, but this provides him the incredible advantage of being very easy to learn, and his simplicity and probably high amount of competitive players make him a fairly high tier characters thanks to his skills.  Meow.  While Marley can be considered a joke character (having MLG attacks, Meme Run inspired capabilities), he's far from being bad and is actually pretty damn good.
FSBF Icon Slanito
An evil Toad who prioritizes his goals over all else, Slanito is a sadistic villain with real motivations to be the way he is, and is a master of mind games, and one of the best this game offers. He is strong and speedy, a rare combination, and can easily avoid attacks that are aimlessly thrown around. He relies heavily on his poison mushrooms and self-created powerups, which he can use to poison opponents or keep them away, and takes literally no damage from the poison atmosphere, yet gets stronger by it, making him very dangerous. He can also use non-damaging black magic to mess with foes that are too far away from him.
A fusion between Mario, Bowser, and...Pikachu, PIKA is an undead being created by the Neverworlder.  PIKA suffers from MPD (multiple personality disorder), either behaving like Mario, Bowser or Pikachu, but when under neither's influence, he just has a hollow, empty personality only filled by pure, cruel laughter.  How edgy and yet rather expected.  As one might expect, he has the abilities of Mario, Bowser and Pikachu, being balanced, yet fast and powerful, although suffers in defense despite being robotic and having a nice suit of armor.  PIKA can remind me of Frankenstein in some ways...
FSBF Icon Clockwarx
I could misspell his name but then I wouldn't be very funny.  I'd actually be pretty stupid.  Clockwarx just kind of looks edgy when you look at the art, and I mean I wouldn't be mad at you, but behold his impressive attacks: the ability to annihilate land and chop away platforms on the stages, destroy everything in his path including defenseless fighters and cowards, and the ability to slice people up into sweet, delicious Swiss cheese with that saw-thing and that murderous looking ax.  Actually I don't really like Swiss cheese, but that's besides the point. 
FSBF Icon The Mistake
The Mistake
A clone of The Enemy, the Mistake is, as the name may or may not imply, a mistake that came to be as a result of a failed experiment.  I don't really know much about this abomination but it can glitch out the battlefield and corrupt machines like Cura and also Clockwarx.  These glitches can remedy platforms, create new ones, or completely render some entirely useless.  Thanks to this, the Mistake has several ideas for an effective strategy.  I think it was a Mistake to put the Mistake in this game, I don't know that much about him (as I just said a moment ago).
FSBF Icon The Threat
The Threat
The Threat, also known as Vindozz, is the current ruler of the New Fantendoverse as it stands.  She's pretty cold and manipulative (but also kinda hot but we obviously mean cold in personality), and adapts to her environments easily.  Do you see how she is this strong and almighty person now?  No?  She is a quick thinker, has an army, ten most trusted advisers, and is strong.  Do you see how she can Threaten everyone and everything now?  Like many characters that I know about, she has powers of light and darkness, although it's really up to the player to figure out what to morph those powers into.
FSBF Icon Savant
Savant is the final surviving member of an incredible race known as the Goetians.  Rip.  Rather wanting to be alone in his state of uncaring and apatheticness, he's cold and distant from many following finding the Book of All (what is that even).  Apart from this information, this is the first time Savant has appeared in something in a long while, so let me catch you up on his abilities: he can solely use psychokinesis, which is nothing new, but also has the attributes of being heavy and fast, which isn't a likely combination, but it works here.
FSBF Icon McQueen Mario
McQueen Mario
Champion of a racing championship, McQueen Mario is a competitive racer also going by the alias of "999".  You just might be thinking, how would...a racing car fight in a Fantendo Smash Bros. game?  For starters, as a car, McQueen Mario is one of the heaviest characters in the game, and goes at high speeds, smashing into and knocking others out of the ring.  Like Slanito, he is invulnerable to the poisonous effects of the gameplay, but cannot build off of its power.  It's a shame, because if he could, he could do a lot of fabulous roadkilling.
FSBF Icon Nightwolf
A black "wolf" (more like a hedgehog am I right) who is very distrusting of those he doesn't know, yet is nice to the people that are his friends.  He's actually deceased but he gets to appear in this game simply because "yes".  Nightwolf isn't actually as fast as the character his design is based off of, but has very high power instead and plays as a slower, offensive styled Sonic clone.  Honestly, remember when Nightwolf was relevant to the site?  Me neither.  He can be considered the polar opposite of Tigzon, being a heavy and slow attacker with an emphasis on defense instead of being a rushdown type.
FSBF Icon Corrina
A street fighter part of the Multiverse Fighters Association, Corrina Faircloud is a young woman that's levelheaded and likes to crack jokes, and tries to be an honest person.  There are things about Corrina that I'm not going to really list here as they're actually "not safe for work", but she does have some...rather unusual conditions.  Corrina can generate storm clouds and manipulate them to spawn tornadoes, lightning strikes, and can create small torrents of snow and rain, giving her the unique distinction of being a distance fighter who more relies on her 'magic' than her actual physical combat.


