Fantendo Smash Bros. Alpha is an unnofficial reboot of the original Fantendo Smash Bros. series made for the New Fantendoverse. It is produced by AzaCraft Entertainment, and is said to have a relatively small roster of 20 characters.


It's a Smash Bros. clone. Boop.


Starting Characters

Character Description
SSB Prodigy
Unten is the last remaining Beorn after a majority of them died when their home planet, Zeon, was destroyed. Too bad, so sad. Unten's fighting style is labeled as Electric, as he can shoot electric blasts as well as electricity being omitted from his punches and kicks. He is a fairly balanced fighter and is good for beginners. 
SSB Koloro
When the The God of Greyscale attacked and threatened to drain color from the world, The God of Color created Koloro to protect the world's color. Koloro's fighting style is labeled as RAINBOWS!!!, as she can shoot beams of colors as a way to attack. She also can create traditional, arc-shaped rainbows, which can be used as bridges. These rainbow bridges can only be used for a short time before they evaporate. 
SSB Strafe
A former criminal turned edgy hero, Strafe has had a rough time, what with his father being a terrible person and his girlfriend being erased from their known universe. Poor guy ;-;. Strafe's fighting style is labeled as Weapons Expert, as he mainly uses weapons such as guns and grenades. He is a quick fighter and is good at dodging attacks. 
Mika Sho
SSB MikaSho
Mika Sho is a mutant who is known for her strange fire powers and being quite reckless and daredevil-ish. Mika's fighting style is labeled as Blaze, and she uses her fire powers to attack. She can shoot fireballs, create a barrier of fire surrounding her, or even use fire to rocket into the sky. All in all, lots of fire. 
SSB Fracture
Reese is what is known as a Catalyst, a transdimensional being who was responsible for the Fracture. He also has a crush on Leah Needlenam. Tough luck, huh? Reese's fighting style is labeled as Dimensional Portals, as he can pull items from portals that lead to different dimensions and timelines. However, he has a limit on the amount of portals he can use per match. He also can perform basic psychic attacks. 
SSB Fandro
Fandro is a blob who is famous for being angry at everything all the time. Fandro's fighting style is labeled as Blob Warfare, and he has a variety of attacks. He can avoid attacks easily by flying and he can fire shots from his Cork Gun. However, if his wings take too much damage they will break off, but that isn't too much of a problem for Fandro. As a blob, he can slide across the land and even stick to walls. 
Leah Needlenam

SSB LeahNeedlenam
Leah is a former member of the organization of insane doctors known as the Twisted Cross, but she quit and left the organization in flames when they were gonna operate on her precious bby X-Ray. Leah's fighting style is labeled as Surgeon Nightmare, and she fights with many deadly surgical tools. This includes needles, syringes, and other things to stab people with. She also can create deranged life, but this only amounts to really her creating large colorful masses of tentacles and eyes. 

SSB Guaptain
When duty calls and a mechanical Ostrich threatens to destroy the world, your only hope for survival is.....A 12 year-old kid! The Fantendoverse is weird. Guaptain's fighting style is labeled as Laser Power, as he has tons of laser guns he can use to fight, and he also has a jetpack and other technology as well. Wait, who gives a 12 year-old these things? 

Anna Biscuit

FSB MotorChickz
Anna is a frequent participant in the Motor Chickz racing competitions, but it's likely that she won't have much competition since half the cast will either die of depression, or have already died. Anna's fighting style is labeled as Motorcycle Rush, and she uses her Motorcycle to attack. She can run into people with her Biscuit Blitz and cause great damage, or use candy-based weapons in close combat. 
Trip, Son of Tabuu
SSB Shattered
Trip is the rebelious son of the Subspace lord Tabuu. He ran off to do his own thing, and becomes an edgy anti-hero of sorts. Trip's fighting style is labeled as Subspace, as he can shoot blasts of subspace energy as well as float in the air and create constructs out of Subspace. He is quite a dangerous character, but his attacks rely on speed more than strength. 
Bee Horn
Bee Horn
SSB Shattered
An infamous con artist and former hunter, Bee Horn has a knack for making weapons out of anything and convincing people to buy phony stuff. Bee Horn's fighting style is labeled as Rugged Survivor, and he has a variety of weapons at his disposal. He can throw fake Unten heads as projectiles and he is skilled with a bow and arrow or spear. 
SSB Shattered
A mysterious girl with no known origin. Kiya's fighting style is known as Blade Manipulation, as she can telepathically control swords to fight. She can use these swords to attack from either close-range or a distance, making her a powerful fighter. 

Unlockable Characters

Character Description
Aloe CoolAxe

SSB Shattered
One of the five explorers of the Temple of Dreams, Aloe is a kind and caring person whose main weapon is an Axe. He can use his axe for melee attacks and he also can fire energy from it as well. Aloe has decent speed and good recovery, making him good for swift attacks.

Unlocked by Winning 5 Matches

Sly the Paperfox
Sly the Paperfox

SSB Shattered
Sly is the newest member of the Scribble Masters, and has the ability to use his pencil to draw anything and make it real. Sly's fighting style is labeled as Drawing to Life, and he can shoot crumpled up balls of paper to attack. But his main method of attack is by drawing things such as bombs, swords, arrows, or jellyfish to attack foes.

Unlocked by Winning 15 Matches


SSB LeahNeedlenam
Xerox is Leah's.... sorta girlfriend? I dunno. Xerox's fighting style is labeled as Master of Disguise, as she can disguise herself as other fighters and use their moves, confusing opponents. When without a disguise, she can use quick punches and kicks to attack. She also has a limited amount of disguises she can use per round, and a disguise can be broken if too much damage is taken.

Unlocked by Winning 1 Match with Every Default Character

Susan Syringe
SSB LeahNeedlenam
Susan is the leader of the Twisted Cross, and once was the mother figure for Leah Needlenam. After Leah left the Twisted Cross, Susan became dedicated to tracking her down and possibly having her join them. Susan's fighting style is labeled as Mad Doctor, and she can inject people with syringes that give them strange status effects. She also can use needles and other medical tools.

Unlocked by Winning 30 Matches as Leah
SSD characterArtEXO

SSB Shattered
Who is this guy? I dunno, but he's a new threat that the Fantendo team must deal with.He came struttin' in and be all like "Yo, I'm gonna take over this universe and build it in my own image." So now the Fantendo heroes have to stop him. Drak's fighting style is labeled as WTF?, as he uses many random assets to fight. He can throw small beanbags as projectiles and turn characters' faces into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). He has high attack power but low stamina, so when playing as him you need to make sure you have control over the fight.

Unlocked by Clearing Story Mode


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