Fantendo Shipwrecked is a story written by CSketch and a few others that takes big inspiration from Survivor Fan, but takes place in the New Fantendoverse.


A group of well-known Fantendians are taken on a cruise.....that ends up crashing in Fan Archipelago, where they must try to survive and at the same time deal with each other, but what they don't know is that they're secretly being recorded and showcased in live TV! Will they survive? Will they learn the truth? And who is this mysterious "Reda" woman?


  • Reese (Shattered): A strange guy with a strange sense of morality, often doing stupid shit for girls he likes, which are pretty much any girl with a "bad chick" stereotype, even though he's actually somewhat tough to persuade for as naive as he is. He sometimes can access a a form where he can see other timelines and get items from them, however this form heavily exhausts him so he prefers to avoid using it a lot.
  • Seraphina (Paintverse): A bounty hunter from the world of Artizz, she's very competitive and always wants to be the one at the top, though she's very loyal to her companions. She can use her ranged weapon, known as the "ZoomShot", to hunt from far away.
  • Smile (GHOST SMILE): A shy ghostborn who's kind of a bookworm, his appearance can creep out some but he's very friendly, though as mentioned before, shy. Smile can call on the powers of a selection of Spirits, which can grant him special abilities, though he can only use one at a time.
  • Anna Biscuit (Motor Chickz): A fun and strong girl who's really good at racing, so it's good she brought her motorcycle with her! Anna is also really good at solving puzzles, a skill that may help the gang later on.
  • Meta-Form (Meta-Form): A heroic robot originally made for military purposes but was reprogrammed to live a normal life, Metaf is polite but short-tempered. Metaf can shapeshift into a number of different forms, though he can be snapped out of his forms whenever he gets hit in his core.
  • Drake (Basilisk): Drake is a basilisk, a snake-like creature with the ability to shoot projectiles and catch ledges by stretching out. Drake is calm and compassionate, always keeping his cool under pressure.
  • Guaptain (The Guap Squad): A young kid who just likes exploring and seeing new things! Though he can get on people's nerves at times he is a nice and friendly person. Guap can use his laser gun to stun and attack any enemy in his way!


Note: Anyone may reserve a chapter to write it themselves if they wish so.

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