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Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive (Japanese: ウィキスマッシュ:クリエイション WikiSmash: Creation) is a 2015 fighting crossover game for the Nintendo Chrome. It was later rereleased for The V². The game, like other Fantendo Smash Bros. titles, features characters from many of Fantendo's game series fighting each other in a game that is based highly upon Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. Unlike the latter, Contrive is focused heavily upon customization of characters, and gives every playable character 12 moves that can be assigned to one of the four special move slots. The game also introduces the Fan Finisher, a move that is quite similar to SSB's Final Smash.


Like the Super Smash Bros. series, up to four characters fight against each other in a 2.5D environment, using special moves that are unique to a single character, and items that hail from many of Fantendo's series. Characters sustain damage, which is indicated by a percentage at the bottom of the screen. The higher the percentage means the character takes more knockback from attacks. To knockout - KO - a fighter, one must simply blast them past the "blast line" (aka off-screen).


Below lists the basic controls for the game. These can be changed, and saved to various "names" that the players can choose for their characters.

Button Action
A Standard attack; grab item; use item
B Standard special attack
B & left/right on the control stick Side special attack
B & up on the control stick Up special attack
B & down on the control stick Down special attack
R or L Shield; Dodge
Control stick Move; Jump (up); Crouch (down); Throw fighters
R2 or L2 Grab fighters; Throw item
Start Pause
Select Check score
Right Stick Dodge


Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive features 71 playable characters, with a majority needing to be unlocked.

Default Characters

Unlockable Characters

Unlockable Criteria

Character Unlockable Criteria
Ainhoa Complete 1P with Lorelei Akiko.
Akahito Kamioka Complete 1P with Anthony.
Andy Pasta Complete 1P with Danni.
Alyssa Complete 1P with Jack Johnson.
Agent Dolphin Complete 1P with Kiba.
The Author Complete 1P with Litle P.
Bananas Complete 1P with Unten.
Blue Complete 1P with Riddle.
Bob Complete 1P with Squav.
Bombell Complete 1P with Data.
Booberry Complete 1P with Volt.
Donald Skitz Complete 1P with Scotch.
Doomulus Grime Complete 1P with Meta-Form.
The End Complete 1P with all other characters.
The Enemy Complete 1P with The Fan.
Ethan Complete 1P with Benjamin.
The Fan Complete 1P with all default characters.
Fandro Complete 1P with Umbra.
Henry the Moose Complete 1P with Squav.
Hex Complete 1P with Pesh.
Julia Portland Complete 1P with Aingeru.
Katero Complete 1P with Ethan.
King Kube Bot Complete 1P with S.
Luize Natsumi Complete 1P with Pashie.
Neville, the Deathbringer Complete 1P with Walukirby.
Niobi Complete 1P with Sandslash P.
PalmMan.EXE Complete 1P with White.
King Plumber Complete 1P with Zerita.
Rosa Yorkwich Complete 1P with Locky.
Rose Reaper Complete 1P with Jake.
Rosie Redburn Complete 1P with Bowie.
Scam Complete 1P with The Author.
Shade Complete 1P with Donald Skitz.
Sinless Devil Complete 1P with Bananas.
Starla Complete 1P with Kaisser Cassia.
Suzy Sweetheart Complete 1P with Ashe.
Tranzformez Complete 1P with Agent Dolphin.
Walukirby Complete 1P with Hex.
Yuki Silverfield Complete 1P with Starla.
Zario Complete 1P with Andy Pasta.
Zerita Complete 1P with Alice Harumi.
Zoshi Complete 1P with Lexi.

Non-Playable Characters

Character Origin Description
Ghroth the Harbinger Fantendoverse Ghroth the Harbringer is the final boss of Rush Mode, who is fought after defeating The Mistake. He is the largest character in the game, so large he is considered a stage, and must be stopped from destroying the Fantendoverse by KOing the three clones that act as his Heralds.
The Mistake Fantendoverse The Mistake, a much stronger clone of The Enemy, acts as the final boss of 1P Mode. Much larger in size than any of the fighters, The Mistake uses corrputed variations of The Enemy's and The Fan's attacks, with some of his own insanity thrown in.
Black God Fantendoverse The Black God acts as a stage hazard, making an appearance on his own stage, Black God's Temple. He will attack the players occasionally with black lightning and occasionally shrink himself to join the fighters in battle, and can be KO'd to make him disappear for good and to get a point.


