Takeo is one of the four secret characters in NightVision Entertainment's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake. He is unlocked by winning 60 matches. 


WARNING! CHALLENGER APPROACHING! After being mutated by the World of Dreams, Takeo has become an unstoppable fighting machine, armed with his dream powers! Watch out for him!


Designed by Hamclub13

  • Neutral Special: Portal Guard - Takeo places a portal in front of him. If a foe or projectile goes into it, they fall from another portal just above.
  • Side Special: Indigo Blast - Takeo shoots a wave of purple energy, doing massive damage.
  • Up Special: Portal - Takeo jumps into a portal and appears elsewhere, like Zelda's Farore's wind move from the Super Smash Bros. Series.
  • Down Special: Dream Explosion - Takeo explodes using dream energy, then is put back together at the same place. Is charged for maximum effect.
  • Final Smash: Portal Paradox - Takeo takes off his gloves and boots and creates several giant portals. he jumps in and out of them quickly, dealing heavy damage to anyone he hits.

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