Character Description
FSBF Icon Vespa
Vespa and Adam (the mind contained in her metal backpack) are a strong duo that contain as incredible fighters, and that's...six arms that can punch holes in foes.  The former loves to fight, thinking it a good way to meet people, while the latter wishes to have his life back, but the two are similarly happy.  How cute.  Vespa and Adam attack really fast and pack a wallop of power, although their combined weight makes them kinda heavy.  One should take advantage of their incredible priority; Adam can destroy or reflect projectiles, and in return Vespa can protect him with backwards attacks.
FSBF Icon Nell
Mistress Nell, former girlfriend of the Threat, is a violet and compulsive alien who harms anyone that either harms or otherwise attempts to capture the attention of her 'master', having fallen in love with her badly.  She can utilize light and darkness attacks, and attack from a long distance with her tentacles to grasp onto, strangle, and perhaps poison her foes.  Otherwise, she can lash them or grab onto ledges to recover from a fall.  They can also be used to heal herself by absorbing poisons out from the ground.  Therefore, she is immune to poison damage, but can still power herself up like Slanito.
FSBF Icon Ivan
A talented and flirty Beon who treats all those with utmost respect or liking, Ivan is a rather new person to Earth and often needs to adjust getting around using his human friends.  While his humor and status as an actor may make him seem weak, but he's cold on the battlefield, utilizing icy attacks and being able to actually freeze his opponents up and throw them around.  He can also sing foes to sleep...ehh, maybe he's a little too charming sounding to you...but beware!  Just because he has such "cute" antics doesn't mean he ain't deadly!
FSBF Icon King Ash
King Ash
King of the Magma Sentinels whatever those are, King Ash is a uniquely adventurous and fairly wisecracking person for a king, but tries to act royal via being nice and calm.  He's a really slow and heavy fighter, one of a few in this game, but can hurt foes on contact with his magma body and his Sacred Blade is enormous and has some of the largest range in the entire game.  In addition, he's very difficult to knock around, making him formidable and difficult to dispose of, although suffers recovery and speed problems just like Ganondorf.
FSBF Icon Skett
Because we already have someone named Jake (and he was there first), I'm gonna call Jake Skett just "Skett".  Anyway, this Sceptile is pretty brash, arrogant, and pretty darn anti-social, and is absolutely frightening if one hurts his loved ones.  He's not always cold but...ehh, Skett's pretty cold and I have taken too many lines of space to sympathize for him.  Skett can use powers of darkness and his claws and tail to attack brutally fast.  No, you cannot capture Skett in a Pokéball, I'm pretty sure that'd be illegal in quite a few places.  I imagine if you caught him, his only move would be Sass. (lowers respect)
FSBF Icon Alena
Fairly trained marksman who also attacks via tossing chemicals and building gadgets to take control of the battlefield or foes, Alena Carter is an otherwise average woman with a strong sense of justice and is an agent of F.A.R- F.A.N.T.  Dang, how do I keep screwing that up??  Anyway, regarding the other F.A.N.T. members, Alena is the only one I'd bother hanging around with, as you have Grouch, the Grinch, Shadow the Hedgehog, and a smart-alack. (I mean those characters aren't literally part of F.A.N.T., I'm just making a bunch of poor comparisons)
FSBF Icon Liameno
Devout, yet extremely harmful worshiper of the Fan and the Enemy via sacrificing hundreds in their name (wtf), Liameno is really messed up, raising children just to burn them for the sakes of the two Gods, and is very fierce and intimidating.  Remind me to never let him touch my son (or daughter, whatever).  His Electroshock Arms are his primary weapons, and can use electricity in general for yet more shocking ways to fight.  I've...made too many electricity jokes, I need to stop, especially because Volt, Elize, and likely more have had to suffer.
FSBF Icon Firefly
The Lady of Tomorrow, Firefly is actually a Swedish criminal that has gone under various aliases.  One of them was even Kanye East...darn.  Firefly is a fighter with mixed strategies, capable of mixing offensive, defensive, and supportive playstyles together.  She can also attack up close and from afar, which makes her perfect for a mixed style, yet doesn't have any specific high strengths, so she's kind of like Mario in the sense that she doesn't really have big points to herself, but can manage about any opponent with ease as her attacks are all somewhat balanced.
FSBF Icon Valerie
A flirty young woman with a desire to take over everything with immense wealth and her seemingly endless love, Valerie is one of the top threats in the Zaxinian Lifts, although loves to play a more neutral role and not necessarily take sides in times of war or conflict.  She is a very mixed attacker, having a quick playstyle with various projectiles at hand, such as shurikens, but also has strong physical moves, such as burning kicks and jumps that shred foes on contact.  It is rumored that Valerie will take anyone who beats her straight to the bed (provided they are of age), but what if she were poisoned?...
FSBF Icon Silver
Silver is Valerie's brother, and is a mess of sour emotions and awful tendencies, and is infamous throughout the Lifts for his immense, yet unusually underestimated powers.  If Silver wanted, he could plunge the Lifts into darkness or clone everyone and build an evil empire in contrast to Valerie's.  However, he's not really harmful and just wants everyone to be in harmony, but will do some harm if it means achieving that.  Silver attacks with dark pulses of energy and can use other people as puppets to trick and manipulate his opponents into death.  Edgy.
FSBF Icon Leah 2
RTAverse Leah
A completely different Leah, this is the ESRB "E" version of her, being sweet, caring, and is a lighthearted joker and sometimes messes around although that usually happens when she's a bit stressed.  She's nice!  Cute!  Really friendly!  Has a super creepy grin I don't want in my house!  She is a more lightweight Leah, less based around poisoning opponents and more about doing quick and more clever ways to damage foes.  Otherwise, she is just a lighter clone of Leah, although should be treated like how Toon Link is treated in comparison to Link.
FSBF Icon McBoo
A neutral character that is actually just a red boo wearing a red cap and bowtie to differentiate himself from usual Boos, McBoo returns in this Fantendo Smash Bros. title after an abnormally long absence of appearing in anything.  He is a genuinely smart person that loves to scare people with no motivations behind it, yet is clumsy.  McBoo is a fast fighter that can lick opponents to paralyze them, and can turn transparent to avoid attacks.  His speed is really great, and his skill is incredible for someone at his size.  Mindgames are some of McBoo's specialties.
FSBF Icon Mario
The acclaimed hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, it is no surprise that Mario is the mascot of Nintendo following the fact that his series is super famous.  It's so weird that a plumber is so darn famous though.  I mean, how?  I guess it's just video game magic.  Mario can use punches, kicks, and general physical attacks, and distance opponents with his Fireball and F.L.U.D.D., and flip the whole match around with his Cape.  Do not fear doing what you can with Mario -- Mario has no real upsides, but he has no true downsides either, and he's perfectly balanced.  A good choice!
FSBF Icon Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong
DK.  Donkey Kong.  So he's finally here, preforming for who, and if you don't know the words, he'll truly break you.  Put your hands together if you want to clap before he gives you the gosh darn Handslap.  DK.  Donkey Kong.  He's got the Giant Punch, he'll make it your lunch, and he'll give you a Headbutt, to break down your gut, and he may not go high with the Spinning Kong, but there's many reasons to fear Donkey Kong.  DK.  Donkey Kong.  He has style, he's got some grace, he'll slam his head into your unfortunate face.  DK.  Donkey Kong.
FSBF Icon Link
There are many Links, and they're all Linked in the Legend of Zelda series, usually against Ganon or Ganondorf or something.  But an adult Link, I dunno which one, appears in this game and the Smash franchise.  He's a powerful, yet defense-oriented character, and requires patience to play thanks to SLUGGISH flame data and a huge weakness in speed.  Playing as Link requires being careful, as it's easy to get punished if a player misses even a single move, as he has some high end lag on many of his attacks.  However, if one doesn't miss much with Link, he can easily win matches.
FSBF Icon Samus
Bounty hunter with a strong reputation, Samus is a zoning character with strengths in spacing, with missiles and cannon shots she can use at hand.  Screw Aran, this is the original, and she can actually screw him over with a Screw Attack.  Take that, ripoff! (lol)  Samus is perhaps one of the most unique characters moveset wise, having disjointed attacks with explosive effects, and has various unpredictable ways of fighting.  Samus can also break out of this suit and become Zero Suit Samus, who is lighter, uses paralyzing tools, and is faster and even more effective in battle.
FSBF Icon Yoshi
Yoshi is cute, I agree, but he's also a deadly bomber.  Yoshi can put you in an egg and break your skull and make you cry, and can flatten you and force you into the depths of Hell by just kicking you down there.  He's heavy, but he's also fast and difficult to cannot defeat Yoshi without super powerful means...except attacking from afar, since Yoshi SUCKS with dealing with pressure.  Yoshi is really good with spiking and stuff, but it's so easy to gimp him as his recovery is very, very laughable.  ...I have a question.  Would Yoshi eggs make for good omelets?
FSBF Icon Kirby
Like Yoshi, Kirby is adorable, but he's JUST as deadly, capable of inhaling you and copying your neutral ability, and can flip you out of the arena with surprisingly strong moves like the Hammer Flip and the Stone move, and can rack up damage really quickly even for someone his size.  Kirby has some interesting mindgames, being able to use even his slow attacks to trick opponents into falling for whatever he's about to do next.  Kirby can even spike his opponents and jump five times into the's like fighting the devil.  I wonder if he's named after the vacuum cleaner brand.
FSBF Icon Fox
No items, Fox only, Final Destination.  Sounds familiar?  See people think Fox is just for competitive, but that's not really the case, the competitive guys are just too good for ya, yo.  Fox can attack from a safe distance, yet come at one with some strong attacks.  His browser attack is kind of predictable, but it covers good distance and can really hurt.  He can also summon the LANDLUBB- excuse me, LANDMASTERRRRRRR to bring some real fears to everyone in the match, although it's predictable and it can surprisingly fall through one block gaps.
FSBF Icon Pikachu
Pikachu is cute...wait why are there so many cuddly characters in Smash?  Whatever, Pikachu is fast and can shock opponents, take them down with some powerful Thunder attacks, and tackle them even off stage.  If that weren't enough, he has an extensive recovery, with Skull Bash and Quick Attack allowing him to recovery from almost any angle, although he's really easy to chow down on with heavy attacks.  Don't feel guilty if you kill him...that smile isn't real.  It's passive aggressive, and he knows he's going to win if you don't take the match seriously.
FSBF Icon Luigi
Ah yes, the shadow of Mario.  Luigi doesn't actually play much like him other than having the Fireball and Super Jump Punch, instead having multi-hit attacks and much safer distance options, and can do some really obscene early KOs or some really weird late KOs.  The weirdness of player 2 doesn't stop here, he can activate the Negative Zone.  In other words, how many times have you neglected Luigi and picked Mario?  Do you feel guilt by getting trapped in his vortex of negativity?  HOW DOES IT FEEL TO SUFFER TERRIBLE CONTROLS??
FSBF Icon Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon
Rest in peace Captain Falcon, who hasn't had a new racing game for ages.  Eh, whatever.  Fast and capable of rushing down and breaking apart opponents with the famous Falcon Punch and the Knee, you don't really want to mess with this captain, and you oughta Show Your Moves if you want to really take him out.  If one isn't quick enough to take down Falcon, he's going to slam them out of the field and take them off stage, and pull off a fatal finish.  Everyone take a minute, however, to laugh at his recovery, which is pretty hard to use to get back to the stage with.
FSBF Icon Ness
What appears to be a little kid is actually a psychokinetic hero from the town of Onett, and Ness is...odd.  You have a lightweight that does surprisingly high damage in a short amount of time, and not being able to move from his attacks resorts in very harsh actions from him.  Able to reflect projectiles with his bat and totally punish opponents with any of his special moves, this is one kid you can't pick on for size, especially considering the range of his damn specials.  Of course, if one counters Ness, he will go flying off stage, especially if his own bat was swung back at him.
FSBF Icon Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff is such a dumb character to put in a Smash game, but she's actually not bad.  You got some pretty fantastic moves from Jiggs, although she can't combo well, she is excellent with punishment and can put opponents to sleep or sleep, which has a hitbox that sends opponents off screen.  With great shield damage options and with a bit of unpredictability, Jigglypuff can be difficult to fight, even though she's lighter than my brother (get rekt, my younger sibling).  Ways to dispose of Jigglypuff: gimp her recovery, or break her shield, which makes her fly off stage instantly.


  • FDX Robots: Originally 150 robots that were built by Fandraxono's henchmen to serve him, they have gone rogue at some point out of rebellion led by '83' and have since been reprogrammed (barring 83 thanks to a well-timed escape) and sent to the Toxic Laboratories to study on poisons and how to reinvent them to benefit mankind, but even this didn't end well as the laboratories began getting attacked for their valuable research.  As a result, the line of robots are endangered and now vulnerable to getting infected by poison, especially ones made before FDX-101.
    • FDX-01: An old robot that who has suspicions about the laboratories and has Unten use her as a guide to figure out what's up, but later she appears to go missing and begins acting aggressive towards Unten, and it begins to critically affect her short-lived "friendship" and trust with Unten.
    • FDX-06: An old robot that goes by "Fitness" after deciding that her robot name was fairly stupid.  She is kind and gentle and is like a stereotypical old lady in terms of personality, but can also be dark and scary if one misbehaves at her Burner House.
    • FDX-34: The operator of Plaza Mode, and a friendly party starter that likes to sing and dance for people.  She is in love with literally everyone and everything on sight and can be extremely flirty with those up close, but tends to keep away from people who act aggressive towards her.
    • FDX-77: A robot that has an appearance in the Arena that gives the player good luck and gives them strategies on the fighters.  She tends to be somewhat stern and scorns a lot, and usually wears a scowl on her face.  It's heavily implied that she once used to be the champion of the Arena before her title was stolen.
    • FDX-96: A flirty and self-referred "sexy" robot built in the image of Valerie who hosts the Simple challenges in Challenge Mode.  She gets along extremely well with every other robot and makes sure that she doesn't get on others' nerves, but if she does, she backs away.
    • FDX-97: A dark and 'edgy' robot built after Silver who hosts the Advanced challenges in Challenge Mode.  He doesn't get along with people and usually others use him as a laughing stock, attacking him and thinking its hilarious when he sheds "robotic tears".
    • FDX-295: An advanced robot that created juices that have different effects in battle.  She is not talkative because someone broke her voice chip, and just silently works and builds the liquids.  Thanks to her inability to talk, no one knows her true personality, and no one knows how to fix her.
    • FDX-300: An advanced robot that's part of the more recent generation of FDX robots, she operates the Toxic Laboratories company and kept it until control until something shattered it, and it's pretty unclear what did it.  She's attempting to piece everything back together without telling Unten or really anyone that such a mistake happened, and because of her independence it's spreading over everywhere - and she refuses to admit that something went wrong, which in turn continues to infect more people.
    • FDX-518: The most advanced for its time, FDX-518 is less humanoid than its predecessors and is less personality-based and more focused on commands given from his master.  He tends to have the stereotypical flaw of being unable to understand love and sympathy, but can feel these emotions if at their most extreme.  The goal of his existence was to be the ultimate weapon, built to form claws, cannons, chainsaws, and more, and can move across all sorts of terrain.  While lacking the sympathy of his older models, he is much more dangerous and much more suited for fighting.  FDX-518 serves as an antagonistic character, infected by toxins.
    • FDX-Athens: A bounty hunter character who was programmed to guard the Red Temple from all invaders.  A rather pessimistic robot unaware of their organic components, FDX-Athens is hardly ever seen with the others, but was dragged over to investigate and destroy any rogue FDX copies.  It isn't considered part of the main FDX line, but is rather considered a sister brand, and was actually the inspiration for FDX-518's design.  Its powers are very strong and are considered some of the strongest out of the FDX brand of robots.
  • X: Parasites that were noted for their presence on SR-388, killing most of the planet's organisms and putting the lives of the Chozo in danger.  In panic, they created Metroids to combat them, and they succeeded, although rose to power when Samus killed all the Metroids sans one which she took to a research station.  They were all destroyed however following an experiment, but again, save for a few which were taken to the Toxic Laboratories for research, but the poison from the atmosphere weakened them so much that they could be absorbed by anything for power.  Cloned and recreated various times as power fuel for the labs.


