Fantendo Smash Bros. Epoch is a 2D fighting game created in 2015 by PabloDePablo (tbc) for the Wii U. It was designed for SuperSonicDarkness (tbc)'s FSB Roster Challenge.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Epoch is a two-dimensional fighter, just like the rest of the series, with gameplay similar to Super Smash Bros. games. However, a new mechanic known as Epoch Cross has been added. At the start of a match, you select not only a character, but a character-themed boost of some sort, allowing players to create their own powerful combos.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Epoch features 12 fighters, with 8 starters and 4 unlockables. The roster was designed to evenly split up old and new characters as fighters.


Unten Boxart Render

Unten is one of the eight starter characters of Epoch, representing the self-titled Unten series. Unten is a balanced fighter who can utilize elements from all of his iterations, ranging from a powerful extending axe to electrokinesis. A valiant fighter from Zeon, Unten has had countless adventures and is known across the Fantendoverse as an ally.

Unten's Epoch Cross, Beorn Will, is equally powerful for all characters and boosts basic attacks considerably, while also providing smaller boosts to all other areas.

  • Standard Special: Fanti Punch

A powerful attack where Unten's paw is enveloped by his companion Fanti, electrically charging his punch.

  • Up Special: Scarf Chute

Unten uses magic to send a gust of air into his scarf, sending him up fast followed by a slow descent.

  • Side Special: Beorn Axe

Unten uses his ancient Beorn war axe in a mighty swing. You can charge it to make it go further.

  • Down Special: Ground Slam

Gathering his strength, Unten slams into the ground, creating a small earthquake. It's more powerful when used mid-air.

  • Epoch Finale: Fissure

Utilizing Doomulus Grime's massive drill, Unten dashes across the screen, hitting all opponents for heavy damage.



3.14 is one of the eight starter characters of Epoch, representing the 3.14 series. 3.14 is a very odd fighter, with floaty jumps and pie and binary as weaponry. Also known as Coal, 3.14 is a clumsy computer program with a heart of gold and a love for baked goods.

3.14's Epoch Cross, Boysenberry Glitch, is a dual-edged sword that increases the strength or chargable moves while also making the fighter floatier. It works best with most classic characters.

  • Standard Special: Pie Toss

3.14 tosses a pie at his enemy. It can either stun enemies or explode, and can be charged for a longer range.

  • Up Special: Does Not Compute

Throwing out a malfunctioning computer, 3.14 gets shot up into the air by its explosion, hurting nearby enemies.

  • Side Special: Binary Blade

3.14 uses a blade made of binary, thrusting it towards enemies. It can be charged for a longer blade and even reversed.

  • Down Special: Delicious Pie

3.14 pulls out a delicious pie, eating it to heal himself. If he's hit while eating, he gets stunned, though.

  • Epoch Finale: Binary Oven

3.14 traps one random enemy in his Binary Oven, dealing several hits of damage before launching them out.



Volt is one of the eight starter characters of Epoch, representing the VOLT / Reconstitute series. Volt is a fast but fragile fighter on his own, but he can utilize an Ominous Grunt as armor, too. He's a stubborn young Sparkling, but when he's needed to save his world, he answers the call.

Volt's Epoch Cross is Galvan Spark, which boosts the power of specials at a rate corresponding with the fighter's health. It works best with Volt himself and other elemental fighters.

  • Standard Special: Ominous Grunt

Volt summons an Ominous Grunt to use as armor. Using it decreases Volt's speed while boosting his strength, and it can be used again to exit the armor.

  • Up Special: Thunderstorm

Volt ascends quickly, leaving a lightning bolt behind him. Anyone below Volt gets knocked aside, too.

  • Side Special: Galvan Orb

Volt launches a powerful orb of lightning out in front of him. It moves slowly but deals large damage.

  • Down Special: Hurricane Shield

Volt creates a swirling storm around himself, shielding him from attacks. Use it for longer than 5 seconds and it backfires.

  • Epoch Finale: Tesla Finish

Volt creates a massive orb of electricity around himself, before releasing it, pushing back enemies.

Alyssa Wenn


Alyssa Wenn is one of the eight starter characters of Epoch, representing the Alyssa series. Alyssa isn't the best at melee combat, but can detect weaknesses in fighters and summon her friends. Studying abroad in Europe, Alyssa is a prodigy at solving mysteries and is determined to crack any case.

Alyssa's Epoch Cross is Sleuth Intuition, which allows fighters to detect openings for attacks, along with increasing defense. It works well with most modern fighters.

  • Standard Special: Eureka Moment

Alyssa thinks for a moment before reaching a conclusion, dealing lots of damage to one fighter. It has to be charged, though.

  • Up Special: Giselle!

Alyssa summons her friend Giselle, who uses an umbrella to carry the two through the air briefly.

  • Side Special: Skylar!

Alyssa summons her friend Skylar, who tosses a random piece of evidence at an enemy. Different evidence deals different damage.

  • Down Special: Casumir!

Alyssa summons Casumir, who can warn Alyssa of incoming attacks, allowing her to counter them easily.

  • Epoch Finale: Case Closed

Alyssa pulls out a notebook and writes in it, slamming it shut and creating a shockwave that sweeps the stage.

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