Fantendo Saviors is a platformer/RPG game in the style of Super Paper Mario which is heavily inspired by Team-Eva's Fantendo Adventure, as they both feature Fantendo Users and have a similar story structure. It involves an evil wizard bringing fictional characters to life, and the team has to stop them. 


Not much is known about the gameplay, but it will work similarly to Super Paper Mario, as it's a platformer/RPG game. Each character has their own story, culminating in a final story that is the "canon" story for the game. 

Playable Characters

Image Character Description
TBA Dark A gamer who enjoys making friends. He is pretty crafty, and makes most of the weapons for the group. His weapon is a massive iron hammer he calls "the Banhammer."
TBA Nick Nick is a kid who likes playing video games and has a strange fascination with space. He is a fan of the mario series, and his weapons are a fire shooter and an ice shooter. He uses these as a reference to a character he made up when he was younger.
TBA Wario A sarcastic gamer who is quite smart and is one of the most experienced out of the group. He uses a machine gun to attack.
TBA Danni Danni is a free spirit, who enjoys hanging out with his friends and taking risks more then anything else. He uses a magnetic staff called the "Boomstick" as his weapon.
TBA Rocky Rocky is a HUGE fan of the Pokemon games, often making references to them at the most inappropriate of times. His weapon is a launcher that shoots explosives.
TBA Scarlet A young girl who is a fan of the Touhou series. She is a part of a family of magic users, and can use magic during battle.
TBA Booker A friend of Dark who is annoying at the best of times. He means well, though, and believes in doing what's right. He fights using two short blades with a fairly futuristic design.
TBA Breadman A guy who spends a lot of time on the computer but has wide knowledge. He can be used as a knowledge source and can gather the team on info. He lacks weapons or combat availiblity, however.
TBA Asher A very sarcastic person who is one of the younger members of the team. He enjoys annoying everyone to pieces. He attacks with his very sharp nails, which he continually grows.
TBA Hammy A kid who enjoys drawing, reading, and making friends. He doesn't go out much, but is always positive. He uses party-themed weapons to fight.
TBA Tyler He is the comic relief of the group, and always wants to pitch in to help. He can be serious, though, and usually uses a "Uni-Kitty" as he calls it, to fight.
TBA Jake A kid who likes hacking and vampires, Jake usually is found pulling pranks on other people. He uses bombs to fight.
TBA Fraga Like Dark, he likes to play video games and make friends, and was one of Dark's first friends. He is sometimes clumsy but nice to anyone. He uses his powerful paintbrush and can use paint as a weapon. He also can make clones and search secret areas.
TBA Luke He is a kid who is good at playing video games and making art. He is nice but can be a bit annoying, and is a skilled digger. He also is a sort of psychic and a great mystery solver. 
TBA Lone One of Dark's best friends. Long-time Cartoon Network fan, and loves video games as well. A cool guy, but doesn't take jokes as easily as the others. He's got a beam sword and lightning powers.
TBA Eva A cheery girl who has a pet snail, Eva doesn't usually like fighting but is always there to help her friends. She uses a katana to fight. 
TBA Vector A young man who is strong, but usually likes to be kind to others. He uses a giant hammer to attack. 
TBA Soupy A nerdy boy who gets along with the team quite well. He uses science and Paper Mario physics to fight. 
TBA Ice A funny and creative dude, he is a artist and has a passion on video games and movies. He can attack with his Ice Sword.


  • Woodelec - He runs the shop that the heroes can go to. 

Story Modes

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