Stages in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality are different than usual, and take place all over the Toxic Laboratories, each stage set in a room of the facility.  There are seven main sectors of the laboratories, with eight stages each (besides the first which has two), and two sectors of the laboratories can be played at the beginning, but the player has to meet certain conditions before unlocking the rest.

Despite all of the stages taking place within the Laboratories, they are artificially set up to have different atmospheres, replicating real environments like those on Earth, like a desert atmosphere or a jungle motif.  Different stages have different effects on the players, and the motherboard of the Toxic Laboratories can add new elements to these stages to spice up gameplay, unless set on Square Off mode, whereas there are no obstacles and there is just a thick platform, which is considered a competitive-like stage akin to Omega stages in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Poison and toxins exist in all stages, often in boxes or being sprayed out from the background's poison pipes.  These poisons aren't executed often, but can sometimes activate.  If they activate, they can begin hitting players to make them lose health, and some of the stronger poisons can mutate them into having a somewhat different appearance and becoming stronger.  In addition, tanks holding the parasite X can be found in the levels as an additional obstacle, but all of these things can be turned off in most modes.

Sector 7 is extra material and features outside-Fantendo content that was oddly included in the Fatality² mod that were made in honor of Athena, the creator of the game, and were surprisingly kept by the creator, who praised all four choices and told the developers to add them to Fatality² as a bonus.

An interview with Athena Hawkins revealed that originally the stages were going to be based off of real locations within the series, but she found what existed "too boring" and set up stage designs and concepts on her own, which eventually led to the creation of the Toxic Laboratories in terms of concepts.  Data within the game has revealed that there was going to be stages based off Zeon, the Western Forest, and Seattle, although this remained unused, even in Fatality².

Name Description
Sector 0
Lobby Literally a flat stage with five platforms organized in an arc.  This is said to be one of two competitive stages, alongside the Bloodbath.
Bloodbath A long, flat stage that serves as this game's version of "Final Destination".  Unlike it though, there is another platform right above it, and if players jump high enough, they will reverse gravity and land on that platform.  It is one of two competitive stages, alongside the Lobby.
Sector 1
Limegreen Plain Limegreen Plain is a basic battlefield that's just a long stage with no holes in the ground, with the objective being to knock opponents off the sides or top of the screen.  However, trees will pop out at times to serve as obstacles, and moles can suddenly dig out of the ground and form a temporary hole that can KO those who fall down it.
Alien Ground An orange-colored crater area with several rooms and chambers underground that can be broken to reveal an underground base.  There are few obstacles, and the ones that exist are hostile aliens that should be defeated quickly before they rack up high damage.  Opponents need to be knocked off the top boundary, as the sides are guarded.
Vine Combat A battlefield taking place on several thin platforms, but also several vines that can be used to get around.  Hunters in the foreground will attempt to shoot at players wandering aimlessly, and can burn down platforms or vines or can do massive damage to players hit by them.  Vine Combat's entire floor is a bottomless pit...
Raging Rapids Fast flowing river that players fight above using a long log.  As the river rages below, sometimes spiked pillars will rise and hit unsuspecting players, breaking the log.  If the log is broken, the players will have to evacuate to the sides or face defeat.  Log pieces to the sides can be picked up and tossed at other foes.
Burning Jungle A blood stained jungle with a burning atmosphere in the background.  As players fight in this arena with fiery rain falling from the skies above, they'll notice that trees lit aflame will fall to the ground, burning and launching opponents in their way.  Sometimes burning vines will burst from the ground, and serve as pathways across the stage.
Choked Tower This tower, choked in vegetation, still stands after years of abandonment.  Players have the best chance of knocking each other off the sides, especially as the tower tilts slightly as the players fight in it.  By hitting the walls, the players can adjust the angle of the tilt, and if tilted enough, it'll fall off, going off stage and killing everyone.
Sub-Labyrinth Sub-Labyrinth takes place underground, with players battling each other in a dark stage with a lot of thick vegetation growing throughout it.  Players have to smash down the plants in order to move around freely, and have to find out where the boundaries are so they can KO their foes.  It's dark, so one can't see well unless they hold lights.
Treetop Madness Treetop Madness features the players fighting in a labyrinth of treetops, able to hide from opponents and hide behind trees, able to come out and sneak on foes that are not careful and aware.  The treetops can collapse when too much weight is on them, so having many fighters on the same platform is a terrible idea.
Sector 2
Barren Badlands Barren Badlands feature almost nothing physical wise, but sandstorms and dust tornadoes heavily plague the area.  The sandstorms can take hits at one's health, and the dust tornadoes can launch opponents off the stage at high enough percentages.  Sandy pillars can rise up from the ground as extra footstools.
Scorched Shrine A tall shrine that has a scorpion-human hybrid watching in the backgrond on a "throne", the players must battle each other on this otherwise normal stage attempting to please the lord.  If the lord is satisfied, flasks will drop from above.  But if it is boring, he will become angry and strike fatal attacks from his position.
Cacti Mountain This tall mountain has several cacti hanging on the walkable path, and if players walk into them, they will take damage and be knocked away.  This stage is just a large hill with the cacti with no other hazards, but the players can cut down the cacti and attack others with it, or toss them around.  Over time, new cacti grow, and can limit room if not cut.
Perilous Pits These are some pretty nasty pits, and the Perilous Pits feature a layout that has several bumps in the stage and can slow movement, but piranhas suited to the pits will leap out and attach to players to sap at their health.  Sometimes the pits will collapse enough to go below the bottom blast line, and players that fall down them will lose a stock/point.
Wastelands The wastelands feature many guinea pigs with guns on their backs that troop around, shooting rockets and other weaponry at the players on the field.  Other than that, it is a huge stage with several things like boulders that the players can hide behind, and they can trigger guinea pigs into attacking their foes.
Pyro Pyramid This fiery pyramid features several rooms that the players can fight in, with several fiery traps like fire pillars and falling boulders everywhere one looks.  The pyramid's inner structure can revolve around its center axis, meaning that sometimes the pyramid's rooms can be entirely upside down.  Players can be tossed out of the ceiling.
Terrible Tomb This tomb only has one blast line: the ceiling.  This is a rather large stage vertically, so the players - and the mummies that rise from under the ground - need to knock each other upward so that stocks are lost and points are gained.  The terrible tomb is somewhat outside, so sandstorms can whittle at one's health.
Midnight Oasis Midnight Oasis is a rather peaceful stage with a lake of water in the center and dusty sidelines.  The water slows down those that walk into it, while the sides slowly erode at the water.  If the water is close to disappearing entirely, sandstorms will begin affecting the area - sandstorms powerful enough to blind players.  Battling quick is key.
Sector 3
Polar Arena Polar Arena is a simple arena that has a slippery medium-sized surface with a sea of cold water surrounding the players.  If someone falls into the water, it'll behave like lava and send them back upwards with damage.  If weight is applied to either side of the platform, it'll tilt and dip the players into the burning substance if they're not careful.
Aquatic Ruins The Aquatic Ruins reside underwater, and because of that the pace of players is slowed.  By hitting the tops of totems, the water level will either lower or rise.  If the water is low enough, players will be able to jump out of the water and move freely, and vice versa if the water is high.  The totems fire harmful areas if hit.
Ski Hills Ski Hills is a downwards progressing stage that has the players on skiis, although they still fight like before, but when they go left, they break, and when they hit right, they accelerate.  Otherwise, it works just like other fights, with the addition of having to jump over traps and boulders, amongst other obstacles.
Chill Tower Chill Tower is a tall level that autoscrolls upwards, with players having to break through ice and avoid freezing devices that can hinder them from going up the level properly.  The only way to knock out other players is by tossing them upwards or tossing them through the windows.  As the tower never ends, always move carefully.
Avalanche Avalanche is a rather short level in length, with multiple platforms that the players can climb on, but some of these platforms break apart when the avalanches from the distance come and attempt to run into the player.  Taking high footing is necessary to avoid damage and getting pushed off.  Smashing someone into the snow is a good idea.
The Hurricane The Hurricane is a large stage with an artificial hurricane tearing through the center, with multiple buildings that the players can climb atop.  As the hurricane breaks through, the buildings begin to collapse, and there is less footing to step on.  However, some buildings that break apart reveal their insides, which the players can climb.
Snowy Ridge Snowy Ridge is a stage with several ridges and edges for the players to climb on, and as the snow batters against the ridges, they begin to collapse, eroding the stage and changing its layout slightly.  Other than the fact that the stage slowly erodes, there are no obstacles to worry about whatsoever.
Underwater Maze Held underwater, this maze features little spotlights, relatively little light, and requires that players find each other in order to kill each other.  Sometimes, a giant snake will roam around the maze and swallow those that aren't close enough to light.  Occasionally, the entire maze will light up, giving players insight on where others are.
Sector 4
Mountain Drifts Taking place high atop a mountain peak, the players must fight each other and send them falling off the sides.  As the battle goes on, the mountain's top starts to slide off, and the players must finish their battle before the top falls...and if it falls, it's a long way down, and the pace of battle is interrupted by breaking boulders.
Tumbling Skies This seemingly forever-falling stage has the players descending quickly, battling each other whilst being airborne.  Players that hit some ground on the way down are bounced up and hit the descending upper blast line, therefore making them lose stock.  Players must balance carefully in the air and hit when the time is right.
Switch Cavern Switch Cavern is a series of small rooms held within a cave that have various switches and pulleys for the players to use, opening up rooms and closing down others.  Using the labyrinth like layout, players can choose to hide or ambush opponents that have fallen unexpectedly into custom traps.
Lava Falls The Lava Falls are a series of "waterfalls", except made of lava than water.  Players fight on two, long and constantly morphing stone platforms while the lavafalls fall through the center, eroding the platforms slightly.  Sometimes a noxious gas fills the atmosphere, blinding the players that fight within.
Ascent An odd level that is the opposite of Tumbling Skies; players rising upwards.  However, players are forced to do better at surviving, and must avoid ceilings or they'll get smacked down to their room.  At times, players will stop on clouds and fight until bursts of wind push them upwards again.
Underground Path This very long cave loops and autoscrolls to the right, the players having to be careful as they avoid lava pits, pitfalls, and rocks that try to shove them into their death.  As the level continues to scroll, players can break apart ice and toss them at other players to cause damage, or crack the ground to reveal water that slows down others.
Freezer Fridge Dumb name aside, this very chill cave slowly damages players as they fight in it, and combined with the toxins, doubles damage fast.  Players must seek the shelter huts in the cave to hide from the damage, but shouldn't stay in there long or their foes will break the huts, exposing them once more.  Uses a lot of strategy.
Core Escape Like Ascent, the players have to go up, but this time, they must go as fast as possible, but there is no fixed scrolling, so the players can go as high as they wish.  As they rise, the lava from the volcano beneath rises, and they must avoid it by climbing atop platforms and getting on the walls and jumping from place to place.
Sector 5
Flame Room This room is constantly melting with the fire burning the metal that makes up the floors and walls, and it is a melting labyrinth with few safe floors.  Everyone starts out fairly caged, but as the cages melt, the players can get out and attack each other.  They should look out for lava pits.
Warzone Cannons and turrets are everywhere, and it's less about hitting other players as it is trying to survive.  Players can destroy the turrets and pick them up as guns, being able to use it on the opposing players and the firing weapons themselves.  As the stage takes damage, explosions will begin happening, which can do a lot of damage.
Elevator Panic Taking place on a rising elevator, the players need to be aware that they can't knock each other off the elevator until it stops, where there will be hallways that players can be launched through to gain knockouts / points.  Sometimes, the elevator will open up its bottoms, requiring well-timed jumps to remain in the elevator.
Railroad Crash This stage takes place on a long train where the players fight, with a train in the foreground and background as well.  The players can choose to switch tracks or go into the insides of the trains to hide from foes and create ambushes.  Sometimes, a train will crash into a stone and be replaced with another train, so players need to be wary.
Gravity Chamber This chamber has low and high gravity, able to be pressed with switches.  Certain weights will be good enough to smash to the lower areas of the room, and light enough weights allow players to reach new areas.  No gimmicks besides that, but the gravity can lead to mistakes like hitting the lava on the ceiling...
Scrap Yard The Scrap Yard is large in size, with many springs that the player can use to blur around at high speeds, but some of them can be trick ramps which can lead a player into very bad situations.  The Scrap Yard is full of spike pits, which are often under platforms that break upon pressure being placed on them.
Scream Towers These two towers are filled with screams, which paralyze players that are held within the towers, and leave them vulnerable to the shadow beasts lurking throughout those towers.  Players should stand on the suspension platform that hangs the two together, but ghosts can occasionally break the platform.  Look out!
Death Grind The Death Grind is one of the most difficult stages to survive, with several hazards like spinning saw blades everywhere, and there are several choppers that can cut off players from safety.  Players must look for safe places to be at, and figure out how to attack, or they will most certainly be attacked.
Sector 6
Lunar Balcony A short platform with two others circling around it, all three suspended in "fake' space and rotating, the two small platforms occasionally growing spikes that toss players off painfully.  When moonlight hits the platforms in full, the light will bounce off the platforms and damage the players as a strong red light.
Solar Train This fake train made of solar energy is not what the players fight on - instead, the players will be on magical tracks made of light.  Occasionally, the train will come and knock the players off track if they're not careful.  It only comes at times that look like the players aren't paying attention...keep an eye on it as it moves in the background!
Asteroid Coaster Taking inspiration from Sonic Colors, the Asteroid Coaster takes place on a skeleton-themed train that goes down some tracks at bizarre speeds.  Players should be patient and wait for the coaster to go slow before attacking, as when it goes fast, it will go through loops which will catch those that jumped off guard.
Meteor Travels This horizontal stage only has players get KO'd if too far behind or if they're actually forced off the stage, as players float and cannot exactly fall to their deaths.  Along the way, players must avoid meteors, or blow them up from a safe distance to catch the unwary off guard and make them take great damage.
Planet Panic Planet Panic is difficult to win on, as the stage is a literal planet that can be stood on in any direction, and all gravity is held to the planet, so you cannot fall off course.  Strong attacks are necessary to hit players just enough so that they are knocked free of gravity and are blasted into the depths of this "fake space".
Black Hole This custom black hole hanging in the center of the room tries to drag players in that get too close, requiring quick moves to get around it.  The black hole is constantly moving, and if players get sucked into it, they get KO'd instantly.  There are no other ways to die, so kicking players into the black hole is important.
Sunlight Station Sunlight Station is a high-flying stage taking place on a long platform with a fake sun directly below.  Most of the stage has players fighting on glass platforms, which can be broken and force players to fall and burn in the light of the sun.  Solar flares can sometimes burst through and melt glass platforms.
Moonlight Arena The final of the sector 6 stages, the Moonlight Arena is very much like a typical Final Destination battleground, but with meteors shooting through the air and with low gravity that grants the players high jumps and slower falling speed.  Occasionally, the arena will glow white and flash, healing all players on the ground.
Sector 7 (Fatality²)
Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle is a large castle arena with steel floors, moving platforms and Bowser statues that breathe fire that damage players on contact.  Firebars and Podoboos are among the major obstacles of Bowser's Castle, not to mention the deep lava pits that hurt and launch harshly on contact.
Egg Treat Egg Treat is a level that goes to the right, with the Egg Hawk spewing out rings that heal players on contact.  The stage resembles a beach with ancient stone pillars to the sides of the area.  Sometimes, the stage will stop scrolling and the Egg Hawk will set down, spinning around and having robots fire at the players before lifting off again.
Krusty Krab The Krusty Krab is an odd arena as it didn't even originate in a video game.  The Krusty Krab is a pretty basic arena, but sometimes customers will come around as obstacles, and Spongebob can trip Krabby Patties that can be eaten for health or Squidward can come around and insult the fighters (he can be punched for hilarity).
Ripto's Arena Ripto's Arena is a fairly basic arena, like the Krusty Krab, but the stage boss is Ripto, who can fire magical fire spells at foes.  Hunter hangs above the battlefield and can drop orbs that can be used to add abnormal effects to players' attacks, and can damage Ripto with them.  If damaged enough, Ripto will run off, but the orbs can still be used...


