Unten is one of the eight starter characters in NightVision Entertainment's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake.


Unten returns to the fray in his Underground suit! He uses electric attacks and can get help from his sidekick Fanti.


Designed by SuperSonicDarkness

  • Neutral Special: Thunderball - Unten shoots a thunder blast out of his hand, doing a fair amount of damage. It is similar to Mario's Fireball, but it doesn't bounce on the ground.
  • Side Special: Fanti Whip - Fanti uses himself as a whip, that Unten uses to attack. It isn't very powerful but is good at keeping enemies at a distance.
  • Up Special: Fanti Tether - Fanti uses himself as a tether to get Unten back to the ground. 
  • Down Special: Unten Bomber - Unten punches the ground, releasing a shockwave that harms foes.
  • Final Smash: Midas Unten - Unten eats a Blump Berry and transforms into Midas Unten. His skin is turned gold, and he is invincible and his strength is hightened temporarily. After the transformation, Unten transforms into his normal form with half of the damage he took prior gone. 

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