Arshallo is one of the eight starter characters in NightVision Entertainment's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake. 


The young cloud patroller, Arshallo makes his appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros.! He uses his items from Cloud Patrol as a means of fighting.


Designed by DohIMissed

  • Neutral Special: Weather Assault - This move varies depending on which weather is activated through his Down Special. If the Sunny Weather is activated, Arshallo will perform a fiery spin with burning effects. If the Rainy Weather is activated, Arshallo will attack by charging powerful water orbs to shoot forward, the more it's charged the more range and knockback it has. And if the Snowy Weather is activated, Arshallo will create an icy shield around him that not only damages nearby opponents but also counterattacks fire moves. It has from 10% to 50% chance of freezing an opponent.
  • Side Special: Push - Arshallo dashes forward using a cloud barrier in front of him. Any opponent caught in the barrier is pushed and damaged with it, if an opponent is kept in the barrier after Arshallo finishes the move, there's a good chance they will be sent flying upwards.
  • Up Special: Jet Boots - Arshallo equips himself with the Jet Boots item. Using it, Arshallo is able to fly freely for 2,5 seconds, he can't use Special Moves and doesn't damage by touching opponents, but he is still able to perform basic aerial attacks.
  • Down Special: Weather Container - Arshallo will be able to switch the move and effect of Weather Assault by using this move. He can use Sun, Rain and/or Snow.
  • Final Smash: Wacky Weather - Arshallo will summon a mess with weather. It'll be sunny, rainy and snowy, at the same time! Arshallo summons a small rain of fire balls that burn opponents, some of them are bigger than others, they don't change attack damage but bigger ones cause more knockback. Subsequently, a rain happens as lightning bolts land on the stage all of a sudden in attempt of hitting opponents, and finally icy tornadoes start happening, trapping opponents with them but without causing damage. Some of them will freeze opponents, sending them flying high off-stage.

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