Expected of a Super Smash Bros. game as of the very first game are bosses of sorts, and Fatality is no exception, having both stage bosses and story mode bosses.  They are just as their names imply -- you fight stage bosses in the game's battlegrounds at random intervals of time, usually between one minute and five, and with story mode bosses, you only fight them in the story mode or in the boss rush which combines both bosses.  Some bosses are exclusive to different modes.

Almost all stage and story mode bosses have stamina health which is decreased by hitting them, and they often start with a high number, such as 100% or 150%.  Once their health is whittled down to 0%, they fall and are defeated.  The only exception to this is the ___ boss, who relies on the usual system of health that goes from 0% until they are knocked out of bounds.

Name Description
Non-Story Bosses

Boss of Raging Rapids, UNT3N is a robotic copy of Unten created by Doomulus Grime to...obliterate Unten?  Able to morph his hands into shapes is the only unique ability he has in comparison to Unten, and otherwise his moveset is essentially his own, but hits harder and is slower in general.

At low health, UNT3N becomes even stronger and becomes capable of morphing his skills into those the player(s) are using, and can make rain of steel fall from the skies to hurt the players, although they can hit him as he uses this attack in order to stop him from using this otherwise unavoidable move.

He has 150% HP.

The Enemy

Held within the Moonlight Arena, the Enemy is a strong foe that serves as one of the "final bosses" of Fatality in terms of outside story mode, being a heavy hitter that moves at fast speed.  Players should be aware of his powerful, God-like attacks, which can knock some players out in a single blow.

The Enemy can distort the battlefield at low health and make blurry platforms appear that are usually fake, but some of them are real and actually allow getting to the Enemy easier.  The ones that are fake will often damage or flip away opponents to help the Enemy continue fighting safely.

He has 300% HP.


Fought in Ascent, Orithell attacks with lightning and smoke, and...I think that's three bosses so far that use lightning??  Wow.  Ten outta ten.  Orithell also uses smoke to cloud up the screen and strikes with the advantage of those being unable to see her, and can use metallic attacks or get robots to aid her in the course of battle.

At low health, Orithell becomes quite aggressive and can bend the sides of the battlefield, which are actually steel walls that are now obstacles and prevent the players from being able to knock each other off the field, and are now electrified.  Players must now launch her into the walls to deal damage now, as she is invincible otherwise.

She has 120% HP.


Fought at Choke Tower, Endal is an evil monkey bent on world domination and also world destruction, an unhealthy mix really, Endal is a very fast character that attacks with psychic strikes and telekinetic powers, able to toss opponents rather easily out of battle.  To get up to Endal, one must use physical attacks, as he can rebound projectiles.

At low health, Endal gains the ability to teleport around and take in projectiles and use them whenever he wants, which adds unpredictability to his wide variety of moves.  He can also do a perfect shield when one launches an attack at him at a poor time, which can result in a harmful explosion.

He has 225% HP.

The Echeno

This Zaxinian traveler is more than a threat in the Lifts, but who knows exactly what this nightmare brings beyond to the Fantendoverse?  Unleashed to the laboratories by unknown means in Scorched Shrine, the Echeno is extremely powerful, with several instant kill attacks via crunches or swipes, and can grab and throw FAR distances.

The Echeno begins having fatal attacks by low health, able to chew apart and swallow opponents, or do a short leap that has it smash into the ground to form giant quakes that trip opponents or otherwise damage them if they are too close to the Echeno's landing radius.

It has 300% HP.


Spirit created by the aforementioned Enemy, and fought in Terrible Tomb, Chaos is chaotic evil with god-like abilities, having enhanced speed, strength, and durability, and is difficult to stop.  However, the version of Chaos here is nothing more than an illusion, and saps power from a power orb.  Destroy it, and Chaos becomes vulnerable to all attacks.

When it reaches low health, Chaos resurrects the orb and tries to heal himself with it, but by all means, the player must keep the orb demolished.  It can also form psychic walls between the orb and the player so that it has a better chance at getting the orb back.  If one hits the orb heavy enough, it will be permanently broken.

He has 200% HP.


A somewhat emotionless bounty hunter from no series whatsoever, Sadisilea is the boss of Snowy Ridge and is capable of using a wide array of explosives and firearms that can rack up and deal multiple amounts of damage at once, especially combined with the fact that she can use blades.

At low health, Sadisilea becomes more durable than she already was, and uses more powerful firearms, such as machine guns and grappling hooks, and mixes it up with long reaching blades or scythes, becoming sort of like a machine of mass destruction.  The player should rebound these weapons back at her to deal extensive damage.

She has 150% HP.

Mr. D'angelo

Mr. D'angelo himself doesn't fight on the Warzone, but he sends out DAS Bots, all of which use different elements.  Depending on the difficulty setting on the game, he'll send out 6, 9, or 12 DAS Bots, and they can all prove to be a pain, using pyrokinesis, terrakinesis, aquakinesis, or even psychokinesis.

