Bowie - BowieQuest RPG
Bowie is one of the eight starter characters in NightVision Ent's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake.


The family-bear joins the brawl, using his rock-themed moves as his main method of attack, being quite a powerful but floaty fighter.


Designed by Monstermanchego

  • Neutral Special: Boulder Toss - Bowie pulls a massive rock out of the earth and sets it on his shoulders. He cannot be knocked back during this phase. Pressing the Special button again will cause Bowie to hurl the boulder forwards, knocking aside foes easily. While carrying the rock, Bowie's weight is doubled, making him harder to launch, but he can only jump once and he cannot attack. If he is hit with a strong enough attack, Bowie's boulder will shatter.

Side Special: Stone Storm - Bowie spins around, forming a twister of stones that flies ahead of him. The stones deal rapid damage and have no knockback, but the wind can push foes quite far.

Up Special: Stone Uppercut - Bowie rises upwards, a stone gauntlet encasing his fist during his ascent. Enemies caught in this attack will be locked until the end of the ascent, at which point they will be launched directly upwards. It's recovery ability is a bit shabby.

Down Special: Earthquake - As Bowie takes more and more damage, he will slowly charge, indicated by a slight red glow around his fists. Using this attack puts all of that charge into an earth-shattering punch that tosses foes near him into the air and buries enemies that are too close. The charge is used up upon using the technique. The more Bowie has charged, the larger the range of the technique is.

Final Smash: Rock Fist - Bowie summons up an absolutely massive stone arm from the bowels of the earth and thrusts it directly forward. This move has excellent range and launches foes easily, but has a slow start-up.

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