Assist Origin Description
Rabid Cow Zuper Zario Zrothers Zxtreme The Rabid Cow will spawn from a Summoner Orb and charge forward. Should they connect with an opponent, they will take a large bite, which, not only deals large knockback, but also poisons.
Matthew Sploder Upon spawning from the Summoner Orb, Matthew will create a blizzard around him that reaches up to the top of the screen. As the wind disperses, he strikes a pose, before disappearing in a puff of icy wind that freezes anyone in the blast.
Sabeuxo BowieQuest Flies up above the stage before throwing down fire large lightning bolts that damage the opponents with lightning and spike damage.
Flare BowieQuest Spawns on the stage and charges up her fire power, before blasting a torrent of fire across the stage horizontally.
Oscargen BowieQuest Oscargen will spawn on stage and begin to walk around, firing dark magic balls and waves of dark magic at random intervals. Rarely, he will create a giant spike that will pop out of the ground and deal massive damage to those hit as it appears.
Windi BowieQuest Windi will spawn while standing atop a giant tornado. The tornado will draw opponents and items to it as it spins, and damage opponents that are trapped within the vortex. Her attack does no knockback at all, though will throw items around.
KrunchKake Fandro RPG After spawning, Krunchkake will begin to run around the stage, shooting lasers from his plasma gun.
Fred Fandro RPG Fred will spawn onto the stage and follow the one who spawned it. Fred will slowly heal the one who spawned him and increase their knockback power.
Admiral Twix General's Journey After spawning, Admiral Twix will command 5-25 troops, who will then rush horizontally over a wooden bridge over where Twix stands.
Oshian General's Journey Oshian will spawn on the stage and throw three small boomerangs. These boomerangs do fire damage, and grow as they travel. As they grow, their knockback potential decreases, but the damage they deal increase.
Asher Realm of Dreams Asher is able to attack with his short ranged punches that do massive damage. After 20 seconds, his final attack will involve him doing a strong uppercut attack.
RedYoshi RedYoshi While normally a playable character in FSB titles, RedYoshi appears as a summon instead. He will eat any opponent that comes near him, chomping down on them, before laying them in an egg.
Ace Battle of Bracelets Using his signature "Gambling Chance" move, Ace will show a random card before unleashing a torrent of energy that deals a random element corresponding to the card he showed previously. The higher the card is, the more damage it does, with an Ace dealing significant damage, and the Joker dealing high knockback but little damage.
Haiku HAIKU! Upon spawning, Haiku will unleash three large, flaming needles that deal low spike damage with high knockback. They fly in three different directions that depend on where the fighter spawned him.
Kyro Heroes of Orquedia After spawning, Kyro will spin around and throw small black orbs of energy that deal damage to opponents it hits. When he leaves, it will create an explosion to knock back and damage enemies.
Mekat Fantendo Smash Bros. After he spawns, Mekat will rush around the stage, attacking opponents with swipes that do little knockback and headbutts that do massive knockback from his horns.
Choyro Chao Party Choyro will grab onto the one who spawned him, allowing them to jump an extra two times due to his flight capabilities.
Inyuro Chao Party Inyuro will spawn before rushing across the stage to deal massive damage and knockback. He does this once before despawning.
Zap D-Zolt After spawning, Zap will fly to the top of the stage and hold his arms out. For forty-five seconds, lightning bolts of various sizes will crash onto the stage at random intervals to damage opponents.
Boovishell Mario Party DX Boovishell acts as a neutral assist that can be picked up and thrown at fighters to deal massive knockback but little damage.
Clyde Clyde Clyde will spawn on the stage with an assault rifle decked out with the Union Jack, shooting bullets at opponents as he jumps around the stage.
Metal Locked Mario Forever Metal Locked is an odd Summon, as he causes no items to spawn, and no one can use any special moves upon him spawning onto the stage. Like Boovishell, he is a neutral assist.
Danny Danny's Adventure Danny would spawn onto the stage riding atop his Moon Board before flying off-screen. He'd then race across the stage, damaging players he hits and dragging players along with the wind he creates.
Jr. Rainbow Rhythm Jr. will spawn where the user grabbed the Summoner Orb, and will begin to bounce up and down, creating musical shockwaves that damage and push fighters away from him.
Crimson Lucha del Roserade Crimson will spawn on the stage after grabbing the Summoner Orb in a flurry of rose petals. He will run around the stage, slashing rapidly with his sword. After slashing rapidly, he'll end his combo with an upward slash that deals poison damage. He can do three of these poison slashes before despawning.
Frozerade Lucha del Roserade After grabbing the Summoner Orb, Frozerade will appear on the stage and strike a pose. She will then proceed to create an icy wind that crosses the stage and freezes opponents on contact, slowly damaging them with a poison effect. She'll attack for ten seconds before disappearing.
Guaptain The Guap Squad Guaptain will spawn alongside one of the shapes from the Guap Squad:

  • Shop Keeper (the green triangle) will create an explosion that KO's both Guaptain and himself.
  • Advice Giver (the red square) will allow the character to counter opponents' attacks by shielding.
  • Jocker (the yellow circle) will increase the summoner's speed and power for fifteen seconds.
  • Bert (the blue rectangle) will just stay in a single spot. Attacking him enough will have him KO the person who damaged him last.
  • Hexo-Man (the orange hexagon) will fire five small rocks that will explode when hit.
  • Star Dude (the purple star) will just scramble the summoner's stats, which will last for 30 seconds.
Super Moo Cow The Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato Upon spawning, Super Moo Cow will run around the stage before taking off, and flying above the ground. Fighters are then capable of riding on his back, which acts as a solid platform.
Squid The Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato Squid will spawn on the stage and begin to bounce around. If he is attacked, he will punch whoever attacked him, dealing 2x the amount of damage though with 0.5x the amount of knockback. He acts as a neutral summon, as he will also punch the one who summoned him.
Gamdon Mainstream Gamdom will spawn on the stage and jump up and down, throwing small purple orbs of energy in an arc that meteor smash opponents. The orbs also absorb any projectiles that come in contact with them.
Button Button Kartz Button will appear on the stage, and throw small discs designed after Blue that explode on contact and travel through platforms.
John Jerome Double J RPG John will appear on the stage and use his Stun attack to freeze all nearby opponents using electricity. They remain stunned until hit or until he disappears.
Witch Gypsy Double J RPG The Witch Gypsy will appear on the stage. She will wave her wand around and swap the controls of all fighter's attacks and movements, disorienting even computer controlled opponents.
Loler64 LOL.pc Once Loler64 appears on the stage, he will run around as he shoots his RAWKIT LAUNCHER in all directions.
Commander Nova Commander Nova Commander Nova spawns on the stage in a black mist before he pulls out his sword. After waiting a few seconds, Nova will slash across the screen diagonally from where he spawned, leaving behind a black mist that slightly damages fighters.


Default Stage Origin Description
Peaceful Plains

The most basic stage in the game, Peaceful Plains is a flat platform that reaches to both sides of the screen. Three semi-platforms in a triangular configuration float above the stage.
Sky City Adventures of White The stage is set atop a large skyscraper, which acts as a walk-off platform on the left of the screen. To the right of the stage is a pit where fighters can be knocked off, though occasionally a platform will be propelled upwards by either a lava plume (via Deo) or a jet of water (via Orange).
DMA Base Adventures of White
Bear Forest BowieQuest
Dumpstar Fandro RPG
Admiral's Base General's Journey
Echenro's Lair Realm of Dreams
Evil's Mind Realm of Dreams
Squavacado Forest A Nutty Adventure
Flutter City Celestial
Cloud 9 Weather World
RedYoshi's Island RedYoshi
Palatina Battle of Bracelets
Farm World The Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato
Unlockable Stage Origin Description
Other World Battle of Bracelets
Cleffa's Castle Litle P and Sandslash
VineVille Ella-Metals
Daisy's Castle Twisted Evil
Emotion Islands Emotion Spectrum
Pushopolis Pusher's Pile
Stompton Pusher's Pile
Balton Gardens HACKED
CATEGORIES Fantendoverse
Chaos Prison Fantendoverse
Black God's Temple Fantendoverse
4.5 City PalmMan
Radiant Rainbow Doodlemen RPG
Dig Dug Desert Doodlemen RPG
Mutated Jungle General's Journey
Lifeless Stream Ghasja
Meadow Highways Danny's Adventure
Sewer Sweepdown Danny's Adventure