When he begins running out of robots, Mr. D'angelo shrugs and begins summoning more if the players are slow at defeating the provided robots, although the new robots are weak, but have upgraded uses of pyrokinesis and the like.  Defeating all the original robots means that any new robots that remain will be easy to beat.

Each DAS Bot has 25% HP.


Gog is Gog, and is the Goggiest Gog there ever Gogging was.  Gog is...invincible, to the point where Gog's completely unGoggable.  You cannot defeat Gog, you can only Gogging run from Gog, and Gog's appearance in the Death Grind level doesn't make matters any Gogging better.

Gog will only come at times and leave whenever he Gogging wants.  If Gog leaves the Gogging place, it will be Gog-free and therefore be Gogging safe to fight, although sometimes he can Gogging trick the players into thinking that Gog is Gogging leaving and remain around to Gog around.

Gog cannot be defeated.


Sinister robot of Aran Leverletto, Ajax fights much like him, but is more durable than him and has stronger attacks, like the case with UNT3N to Unten.  He is capable of using the Incinerator (which does what you think it does) and the AcidGattle, and what the heck is a hecking Gattle?  He fights in the Scrap Yard.

At low health, Ajax completely dismantles and becomes more like a weapon, able to fire laser beams and toss metal blades and bombs through either new cannons or new slots opened up in his body.  He also becomes a ticking time bomb...if not defeated quick, he will explode and expel players from battle.

Ajax has 100% HP.

Plague Master

Despite having reformed, like the case with Chaos, a spiritual version of him made of toxins appears on the battleground of Fatality, fighting with the powers of actual poison, decaying objects, and he is one of the strongest enemies, with access to Black Death.  You fight him in the Scream Towers.

When at low health, he becomes capable of using the almighty Nova Energy, which is extremely strong and has fiery elements that keep players in place as he uses the attack.  It can be interrupted by attacking him, but doing such is difficult as the Plague Master makes sure that he has distance in order to use such a command.

He has 240% HP.


A serial killer on the loose with a thirst for blood, Erisi is actually one of the easier opponents of the game who attacks with basic melee weapons.  To defeat her, you just fight her like you would a normal opponent, but her attacks are without a doubt quick and somewhat strong, it's just a simple strategy that harms her.

Erisi doesn't have low-health moves, but becomes more insane as the fight progresses, and quickens in madness level as she loses health anyway.  The insanity is reflected in her moves, which can have really long range, or she can deal very, very strong damage, especially instant kills at low percents.

She has 80% HP.


A "new human", Parvati is fought on Planet Panic and uses the powers of persuasion to mix up her opponents and confuse them in battle, leaving her able to kill them off or gain others in her lead to do such.  She is rather tall, so that is a large weak point for her, but she can end a player just as fast.

Parvati, at low health, can begin using the cosmos to her ability, able to rain showers of meteors onto the battlefield for widespread damage or form spacial rends that can do high damage if not avoided carefully.  The best way to deal with this is well timed counters, which can break through Parvati's defenses easily.

She has 200% HP.


HAX is an interesting foe, able to manipulate the atmosphere of Solar Train to its advantage, making new platforms and obstacles appear wherever to hinder opponents, but they can in turn hinder it by allowing players to hit it, but after a bit of hits it brings up a digital shield to temporarily hold off attacks.  It can create projectiles made of data.

When HAX has sustained enough damage, it will become angry and form harmful shapes made out of elements to damage foes big-time, such as fiery cubes or electrifying spheres, which can reflect off the boundaries of the levels in an effort to catch foes, and are quicker in movement as it takes even more damage.

It has 250% HP.


Master of darkness, Yamiko is one of the strongest bosses, especially as she is an incarnation of the Devil of Darkness.  She can summon it or demons to attack, as well as throw dark magic at players or trap them in shadows, and use said shadows to move around accordingly.  She resides on the Lunar Balcony.

Yamiko can summon lines of demons to attack for her at times instead of having low health moves, and often does this when she has a disadvantage but the players have an advantage.  When she has an advantage, instead she'll fire an orb of darkness to finish off a high-damaged player.

She has 350% HP.

The Lie

The Lie is an enormous boss, hanging in the background of Switch Cavern at times.  As it is very large, it has long range, able to strike far with its tail or lunge its head at the fighters to cause high damage.  Like with Gog, it cannot be defeat and serves more as a hazard, although if it is damaged enough, it'll side with the player and fight their foes.

When damaged enough, it'll break some of the floors and therefore switches, which forces players to either change strategy, or grants new places to hide or go to, especially if one is trapped.  The Lie can also bite at the battlefield to take huge chunks out of the stage's overall design.

It has no exact HP, but once hit enough, it'll side with the player who landed the last hit.

Oxide Dragon

The final boss of the Arena, this unique boss is no pushover.  It is huge, meaning it can be hit easily, but its breath can paralyze or poison enemies, and it can rush around the stage and form tornadoes that can tear at health fast.  It can flood the stage with its own poison and damage anyone touching the ground.

At low health, it will become enraged and form fiery swipes that spread across a long distance, and it can pick up a player and brutally smash them into the ground.  It can breathe toxic, purple flames that spread in the air and fall down everywhere, making it difficult to avoid them.

Oxide Dragon has 500% HP.


Surprise opponent of the True Arena, Mallory does not hold back by any means.  Mallory has many attacks that can easily mess with opponents, including making mirrors to reflect attacks, teleporting when foes are too close, and summoning shadows to attack the foes.  To damage her, one needs to do trick shots using her attacks to advantage.

At low health, Mallory will form black holes to suck up players, and will be able to turn into three (only one is real) in order to confuse and delay opponents' attacks.  She becomes able to turn the entire ground into toxic waste, which requires the best jumps in order to avoid completely.

Mallory has 800% HP.


Bowser is a really tough boss, while being slow, he attacks with tough claw swipes and can breathe fire that reaches across a long distance.  He can grab opponents and swing them into others, and shatter shields with his bottom.  His recovery is poor, so "gimping" him is the best solution.

When Bowser has reached 150%, assuming he has taken enough damage, he will transform into Giga Bowser and become much more of a menace than he was before.  He can do enormous claw swipes to deal massive damage, or break shields with virtually every attack.  He can still be damaged and taken off stage...but it just requires patience.

Bowser has no HP, working like other fighters.


Ripto tosses fire from his scepter to damage opponents, and can jump around to avoid attacks.  He cannot be damaged normally, but by collecting orbs that Hunter drops, one can damage Ripto.  He can also use these attacks and cast waves of electricity, streams of fire, or globs of doom respectively for blue, red and green orbs.

When Ripto reaches low health, he can summon a metallic Gulp to help him fight, and adds a huge level of defense; players will have to climb the monster in order to damage Ripto himself.  The metal Gulp can jump around and slam into players to bury them, or kick them straight off stage if a kick is timed well.

He has 150% HP.

Story Bosses
Toxius Double

Toxius Double is a mutation of two normal Toxius enemies that attack very much the same way, morphing into fighters, but they morph into a combination of any two fighters, resembling the Fusion mode that the game offers.  Defeat the twice-as-heavy Toxius in order to move on.

It has 100% HP.

Sludge Basilisk

Sludge Basilisk moves at high speeds, and all of its body is invincible besides for the head, which must be damaged.  While it only attacks via ramming, it becomes faster for every hit it takes, and it begins shedding off sludge when at low health.  Watch its patterns to know where to move.

It has 120% HP.

Big Muck

Big Muck is a slow, moving pile of sludge that fires balls of waste towards Unten, often opening its mouth to fire out toxic missiles.  Bombs fired from cannons nearby can be picked up and tossed into its mouth to cause damage, but as it takes damage, the duration of time between its opening and shutting of its mouth decreases.

It has 100% HP.

Gunk Slug

Gunk Slug is a fatal monster that moves at very high speeds when angered, but moves slowly otherwise.  It can form claws and toss gunk from its tips to harm Unten, but he needs to deflect these back towards the sludge to do damage.  When it begins moving fast, Unten needs to find good footing.

It has 150% HP.

Ooze Machine

Ooze Machine is a personality-less machine that churns out poison that can choke and poison Unten if he gets close to it.  To defeat it, the player needs to close to the machine and smash at it, but it will eventually rebound Unten away and force him to try and come back to it.  As it take damage, it'll begin churning out more poison.

It has 200% HP.

Poison Reaper

Poison Reaper somewhat resembles the Grim Reaper, being tall, in a black cloak, and wielding a long, long scythe.  It attacks mostly from far away, its scythe dripping toxins after each strike, and often sinks into the ground and comes out at Unten when it feels ready to attack him, but the player can counter him quickly with any attack.

It has 160% HP.

Toxius X

Toxius X is an upgrade of Toxius, turning into Toxic Unten, who is way stronger than him and can puke out poison in several arrays to try and damage him.  If hit by physical attacks, it will take damage, but it will damage Unten himself.  Upon defeat, it allows Unten to finally obtain his Anti-Biohazard Gear.

It has 200% HP.

Goo Express

Goo Express is a train made of sludge attacking Sector 5, and Unten must ride it and get to the front "cart" so he can beat up the driver.  On the way there, he must keep his balance and defeat the several enemies that wind up in his way.  At the end awaits a very weak Toxius.

It has 25% HP.

Bane Man

Bane Man is a toxic mutation of a man who is extremely durable, and has nothing more than physical bulk that can easily end Unten's life.  Unten must stay away and fire everything provided at him until he suffers defeat.  If he gets too close to run or jump away from, Unten is screwed.

He has 275% HP.

Malice Woman

Apparently the "wife" of Bane Man, Malice Woman is much better of a fighter and is very agile, moving around the battlefield with ease and tossing knives towards Unten and forming shockwaves that attempt to make him drop from the ceiling or the walls.  Her weapon, the Bio Knife, will kill Unten on contact, so he needs to keep safe.

She has 300% HP.

Alluvium Doorway

Alluvium Doorway, corrupted by poison, will seek Unten's location and fire lasers at him when necessary, or will toss knives and bombs when he's out of scan reach.  Fellow Toxius and related enemies will be released from the robot to kill Unten if he proves that he can overcome them all.

It has 250% HP.

Venom Overlord

The "final boss" of the game, Venom Overlord is a very powerful opponent who attacks with a scythe, guns, boomerangs, and whatever it has at Unten.  It can sink into the ground and come out as a lethal weapon to knock Unten's health out instantly.  If not taken care of quickly, it can overwhelm and eventually kill Unten with the noxious air.

It has 400% HP.

