Alice Harumi is one of the eight starter characters in NightVision Entertainment's Fantendo Smash Bros. remake.


No matter what the trouble, Alice is always ready to bloom! She uses her graceful fighting style and spring-themed attacks in battle.


Designed by CSketch

  • Neutral Special: Cherry Petal Blade - Alice makes a small sword made out of cherry petals and dashes a bit forwards while slashing, this move can be charged up, the more it's charged up he bigger the sword is and the bigger the reach.
  • Side Special: Spring Sunshine - Alice makes a small glowing golden orb which rises up a bit in the air before shining intensely, if an opponent hits the small radius of light around it they will take damage, you can put up to two Spring Sunshine orbs at a time.
  • Down Special: Flower Trap - Alice makes a flower rise from the ground in fornt of her, if it catches somebody it will trap them, stunning them temporarily and leaving them open for attack.
  • Up Special: Spring Breeze - Alice makes a small breeze throw her up in the air, however she goes in a defenseless state where she cannot use any moves until flanding on the ground.
  • Final Smash: Power of Nature - Alice creates a wind tha tfires a set of cherry petals forwards, if it hits an opponent it triggers a scene where Alice makes millions of cherry petal trees grow behind her and creates a big breeze that takes the cheery petals and fires them at the opponent with force, dealing tons of knockback, then it cuts back to normal.