Fantendo Smash Bros. Cracked is the third and final game in the so-called "Shattered Trilogy". Originally it was based off a subplot that couldn't fit into Shattered's story and it introduces two new characters that are recolors of Strafe and Leah Needlenam. The game's setting takes place shortly after The Recolor War and explores the fall-out of that event.

It will feature cut characters that couldn't fit into Shattered. The game will not be officially worked on until Shattered and Scarlet Skies.



The game follows Koyn and Zelena as they go up against a new foe in the Wasteland called Crack the Hedgehog.


Can be found here.



Name Info
Koyn Rich

Koyn Kisunagu

SSB Shattered


Ziega Neon

Zelena Neon

SSB Shattered


Crack Cracked

Crack the Hedgehog

SSB Shattered



  • It's possible that Exotoro never completes this.

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