Mutated Bowie

So that's what happened to Bowie?  Mutated Bowie is a very heavy, very dangerous copy of Bowie that is slow, but has formidable power, able to knock out Unten in one shot with almost any move.  Unten has to keep his distance and get Bowie to a point where he falls into drains, where he'll take fatal damage and split apart.

It has no HP, requiring on bait-and-chase instead.


The final boss of story mode, FDX-518 is a killer robot that's been on your tail for a long while, and is preventing you from destroying all the progress that the toxic enemies have created, having been corrupted by them.  It has an incredible range of weapons, such as seeking missiles, bombs, lasers, and OHKO claw strikes.  Unten must hit its head.

It has 600% HP.

Toxia, Forme One

Toxia is the secret boss of story mode, and looks simple and easy to defeat, firing toxic orbs to poison Unten and slapping him with her far-reaching hands to do easy damage.  She can bring spikes up from the ground to do severe damage to Unten, but these can be easily telegraphed.

She has 100% HP.

Toxia, Forme Two

Toxia melts down, but reforms into this hideous, monstrous being resembling Master Core and the Echeno simultaneously, with wings reflecting Hell's image extending from her sides.  She has the same attacks, but they do much more damage and are faster, and can use several minions to her advantage.  In addition, she can form black holes.

She has 999% HP.


The ultimate boss battle and the alternative secret boss to Toxia, Exateno truly means more business, being a God that, while can be defeated, will only be placed temporarily powerless.  It has extremely high attack stats and requires perfect dodges and skills to defeat as any attack will kill Unten immediately.

Exateno, at first, cannot suffer damage, so the battle's pretty much about avoiding his tail strikes, his inhale ability, and weaken the light so that it becomes difficult to see.  Exateno's weak point is the orb on his tail, but the strikes from the tail are so fast that it's almost impossible to hit it.  Even then, only 1% is done to it.

After Unten has survived long enough, FDX-000, a hidden FDX robot, jumps to save Unten's life from an almighty tail swing, and lets Unten take her body, which melts to become part of Unten's Anti-Biohazard Gear, which severely increases offense and defense, and Unten gains a power boost.

Now the real final battle begins.  Exateno keeps all his previous attacks, but can now summon minions and reincarnate them when they are defeated.  None of Exateno's attacks besides his tail can OHKO him now, so it is safer to get hit.  When Exateno inhales Unten, he steals his abilities can can use them against him.

Exateno has 2000% HP, but when Unten's power triples, it becomes somewhat easier to defeat him.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality is known for having multiple large packs of DLC, and it releases small things that are downloadable each Saturday, and something large every three months on the last day.  TimeStrike officially began releasing the content on April 7th, 2019 following DLC suggestions from fans placed on a ballot with unseeable results.  Here are the DLC packs, in order of release.

Mini-Releases, given as free gifts on Saturdays, are often packs of twenty things such as free flasks for Toxic Labyrinth's inventory, data cards, character upgrades, or free characters and equipment. They are optional to download and require to connect to the V²'s online services.

Released on June 30th, 2019, Pool Party Mayhem was added to Fatality as an addition to Home Quarters mode, whereas the player can construct their own pool. Characters at the pool resort to being in their bikini or shorts (depending on the gender) and new foods such as coconuts and new plants like palm trees become available. Greenhouse walls also become available for purchase. Characters can be seen wading in the pool, swimming, diving, etc, and can be talked to.

Pool Party Mayhem has no real effect on gameplay, and some characters don't tend to wear swim clothing, although it's mostly because they can't, such as Smile and Firball, but players can purchase clothing that they can fit into. If specific clothes are bought from the shop hosted by FDX-96, the character belonging to that suit will give the player a unique and optional Data Card based on their personal lives. It can add to the Data Card collection.

The DLC also allows characters to wear their summer wear to fights, but it halves their defenses. It also enables "dangle and bounce physics", although this can be turned off if players are uncomfortable having this active. In addition, players gain new conversations when they're at the pool, which further extends the replayability of Fatality. Pool Party Mayhem can be bought for $4.99.

Released on September 31st, 2019, Hardcore Challenge is an extremely brutal mode that is an alternate style of gameplay for Toxic Labyrinth, featuring any selected character on a conquest to prove they're the very best fighter. With toxic effects to the max, with a thousand characters to defeat, be it enemies, actual characters or bosses, and the roughest stages chosen, this is without a doubt the most difficult mode in the game. When completed, a unique challenger approaches the player, and they gain a few unique data cards as well.

In addition to Hardcore Challenge, players can set it on Hardcore, Super Hardcore, or Hardcore Hardcore difficulties, and the tougher the challenge chosen, the more awards it offers the player upon completion. Completing the Hardcore Hardcore version offers an entirely new title screen for the game that glorifies and even "worships" the player.

The DLC also adds the toughest difficulty to each mode with a difficulty setting: Absolutely Lethal, which renders it almost impossible to defeat. For example, Toxic Labyrinth can have opponents at absurd difficulties and the story mode has incredibly difficult areas to pass through safely, requiring guts and true knowledge of the game in order to surpass. Hardcore Challenge can be bought for $4.99.

Super Smash Bros. DLC gives the player twelve new characters for the game, and they all come from Nintendo: Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff. These characters function fairly identically to how they did in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, with small changes to balance them to the best of TimeStrike's ability. It was released on March 31st of 2020.

The player can purchase the characters for $7.99, and they are automatically added to a new section of the roster referred to as "Nintendo". Upon being bought, new Data Cards based on them are available to the player and they can be used in all modes, including Story Mode when it's 100% complete and Toxic Labyrinth. Players can choose whether or not to disable them from appearing in Random to preserve the idea that it's "Fantendo Smash Bros.".

In addition, purchasing this DLC adds an option for N64 shader, which makes the game look as if it were on the Nintendo 64, restoring the original 12 characters to their 64-bit quality.

Chao, from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, are currently the last pack of DLC released to the game excluding characters. Upon being bought, the player has access to two Chao Eggs in the Home Quarters as well as a Kindergarten and a Black Market, and also access to Chao Race and Chao Karate. In addition, purchasing the Chao gives new Data Cards to the player, and gain more as their Chao grow. The pack was released on June 30th of 2019, a year after the first DLC pack was released.

Chao are virtual pets that can be fed food from the Black Market and the trees and vines growing around, and they especially like fruit, although vegetables increase their statistics more. Chao gain two purposes when raised well; able to compete in Chao Race or Karate be it offline or online, or can be summoned from Flasks on occasion to assist the player. Any playable character in the game can raise Chao. Winning matches or anything can award the player with Chaos Drives or Animal Buddies, the former of which raise stats and the latter of which doing the same alongside altering appearance.

They have personality, and it becomes more obvious as they're raised more, growing likings to specific characters or dislikings to those who abuse them. Personalities can be affected by petting them, picking them up and walking with them, feeding them, attacking them, whatever really. Depending on the character, they can either become Hero or Dark Chao. Unlike with the Sonic series, Chao do not die, but can run away from the player if they are not raised well at all.

Chao Race and Karate are more controllable now. In both, the player directly controls the Chao, and in the former has to knock other Chao down to reach 1st, or in the latter they must use a small moveset of moves in order to exploit their opponents' weaknesses to beat them. They award Data Cards on defeat.

Players can leave Chao in the Kindergarten for them to learn new skills, such as drawing and playing the trumpet. It takes twenty minutes for a session to end, and afterwards the player can take the Chao out, and on occasion the Chao will do any action it learns. Objects obtained from Chao Race, like beach balls and television, can also occasionally be interacted with by the Chao.

Chao are capable of mating in the same manner they did in Adventure 2, and can fly around, swim and etc. when their stats are high enough.

The Chao pack can be bought for $9.99, although the player can purchase a single Chao, a Black Market and some fruit trees for $1.99.

Skin Packs

To appeal to the widespread love of Japanese culture across the world, TimeStrike released an add-on as DLC that turns the entire game's atmosphere from dark and fairly realistic to a complete anime format, with hints and inspiration from Fire Emblem. This was released on December 31st of 2019 as the New Year's Eve gift. Players who bought the Anime Skin DLC will be able to turn this on and off in the options.

Players can purchase the Anime Skin for $11.99 considering how extensive it was to edit the game completely for it, but players can try a free, 3-day demo of it, but are forced to give it up or pay for it when the trial ends.

To appeal to older gamers or people that love mature content, a "realistic skin" was released for the game on December 31st, 2019. Characters gain a realistic nature, bleed when hit, and have realistic nature in general. It takes a lot of artistic inspiration from modern day games such as Call of Duty, Fallout, Halo, etc. Players who bought the Realistic Skin DLC will be able to turn this on and off in the options.

It was released for $11.99 as it was difficult to edit the entire game for it, but players can try a 3-day trial of it, but need to give it up or pay for it upon the demo ending.

A completely different style that forms the game's style into comic-format, with inspiration from Marvel, released on December 31st, 2019. It comes with effects such as action bubbles that appear when characters are hit or do actions such as Hyperdrives. The idea of 3D is almost removed from the game, as everything becomes 2D and somewhat paper-like to resemble actual comics. Players who bought the Comic Skin DLC will be able to turn this on and off in the options.

Released for $11.99 considering the difficulty of completely altering the game's artstyle, players can try a 3-day demo but must pay for the full game or let it go when the trial ends.

Also released on December 31st of 2019 like the other skins, players can choose to purchase the sprite pack, which allows them to choose between 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit sprites to use instead of the usual modern-day graphics. The choice of "bit" is up to the purchaser of the skin. Players can choose whether to keep character shadows, 3D effects, and more, or restrict the game so that it plays exactly like the games of the respective skins, only with more controls in 8-bit's case.

It was released for $5.99, which is less than the other skins as it's simply turning them into sprites, although players can try a 3-day demo to see what they think of the skin before buying.

Very different from the other skins, suggested by Athena Hawkins' good friend Helena Harper, owner of Toroko. Vaporwave provides a completely new level of odd with the game, taking nostalgic factors of retro cultural aesthetics and making them the game's artstyle. It is such an oddity to witness and play in, and a lot of the levels take on different designs to compliment the skin, and the music reforms into a more vaporwave-like feel.

Released for $11.99, Vaporwave as difficult to implant like the other skins, although it still has the generic 3-day demo.