Item Origin Description
Finisher Sphere Fantendo Smash Bros. The Finisher Sphere will spawn, and begin to fly around the stage. Fighters must attack the orb in order to release their Fan Finisher: a special move that deals massive damage.
Summoner Orb Fantendo Smash Bros. The Summoner Orb summons a random helper to aid the person who picked it up. Only two assistants can be on the stage at once, and can be attacked in order to slow down their attacks.
Assist Pearl Fantendo Smash Bros. When thrown, the Assist Pearl will teleport the thrower to wherever it landed. If it hits an opponent, it will swap their two positions.
Grappling Hook Fantendo Smash Bros. Extends the user's grab range for 6-12 uses. Can either grab opponents and throw them much further than they should normally be able to, or allow them to tether recover.
Black Bomb BowieQuest A comical, black bomb with a lit fuse. Black Bombs can not be picked up or thrown, and any contact with the bomb makes it explode.
Grey Bomb BowieQuest A comical grey bomb with a flaming fuse. Grey Bombs, unlike Black Bombs, can be picked up, and create massive explosions.
Rock SHIELD BowieQuest A shield created out of a strange energy that draws rocks to protect them. It makes the front of the holder invincible; protected by energy, while their back stays open and vulnerable.
Speedster Pumpkin Bombell A pumpkin that grants the eater a massive speed boost for five seconds. While the user and their attacks become faster, they are also subject to more knockback and damage.
Slowgo Apple Bombell An apple that slows down the user. While it is more of a hindrance, the user who is slower is dealt 0.5% damage and deals 1.5% damage.
Crazy Candy Bombell Lollipops and other candies that restore 1%-5% health upon being eaten.
Stopwatch Investigator S Slows down all fighters, with the exception of the one who grabbed the item.
Scythe Underworld A simple, sword like weapon that deals dark energy to anyone who is hit by it. Can be charged to fire dark crescents of magic.
Arcade Machine Scandinavian Arcade Man A heavy object that can be thrown at opponents to inflict massive damage.
Warp Gun Fandro RPG Can fire up to two portals that allow the user to teleport between two points.
Dark Bomb General's Journey When thrown, it will release a large amount of dark energy that covers a large radius. When the radius is at its maximum, it will implode and deal tons of knockback and damage.
Wind Staff Weather World A wooden staff that is able to fire small tornadoes of wind. Charging it up enough can let it unleash a large hurricane, though can only be done so before a tornado is fired.
Card A Nutty Adventure If thrown at an opponent, the card will deal a random status effect (darkness, electricity, water, fire or poison), damaging them for a short time that depends on the status given.
Wand Celestial Wands give different abilities to the user. They can:
  • Enhance the speed while the item is held.
  • Coat the user in a golden aura, weighing them down.
  • Grants them the ability to fire stars.
  • Increases the damage done by their attacks.

and, very rarely (with less than a 1% chance of occurring)

  • Grant the user total invincibility while the wand is held.
Rubber Racer Hood'ems Will fly across the stage after being thrown. The Rubber Races trapps anyone it hits on its face, and deals damage multiple times.
Grenuke Adventures of White A bomb that explodes on contact after being thrown. If thrown downwards, the Grenuke will spike into the ground, and act as a motion-sensor.
Invisicloak Adventures of White A cloak that turns anyone who grabs it invisible for 30 seconnds.
Inferno Claws Adventures of White Two claws are given to the user to wear, which makes all of their standard attacks deal fire damage while held.
Tornado Badge Adventures of White A small badge that, when worn, will make the wearer spin when they jump, dealing damage and slightly increasing their jump height. However, they are capable of only jumping once while wearing it.
Twilight Badge Adventures of White A small badge that will negate physical attacks to those who wear it, making them vulnerable to only projectiles.
Light Water HACKED Increases the drinker's speed for 30 seconds. Additionally, they slide around a bit after drinking it.
Poison Aid HACKED A small orb of purple energy that will burn anyone it is thrown at. The Poison Aid can, if attached to a person, be transferred to another by touch. It can also stick to the ground to burn anyone who touches it, and will, under any circumstance, disappear after 30 seconds.
Stalmer Shoes DREW Stalmer Shoes will stick to the feet of the first person to touch them. The shoes cause the person wearing them to trip uncontrollably.


  • Despite being created by Existence Software, the company has only a single representative as a playable character: Jake.
  • This is the final game in which the name Bananas is used, as he is later renamed to Endal.
  • The game is considered a love letter to Fantendo and the website's history. Many references to the wiki's older days can be found throughout the game.
  • The game's menu is actually the Alternist Historn, and some of the chapters, such as Mer de Nef, can be seen as the pages flip.