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Volt is one of the four secret characters in NightVision Entertainment's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake.  He is unlocked by winning 20 matches. 


WARNING! CHALLENGER APPROACHING! The Sparkling Volt makes a shocking appearance! What he lacks in limbs, he makes up for in fighting abilities and a heart of gold! 


Designed by SuperSonicDarkness

  • Neutral Special: Spark Punch - Volt dashes forward and delivers a punch that emitts electricity. This attack is very quick and cannot be charged.
  • Side Special: Electro Zoom - Volt teleports sideways, and anyone in between Volt's previous location and the location he teleported too gets damaged. However, you cannot control the teleportation. Luckily, the move won't work if you use it while facing a cliff.
  • Up Special: Thunder Jump - Volt jumps upward, and if he comes into contact with anyone once he lands they get electrocuted.
  • Down Special: Possess - A fairly large robotic body appears and Volt possesses it. The body is strong and bulky, but Volt can't use any of his special moves while in the body. It gets destroyed once Volt takes too much damage or Volt can simply discard it using the grab button. This move can only be used once per life.
  • Final Smash: Sparkling Scuffle - Volt frees some Sparklings from cages, and they start attacking all the other players, using speedy lightning-based attacks to damage them.

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