Update History

  • Version 1.0.1 (December 17th, 2018): Released a week after the game's release, this update quickly patched up pointed-out flaws by fans and improved gameplay drastically to keep online experience stable. Also fixed the "racist" controversy.
  • Version 1.0.2 (December 27th, 2018): Released about ten days after the first patch, this new patch nerfed the considered "top tier" fighters and buffed anyone with low tournament results online.
  • Version 1.0.3 (January 15th, 2019): Fixed various glitches and tweaked the shield system to how it worked in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
  • Version 1.0.4 (January 23rd, 2019): Slowed down the game's speed and physics, making it easier to controls characters, making using speedy characters such as Firball significantly easier. Continues to fix glitches.
  • Version 1.1.0 (February 1st, 2019): Patched up the mod exploit and forced players to update to this version. All patches afterwards applied to both Fatality and Fatality².
  • Version 1.1.1 (March 11th, 2019): Released Fatality² to the public with the fixes provided with the original Fatality in this update: better character balance, huge nerfing of the Threat.
  • Version 1.1.2 (March 25th, 2019): Redesigned online mode to appeal to all gamers instead of having players deal with a very complicated and confusing system.
  • Version 1.1.3 (March 26th, 2019): Fixed a glitch caused by the previous patch that would crash the game upon loading photos in online mode.
  • Version 1.1.AF (April 1st, 2019): Reskinned every character into a meme temporarily until the next day came. Optional update.
  • Version 1.2.0 (April 7th, 2019): Released the very first DLC Mini-Release to the public, unveiled the fact that DLC was going to be weekly, with a huge update every three months. Added more content and objectives to Toxic Labyrinth.
  • Version 1.2.1 (April 16th, 2019): Updated the amount of character conversations from five to ten in Home Quarters, fixed continuity errors involving Unten, Sia, Data, etc.
  • Version 1.2.2 (May 1st, 2019): More gameplay balances, especially buffed Mynis, Dawg, Thorn and Zonas whilst nerfing the Threat, Blank and Lucky. This allowed the former four to do better in tournaments while trying to prevent players from always going cheap.
  • Version 1.2.3 (June 6th, 2019): Following seizure complaints, a lot of the game's brighter effects like blasters from cannons were more muted to prevent problems.
  • Version 1.3.0 (June 31st, 2019): Released Beach Party Mayhem to the public as DLC. Added bikini and shorts skins for every character within the game, and also fixed up any glitches found.
  • Version 1.3.1 (July 8th, 2019): Fixed an offensive word used by Doomulus Grime in Beach Party Mayhem, but also added new Data Cards and toned down the game's difficulty slightly.
  • Version 1.4.0 (September 31st, 2019): Released Hardcore Challenge to the public as DLC, and also released six new characters to the general public.
  • Version 1.4.1 (October 1st, 2019): Fixed a glitch that made Hardcore Challenge almost nigh-high impossible.
  • Version 1.4.2 (October 8th, 2019): Make the CPUs somewhat more forgiving in Hardcore Challenge, also heavily buffed low-tier Dawn Shadows, who easily dominated the metagame for a while.
  • Version 1.4.3 (October 24th, 2019): Nerfed Dawn Shadows slightly and fixed a zero-to-death combo, added Halloween masks and costumes to the game.
  • Version 1.4.4 (December 20th, 2019): Added Christmas costumes to the game, along with patches for each character.
  • Version 1.5.0 (December 31st, 2019): Released five alternate skins to the game: Anime, Realistic, Comic, Sprite, and Vaporwave. Included more missions to complete in Fandraxono's missions. Added six new characters to the game as well.
  • Version 1.5.1 (January 1st, 2020): Fixed a glitch where trying to view previous version photos online in Vaporwave that would again crash the game.
  • Version 1.6.0 (March 31st, 2020): Added Super Smash Bros. DLC to the game, adding Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff as playable characters. Each character has been tweaked a bit to fit in the atmosphere, and a shader was added to present characters in 64-bit.
  • Version 1.6.1 (April 8th, 2020): Super Smash Bros. specific patch. Buffed Ness, Samus and Link while nerfing Kirby, Fox and Captain Falcon slightly.
  • Version 1.7.0 (June 31st, 2020): Added Chao to the game as virtual pets, adding most features from Sonic Adventure 2. Elements of the Chao Garden can be obtained by playing the game normally, such as getting Chaos Drives. The update also allowed Chao to be put in Cyborg Fighters, and did several gameplay tweaks, nerfing the entire "top tier" whilst buffing everyone "low and bottom tier".



TimeStrike reported that a week after release, the game had sold at least a quarter of a million copies, and it extended to at least 2,380,000 copies within two months' time. Its sell record was phenomenal, and is TimeStrike's current most sold product of all time, having sold around ten million copies by the time the year after its release ended, more than the inspirational game Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, which sold 8.12 million copies in comparison and was released October 2014, which was years ago.


On release, TimeStrike was filed complaints by consumers for the depiction of "blackface" in the game, as the story mode featured a human-like enemy with a darkened face (Antimatter Breather), which was considered racist. This was an accidental move and an oversight by TimeStrike, and the very first patch the game received turned their faces white and somewhat redesigned the colors. This change also forced them to change the Data Card that features them.


Early on, Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality, like with Brawl, was oddly moddable for a console game thanks to an exploit in the custom cyborg creator. The data for building characters was separate from the data of the game itself, so a specialized program can be hijacked into the game and overload the fighter creator, which disables it, but in return allows for heavy modding. The result of modding rendered people able to create their own characters, edit the game's story and pretty much everything that Fatality offered.

Not long after this exploit's discovery, Fatality was patched up and TimeStrike prevented people from playing online until they uploaded to their latest version of the title. Before then though, a large mod of Fatality was copied to an empty disc, and cut off access with TimeStrike's servers and therefore online connection, so progress on the mod wasn't halted. The fan project was named Fatality², and it began selling for profit on release, featuring previously unused/unfinished characters such as X-Ray and Fandro, although the creators of the project were eventually forced into a court case that ruled in TimeStrike's favor, sending Fatality's editors into prison for copyright infringement.

Later however, due to popular demand, Fatality² was released officially by the company, which featured all the new content of the original game plus new characters, more stages, and an expanded story, as well as improved features, but it was not considered a sequel to Fatality as it was considered a revision.  The mod also introduced two new modes, Breaker Mode and, as part of an exchange with Gear Games, Super Smash Bros. Great Fray's Smash Run (with minor changes to suit the atmosphere of Fatality).  Both of these modes were very well received.


The owner of TimeStrike unveiled several composers of Fatality on August 20th, 2018. A lot of the composers chosen were composers from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic Heroes, and from Metroid Prime, who did the majority of the game's composition. Among these people were Koji Kondo, Yoko Shimomura, Yuzo Koshiro, Jun Senoue, Naofumi Hataya, Kenji Yamatoto, and Kouichi Kyuma. In addition, the company sought permission from the creator's favorite bands to use some of their music, including Black Sabbath and Pop Evil, who were notably featured. The songs were split into three discs, but later a fourth was released containing a special theme for every playable character.

The three games mentioned above were parts of the creator's past, especially Sonic Heroes, and TimeStrike's employees applauded and enjoyed the soundtracks of the three games, and worked to find some of the composers for those games.  Included with those three were Super Mario Galaxy, Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Mario Kart 8, but they were dropped in favor of the others.

The soundtrack's design is mostly based on rock, heavy metal, and other similar genres, mostly to give a dark and quick action pace atmosphere to the game, with creepy elements in some of the tracks heavily influenced by those from Metroid Fusion.  Some pieces of orchestral music are in the game, but they are rather rare and mostly serve as menu or quieter themes for when the game is not at its usual, obscenely fast pace.  Initial reception for the soundtrack has been mixed, although this changed upon release to having more welcoming feedback.

Songs containing * in the following tables are non-video game music, those containing ** have been used in other games.

(credit to exotoro (tbc) for the tables)

Disc 1

Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality Soundtrack, Disc 1: Menus and Story
# Track Title Usage Length
1 Poison* Title Screen 4:31
2 Poison (1989)* Title Screen (Alt.) 4:28
3 Choose Your Poison Menu Selection 1:21
4 Final Destination Ver. 2** Menu (Alt.) 2:00
5 The Battle to the Death Donnybrook Mode 1:53
6 No Entry Without Authorization Story Mode 0:48
7 Maze of Dreaded Mysteries Toxic Labyrinth Mode 1:45
8 Proving Yourself The Arena Mode 0:34
9 That Wasn't Enough The True Arena Mode 0:42
10 World Runs on Exercise Burner House Mode 1:31
11 'Till One is Alive Challenge Mode 1:17
12 Settle Down, Drink Coffee Home Quarters Menu 3:55
13 Make Your Own Abomination Character Designer Mode 1:51
14 Another World War!? Breaker Mode 0:55
15 Too Lazy To Adjust To This Options Mode 0:39
16 Seemingly Normal Story Hub 0:48
17 Gateway to Six Hells Toxic Laboratories: Sector 0 1:43
18 Through the Jungle Thickness Toxic Laboratories: Sector 1 1:59
19 God, You're Definitely Sweating Toxic Laboratories: Sector 2 1:40
20 Damp and Real Bothered Toxic Laboratories: Sector 3 1:52
21 Faithful Oxygen Roads Toxic Laboratories: Sector 4 2:05
22 A City Within Labs?  WTF? Toxic Laboratories: Sector 5 1:57
23 You Might Be Feeling Dizzy Toxic Laboratories: Sector 6 1:49
24 Against a Rough Foe Story Mode Boss 1 2:12
25 It's So Wrong... Story Mode Boss 2 2:19
26 Friend Turned Enemy Vs. Mutated Bowie 1:43
27 The Source of Problems? Vs. Venom Overlord 1:59
28 Rampant Rival Vs. FDX-518 3:35
29 It's Her, Your Pal Vs. Toxia 1 2:19
30 It's Not Her Anymore Vs. Toxia 2 7:30
31 Wicked Star EX Vs. Exateno 4:49
32 Everyone Be Chillin' Story Mood ~ Neutral 1:03
33 Cheer?  What a Rarity! Story Mood ~ Happy 1:13
34 Depths of Sorrow Story Mood ~ Sadness 1:32
35 Clenching Your Fists Story Mood ~ Anger 0:52
36 Prey to Predator Story Mood ~ Tension 0:34
37 Facing a Huge Reaction** Story Mood ~ Strategy 0:51
38 Seek and Destroy Story Mood ~ Final Mood 1:12
39 Toxic* [Bonus] 3:18
40 Mass Destruction** [Bonus] 3:31
Total Running Time 1:22:35

