Fantendo Smash Bros. Brawl is the upcoming third game in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series. It will be released for the OL Havoc in late 2011.



Name Image Description Series
Unten UntenBrawl Unten, the mascot and main hero of Fantendo, would never miss a Fantendo fight as epic as Brawl; especially with an amazing moveset! TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR
YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEggBrawl YoshiEgg, the mute tanooki, is charged up and ready to hit the battlefield with a flaming hit! YoshiEgg series
The Groo GrooBrawl The Groo, the leader of the Groo army, has followed YoshiEgg into the champion's rink! YoshiEgg series
Gorge GorgeBrawl The vaillant Goru warrior, Gorge, is bringing a strong spirit into the Fantendo Smash Bros. field! Dark Fungi series
Nightwolf NightwolfBrawl This epic wolf brings a whole new definition of "badass" to the Fantendo Smash Bros. universe! Nightwolf series
Dashed Koopa DashedBrawl Dashed Koopa, guardian of the Neon Stone, is back and stronger than ever; Dashed is ready to fight to the top! Dashed Koopa Series
Pesh Pash Pesh, the brave Pouchet knight is ready to join the brawl, bringing a ton of skill with him! Pusher's Pile series
McBoo McBooBrawl McBoo, the famed leader of the Amighosts, is making his way into the Brawl standings wit his siganture scare! McBoo's Mansion series
Teardrop TeardropBrawl Teardrop, the leader of the Knights of Atlantia, is joining the brawl with a strong arsenal! Teardrop series
Emerald the Sceptile EmeraldBrawl Emerald, leader of Team Gemstones, is joining for the first time, and he's bringing his bravery with him! Team Gemstones series
Neo Koopa LemmyBrawl Neo Koopa is leader of the New Koopa Troop, Yellow Fire, Silver Dragons, and the Omega Squad; and he's brought their skills with him! Neo Koopa series
Ella Metals EllaBrawl The metal bending girl is back and stronger than ever witha new arsenal of quick, tricky moves! Ella Metals series


Name Image Description Series How to Unlock
Netnu NetnuBrawl Netnu is the parallel version of Unten; red, evil, fat, and snotty, but will his attitude get him past the ultimate ass-kicker, Unten?! TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Beat All-star Mode as Unten.
Bloop BloopBrawl Bloop, YoshiEgg's partner in good, has appeared in the battlefield; ready to fight?! YoshiEgg series Beat Classic Mode as YoshiEgg.
Purple Purple1 The butt-kicking Koopa from Newcunner has come forth to defeat the dark and be number one! Purple series Beat Classic Mode as Gorge.
Thunderr Thunderr1 Thunderr the Voltik is joining the fight, and wont stop till hes won it all! Thunderr series Beat All-star Mode as Purple.
Clyde Clyde1 Clyde the england hating Yoshi has entered the stadium and he's ready to fight! Clyde series Beat Classic Mode as McBoo on medium or higher.
Hooly HoolyBrawl Hooly, the rich and cool squidy-thing, has appeared in the field, and wants to get his hands dirty! Doodleland series Beat Classic mode as Emerald on medium or higher.
Inferadness InferadnessBrawl Inferadness has found his way into the rink, and has brought a whole load of fire with him! Teardrop series Beat Classic Mode as Teardrop on hard or higher.
Haiku HaikuBrawl Haiku, the tiny yet ferocious ninja, has joined the brawl with stylish moves and quick movement! Haiku series Beat Classic Mode as Neo Koopa and Dashed Koopa on Medium or higher.
Andy Pasta AndyBrawl Andy, the pasta bending boy is enetering the competition to prove that his pasta whip is stronger than any fire blast! Ella Metals series Beat Classic Mode as Ella Metals on intense or higher.
DREW DREW DREW the pyro-human and main character of his series is here for the fight! DREW series Beat Classic Mode as Emerald on hard or higher.
David DavidBrawl The gamer and otaku from Middletown, David, has come to the fight to show of his amazingly strong powers! David series Beat Classic Mode as DREW on any difficulty.




Assist Trophies

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