Sketch is one of the eight starting characters in NightVision Entertainment's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake.


Armed with a brave spirit and his paintbrush friend Pincelle, Sketch paints the battle, using many powerful paint-based attacks to fight! 


Designed by Crimson el Roserade

  • Neutral Special: Artist's Slash - Sketch slashes with his Soul-Brush. Magic paint drops drip every time the paintbrush is slashed, and the magic paint drops create a slippery substance on the ground. As such, it is easy to lose traction if you step on the stuff.
  • Side Special: Ink Shot - Sketch fires a large blob of ink from a pen that is designed to shoot ink. The large blob of ink actually doesn't do damage, but it slows down the opponent heavily, making him/her vulnerable to many attacks.
  • Up Special: Paint Bomb - Sketch places a bomb underneath himself and jumps off of it, making good recovery. Three seconds after it is created, the bomb creates a small explosion, doing moderate to high damage to players nearby.
  • Down Special: Sketch Statue - The artist creates a statue as a defense for himself. The statue can be attacked and tossed around the stage, serving as a weapon as well.
  • Final Smash: Artist's Star - Sketch flies high into the sky on his Soul-Brush, which has enhanced in size for this attack, then he heads into the background. Once at a fixed position, he fires eight waves of paint blobs, each doing minor damage, but the damage can build constantly, making the opponents more vulnerable to attacks. After the eight waves of paint blobs, Sketch does one enormous slash with his Soul-Brush, doing moderate to high damage. After the slash, the attack is fully done with and the Soul-Brush returns to normal size, and Sketch returns to the battlefield.

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