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Cookie Crumble is one of the eight starter characters in NightVision Entertainment's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake.


The newest about got nothing.


Designed by SuperSonicDarkness

  • Neutral Special: Cookie Disk - Cookie Crumble throws a cookie at her opponents like a frisbee. It is very fragile and does little damage, but has great knockback.
  • Side Special: Cookie Kick - Cookie Crumble places a round cookie-like object on the ground and kicks it. It does more damage then the Cookie Disk, but doesn't deal much knockback.
  • Up Special: Cookie Tower - Cookie Crumble forms a tower of cookies beneath her feet, getting her higher up in the sky. It can be used while airborne as a recovery. 
  • Down Special: Cookie Anvil - If Cookie Crumble is being attacked up close when used, then she will dodge and a giant anvil with a cookie-themed color pallete will drop on their heads.
  • Final Smash: Cavity - Cookie Crumble will run out of the way as Cavity jumps down, devouring any player near him and spitting him out. 

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