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All the Downloadable Content from Fantendo Smash Bros. Dimensions.


Playable Characters

Image Name Series
AingeruB Aingeru Galactian: Battle of Bracelets
Padge2 Padge Padge
Gumball Gumball the Dog Gumball the Dog
Kier better Kier Kier
Recto yellow Recto Flat Plack Puzzler
130px Mason Light Chronicles
AFTTilly Tilly A Fairy's Tail
Vizro Vizro Vizro
Jimmy Lokket Jimmny Lokket Boomageddon
161px Franky the Archeopteryx Franky the Archeopteryx
BluebearAC Bluebear

Animal Crossing: Saviors of the Wild World!

Summoner Orbs

Image Name Series
Rob ber Rob Ber Ella-Metals
00000000 Snox Qterb Boomageddon
Akro Bat MM Akro Bat McBoo
Spelling B Spelling B Spelling B


Franky the Archeopteryx
Stitches Stitches

Animal Crossing: Saviors of the Wild World!

N/A Lord Gridlock Gridlock
N/A Mint Chewers

Gumball the Dog


Name Series
Busy Beehive Dave the Rabbit
Kulu Town Light Chronicles
Minstrall Town Animal Crossing: Saviors of the Wild World!
Rock Trees Boomageddon
VineVille Lake Ella-Metals
Honeyville Spelling B

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