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Fantendo Smash Bros. Blood Country
Blood Country
Developer(s) TimeStrike Logo
Publisher(s) TimeStrike Logo
Platform(s) V2LogoSmallglow
Release Date(s)
WW November 4th, 2023
Single-player, multiplayer, online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Fantendo Smash Bros.
Predecessor Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality
Successor Unknown
Media Included Disc
Available Input V² controller
Cost $49.99 (USA)

Fantendo Smash Bros. Blood Country is the successor to Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality, developed by TimeStrike following that project's critical praise and financial success. As with its predecessor, it is non-canon to the New Fantendoverse and features characters from all (allowed) dimensions from Fantendo, the Nintendo Fanon Wiki. It is a fighting game that has radical departure from the other games in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series, featuring several new mechanics as with its predecessor, although drops the toxic mechanics in favor of vampire-related ones. Unlike other games in the series, the game has a heavier focus on exploration and adventure. The game features its own story, whereas vampires suddenly occur and begin taking over the Fantendo "hyperspace".

Just like with Fatality, TimeStrike claimed that this game is much more unique than any other in the series, with the sole exception of Fatality, which itself was a radical departure from the rest of the series. Unlike its predecessor however, it doesn't really focus on mechanics as it does on modes, characters, and stages, especially the latter as Blood Country has very large stages. The goal is to stall foes, set up defenses, and attack opponents when they come near or go on the hunt yourself. Blood Country's theme is vampires and blood, incorporating those elements into the game's new mechanics, like with the ability to attack opponents and regain health. Almost every character from Fatality returns in Blood Country, with some being cut due to either time constraints or copyright issues.

The game's advertisement was mostly done by "leaks" from Athena Hawkins, which she claimed to be accidents. She mostly leaked characters and stages, but didn't leak much of the story or adventure content. Returning elements from Fatality include a (reskined) Toxic Labyrinth, Burner House, Home Quarters, and Breaker Mode, and she also leaked high-definition footage of a vampire general speeding through the night skies. It is said that Blood Country will be released on The V² as well as the Pacifico, and possibly a release on other consoles to help promote the game's release.

The main theme of Blood Country is a 2023 remastering of "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold, sang by same artist.

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