Ashlyn is one of the four secret characters in NightVision Entertainment's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake.  She is unlocked by winning 45 Matches as Mika Sho. 


WARNING! CHALLENGER APPROACHING! No matter what weaknesses come from being blind, Ashlyn makes up for them with the potent fire and light magic that she wields in battle!


Designed by PabloDePablo

  • Neutral Special: Staff of Ashes - Ashlyn creates an orb of blazing fire around herself, protecting her from enemies. It can be charged, which gives it more range with slightly less damage.
  • Side Special: Prism Dash - Using her magic, Ashlyn dashes forward, swirling with light magic. If used mid-air, it heads diagonally in a direction of the player's choice. This move has a long range, but deals low damage.
  • Up Special: Blast Rise - Ashlyn shoots out a pillar of fire below her, sending her flying through the air. It does slight recoil damage, but can be used to launch Ashlyn at odd angles as a living projectile of sorts.
  • Down Special: Blind Rage - Ashlyn spends a short time powering up, glowing red once she's done. While this move takes a few seconds to set up and leaves you vulnerable, it powers up all of Ashlyn's specials and gives her more speed.
  • Final Smash: Blazing Ultima - Ashlyn releases a storm of white-hot fire magic, with several small flames slightly damaging enemies across the stage. She ends the move by slamming a massive fireball downwards onto the stage, dealing massive damage.

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