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List of quotes in Fantendo Smash Bros. Dimensions.


  • Before Fight quote: Let's roll!
  • Win Quote: Three cheers for Unten!
  • Lose Quote: (*sighs*)


  • Before Fight quote: I'm gonna win this thing
  • Win Quote: (*pulls out birthday hat*) All hail McBoo
  • Lose Quote:


  • Before Fight quote: It's Go Time!
  • Win Quote: I won! (*drinks can of soda*)
  • Lose Quote: Aw screw this (*leaves*)

Mr. Sew'n

  • Before Fight Quote: Mwahahahahahaha
  • Win Qoute: (*pulls out party popper*) YEAH!
  • Lose Quote: Not again.....

YoshiEgg Nook

  • Before Fight Quote: .......
  • Win Quote: (*dances cheerfully*)
  • Lose Quote: (*cries*)


  • Before Fight Quote: I'll win, just watch me...
  • WIn Quote: Told ya I was going to win
  • Lose Quote: I didn't win...

Guppy the Shark

  • Before Fight Quote: It's Guppy's time to shine
  • Win Quote: I won, I won
  • Lose Quote: (*makes angry face at winner*)


  • Before Fight Quote: Let's Go!
  • Win Quote: (*puts his sword in the ground*) I've triumphed, yet again!
  • Lose Quote: You can't win everything......

Bearded Smiley

  • Before Fight Quote: OH MAH GAWD (*insert opponent in front of him's name here*)
  • Win Quote: (*is seen annoying Norbert with Bearded Giraffe while shouting*) HEY NORBERT I WON!
  • Lose Quote: Well....I guess I can still annoy them....


  • Before FIght Quote: I'm on it!
  • Win Quote: Hmm...I knew this would happen.
  • Lose Quote: (*throws fire at winner's feet)


  • Before Fight Quote: Let's Begin
  • Win Quote: Mission Complete....!
  • Lose Quote: .....I failed...

Jack Johnson

  • Before Fight Quote: (*warps out of book*) Has the match begun yet?
  • Win Quote: (*uses paddle and balances ball*) I'am talented.
  • Lose Quote: Oh....

Emerald the Sceptile

  • Before Fight Quote: My victory is near!
  • Win Quote: My victory was inevitable....
  • Lose Quote: (*stands with back towards the screen with a piece of hay in his mouth*)

Dave the Rabbit

  • Before Fight Quote: Dave will win this.
  • Win Quote: (*picks up phone*) Hey Jade..I won!
  • Lose Quote: (*drinks bottle of beer in a brown bag*) Times are sure tough.


  • Before Fight Quote: Thank you for picking me!
  • Win Quote: The great almighty Susan has won this battle!
  • Lose Quote: one can defeat me...

Sam Advanteror

  • Before Fight Quote: Sam is on your side!
  • Win Quote: Awwwwwwwwww Yeeeeeahh!!!
  • Lose Quote: (*aims bomb at winner*)


  • Before Fight Quote: Stop! Tucker Time!
  • Win Quote Woot! Woot!
  • Lose Quote: WHHHHHHHHYYY???!!!


  • Before Fight Quote: Sweet, man!
  • Win Quote: Gnarly, dude!
  • Lose Quote: This is so not gnarly.

more will be added

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