The first part of the fan fic Fantendo Smash Bros.: Born by Night.

A beorn named Unten is traveling through the Peaceful Plains. It has been gusty and stormy all day, eith tornadoes and heavy rain. Unten decided to get in a close encounter with a tornado, which lead to where he is now.

The storms stop instantly, and sun begins to come out. Unten is confused by this, wondering what had happened. Then, the ground around him breaks apart, creating a massive fissure. A squid-like monster emeges, and attacks Unten. It had two main tentacles, with tentacles upon those tentacles, and tentacles upon thos tentacles. Unten tries to fight back, the monster is unharmed. Then, Aingeru the Green Angel leaps out of the fissure. While Unten watches dumbfounded, Aingeru uses Meteor Kick on the monster's large head. It begins to bleed. Aingeru then starts slicing off a few of the monster's tentacles. It begins to scream, and retreats. Unten and Aingeru agree to pursue it. They jump into the fissure.

They follow a large cave-like path. Aingeru pints out the strange patterns on the wall to Unten. Eventually, they find themselves in the earth's core. They see the squid-like creatures resting the magma. Its head is very swollen, and is gushing out blood.

Unten suggests to Aingeru that battling it may not be necessary, since it is bleeding to death. Aingeru disagrees and flies in closer to the monster, leaving Unten behind. He begins to charge up for Distortion, his most powerful move. The monster notices him and swats him away. Aingeru plummets toward the magma, but Unten saves him. The monster tries to hit both of them, but Unten, still carrying Aingeru, jumps away. Aingeru tells him that is wing is injured.

Unten turns around and notices a dark aura is flowing out of the gash in the monster's head. Soon, the earth's core begins to flare up, and the entire planet undergoes an earthquake. Unten and Aingeru hear something that sounds like a crazed person laughing and screaming at the same time. The aura continues flowing out until the monster turns into a shell and dies. Unten thinks that is some type of energy, but Aingeru believe that it was the sould of the monster.

Unten and Aingeru return to the Peaceful Plains. It is about nighttime. Aingeru asks if he can help Unten find the monster's soul. Unten thinks for a minute, then agrees. They look around, and they see that is what like the monster's sould wasn't even there. Unten guesses that the spirit must've dissolved into the air. Aingeru claims he can feel it, saying that it headed north. Unten follows Aingeru.

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