Disc 2

Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality Soundtrack, Disc 2: Stages, Bosses, and Temps
# Track Title Usage Length
41 Peace is Greece The Lobby 2:38
42 All That Glitters is Red Bloodbath 2:15
43 Ah Yes, Generic Green Arena Limegreen Plain 2:24
44 Very Slightly Underground Alien Ground 2:12
45 Hand-to-Hand-in-Air Vine Combat 2:29
46 Don't Fall Behind! Raging Rapids 2:34
47 Alas, Rest in Pieces Endal Burning Jungle 2:43
48 Uncomforting Residance Choked Tower 2:40
49 Where Ground Meets Nature Sub-Labyrinth 2:09
50 Miserably Fragile Steps Treetop Madness 2:33
51 Banjos and Maracas Barren Badlands 2:40
52 Praying in Melting Atmosphere Scorched Shrine 3:19
53 Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Cacti Mountain 1:58
54 Danger - Steep Grade Ahead Perilous Pits 2:31
55 Worthless Summer Warriors Wastelands 2:48
56 Unsuggestive Booby Traps Pyro Pyramid 2:45
57 Cry For Your Mummy Terrible Tomb 2:51
58 Typical Arabic Music Midnight Oasis 2:12
59 Battling on Ice Polar Arena 2:32
60 Wet and Angry Aquatic Ruins 1:53
61 Slippin' Away from Reach Ski Hills 2:10
62 Coffee is Your Friend Chill Tower 1:42
63 Hell, but Frozen Up Avalanche 2:07
64 Eye of the Storm The Hurricane 2:18
65 Breaking Underneath Snowy Ridge 1:58
66 Labyrinth Zone All Over Again Underwater Maze 2:19
67 Brawling Up High Mountain Drifts 2:38
68 Free Falling for Nothing at All Tumbling Skies 1:50
69 More Confusion and Delay Switch Cavern 1:48
70 Palette Swap Waterfalls Lava Falls 2:49
71 Endless Ascent to Heaven Ascent 1:35
72 Cave of the Exceptionals Underground Path 2:42
73 The Worst Misnomer Freezer Fridge 1:58
74 Rising Out from the Depths Core Escape 2:02
75 Sudden Change in Fahrenheit Flame Room 2:23
76 Weapons of Mass Destruction Warzone 3:41
77 The Worst Elevator Ever Elevator Panic 3:32
78 Bullet Station** Railroad Crash 2:00
79 Gravity is to be Reckoned With Gravity Chamber 2:43
80 Springing Everywhere Stupid Scrap Yard 1:51
81 Horror in Modern Times Scream Towers 2:09
82 Death to Your Controls Death Grind 2:18
83 Astro Astro Astrosphere Lunar Balcony 1:55
84 Impossibilities: Solar Train Solar Train 2:10
85 Impossibilities: Skeleton Ride Asteroid Coaster 1:38
86 And You Thought '06 Was Bad Meteor Travels 1:47
87 AAAAAAH!!  Panic on a Planet Planet Panic 3:08
88 Through The Hole and Things Black Hole 2:38
89 Peace Sitting on Hell Sunlight Station 3:15
90 No Items, Unten Only, M.A. Moonlight Arena 4:30
91 Metal Battle (Melee)** Vs. UNT3N 2:50
92 Enemy of the Enemy is my Friend Vs. The Enemy 2:38
93 Underestimation Not Necessary Vs. Orithell 3:02
94 Too Lazy To Not Go Bananas Vs. Endal 2:48
95 Your Best Nightmare 2.0 Vs. The Echeno 5:05
96 Chaos and Agony Vs. Chaos 4:02
97 What the Gogging Gog is That!? "Vs." Gog 0:42
98 Like Aran But Not Really Vs. Ajax 3:05
99 Catching the Plague Vs. Plague Master 3:41
100 Space Showdown Vs. Parvati 2:58
101 The Worst Type of Virus Vs. HAX 2:45
102 The Master of Darkness Vs. Yamiko 2:59
103 To Be Reckoned With Invincibility 0:30
104 Prepare to Die, Losers Hyperdrive Prepared 0:48
105 Wow, You Won Winner of Match 0:07
106 Wow, You Suck Loser of Match 0:08
107 Wow, You Tied Match Tie 0:07
108 Your Results in Public Results Online 0:38
Total Running Time 2:40:33

Disc 3

Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality Soundtrack, Disc 3: What U Need is DLC (& Stuff)
# Track Title Usage Length
109 Too Lazy To Be Content DLC Shop 1:38
110 Japanese Poison Title Screen (Anime ver.) 4:31
111 Hyper Metal Poison Title Screen (Realistic ver.) 4:31
112 '60s Poison Title Screen (Comic ver.) 4:31
113 You Came to Stare, Right? Pool Party Mayhem Hub 2:30
114 Relaxing Near the Waves Seaside View 7:32
115 The Ultimate Skill Test Hardcore Challenge Menu 3:28
116 It's Time to Die Hardcore Challenge Gameplay 2:51
117 In Their Natural Habitat... Chao Garden Mode ~ Neutral 3:09
118 ...Being Good Gals Chao Garden Mode ~ Hero 2:28
119 ...Being Bad Boys Chao Garden Mode ~ Dark 2:43
120 Your Chao is Evolving! Chao Evolution 0:30
121 You Wasted Its Life Chao Mutiny 0:15
122 Make 'em Race, Boi Chao Race ~ Menu 1:38
123 Hope That Stamina is High Chao Race ~ Race 2:54
124 Results of Playful Manner Chao Race ~ Results 2:22
125 Make 'em Fight, Girl Chao Karate ~ Menu 1:43
126 Beat the Heck Outta Cuties Chao Karate ~ Fight 2:43
127 One Chao Crying Chao Karate ~ Results 2:29
128 Hope That Stamina is Real High Master Race Challenge 3:38
129 Beat the Heck Outta Master Cuties Master Karate Challenge 3:18
130 Bowser's Castle (MK8)** Bowser's Castle 2:37
131 Egg Hawk** Egg Treat 1:26
132 The Tip Top Polka** Krusty Krab 2:27
133 Ripto's Arena - Choir** Ripto's Arena 2:13
134 Koopa's Theme** Vs. Bowser 4:34
135 Wow, You Care?? Viewing Update History 3:38
136 Warning!  Warning! Challenger Approaching 0:08
137 Brace Yourself Bro! Fighting the Challenger 3:18
138 You Are Winner!! Object Unlocked 3:43
139 Unusual Goal Met Achievement Unlocked 0:13
140 Sorry to Force This on Ya Announcement Theme 1:08
141 Mass Destruction [FES]** [Bonus] 3:16
142 Mass Destruction [Recin.]** [Bonus] 5:03
143 Cannoli's Theme** (remix) [Bonus] 0:56
144 Master of Puppets* [Bonus] 8:36
145 Sad But True* [Bonus] 5:25
146 Wherever I May Roam* [Bonus] 6:25
147 For Whom The Bell Tolls* [Bonus] 5:13
148 Harvester of Sorrow* [Bonus] 5:46
149 Queen of Everything [Bonus] 9:31
150 Goddess Up High [Bonus] 8:58
151 MEGALOVANIA [Bonus] 3:27
Total Running Time 2:29:23


At the E3 conference of 2022, TimeStrike revamped their webpage and removed the Fatality aspects, while placing in bloody effects, bones, and torn skin as the background, along with a pair of fangs being displayed at the page's top. A day later, they announced Fantendo Smash Bros. Blood Country, the sequel to Fatality. Blood Country, according to Athena Hawkins, will focus on vampires and blood more than poison and death, although the latter two can still be activated as skins for the game. Athena stated that Blood Country will return almost each playable character that was in Fatality whilst adding more, and will have much more stages.

The goal of Blood Country, according to the director, is not about having unique mechanics and new characters as it was accomplished by Fatality, but its real goal is to have unique modes and stages, and she directly stated that the game will have an enormous focus on stages, although exactly what is unknown. After the E3 conference ended, Athena updated the TimeStrike webpage via placing the logo of the sequel where the pair of fangs once was.

Blood Country

Following the addition of the logo, Athena Hawkins stated that Blood Country will have stage editors, character designers, and more. Everything will be written in more extensive detail and there will be nothing from Fatality left behind besides the toxicity mechanic, which has now become nothing more than a toggleable option. The webpage of TimeStrike at around the same time has also revealed the shadow of General Syande, who will become a central character in the game.

Blood Country, while being a sequel to Fatality, has an unrelated story and a lot of the general mechanics are different, although it returns most of that game's cast and characters such as those from the FDX line return in this game.  This is to prevent alienating fans of Fatality, although its still done in such a way that people can pretend that Fatality happened to never exist.

Athena Hawkins says that it will be coming within the next year once it's been decided that Fatality no longer needs constant updates and when Blood Country is fully polished.  She promised inclusion of fan-favorite characters from Toroko and much more representation from companies that have been already represented in this game -- for example, Rubelline Tifft and NULL are expected to be playable, and Johnny Dog* and Gog* are also likely to be part of the roster.



  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality is not the first game done by .snickedge that is a Fantendo Smash Bros. game. An old one, Frozen, was previously in development but was scrapped following a lack of motivation and the fact that the roster was awful and that there was little to no real unique qualities in it aside from the concentration on snow.
    • In addition, the game's concept was revised solely because of jokes regarding the Disney movie Frozen.  The concept became poison as there didn't appear to be any possible jokes or puns regarding it.
  • Not counting Fantendo Smash Bros. Frozen, this is the very first Fantendoverse project that Athena Hawkins (tbc) has created.
  • The game has a large number of toxin-related elements, and the reason for such is that the creator loves the idea of poisons, their uses, and their compositions.  This is hinted at further by the creator's total obsession with the Poison type from Pokémon.
  • The original theme of Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality was originally going to be "Toxic" by Britney Spears, but the idea was rejected after TimeStrike leader Athena Hawkins thought it wouldn't fit with the game's atmosphere at all, so it was replaced by a remastering of "Poison" by Alice Cooper.  However, the original theme was kept in the game as a track that was available when the player unlocked Valerie, and it was also a bonus song in the music collection.
  • Out of every soundtrack disc that TimeStrike has created, the second disc of Fatality is easily the longest, with a running time of two hours, forty minutes, and thirty three seconds.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality is home to various cultural references within its character descriptions.  Data's description, for example, references "Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk, and Hugo's description makes note of "420", which is an internet meme associated with "MLG".
  • A possible sequel to Fatality has been somewhat hinted to by TimeStrike, the Fantendo Smash Bros. symbol being displayed at the bottom at their website with a blot of red blood behind it, with what appears to be a sharp tooth hanging from the middle of the symbol by a blood-soaked rope.
    • This eventually was revealed to be a precursor to the sequel acknowledged as Fantendo Smash Bros. Blood Country, which can be considered a "part 2" to Fatality as now it aims to have a more unique anything that isn't gameplay mechanics.

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