Fantendo Rising: Hand of Darkness is the first in the Fantendo Rising RPG series. It is being made by SuperSonicDarkness (tbc) and Monstermanchego (tbc)


Doomulus Grime assembles an army of villains (called the Hand of Darkness) which shrouds the Fantendoverse into darkness. All the Fantendo Heroes have become dark versions of themselves, and The Fan is only strong enough to restore a select few of the Fantendo Heroes (a.k.a. the playable cast.) These heroes must journey the new realm of darkness and free their friends, and put a stop to Doomulus' tyranny. 


Playable Characters

Artwork Character Description Weapon
UNinTENded Unten A brave and strong Beorn, Unten leads the charge against Doomulus' empire.   TBA
HamaSprite Hama A Doragon and one of Unten's allies, Hama is an experienced fighter who can fly and use fire. TBA
Squav 1 Squav The leader of the Squavocadoes, Squav uses his sword Exulbore and his light powers to try and free his people. TBA
Mika Sho FJR Mika Sho A girl who uses the power of fire during battle, Mika Sho will do pretty much anything to stop the bad guys as long as it works.  TBA
Jake by Yvetal Jake An artificial intelligence who has a knack for hacking, and is ready to stop the Hand of Darkness.  TBA
Bowie by Rick Bowie A family man ( teddybear, more like it...) who has the power of rock, he is going to go to extreme lengths to save his family. TBA
White White A Popopo who is the weapons expert of the team, he also has control over fire and is ready to take Sky City back from Doomulus' tyranny! TBA
DATA Data Data is a cyborg ready to take back his land, and he can hack into other robotic objects, and can also turn his cyborg parts into different weapons.  TBA
KidKiba Kid Kiba A noble vampire who uses his vampiric attributes in battle, he is coming to take down the darkness! TBA
Flip Flip After Doomulus kidnapped Flip's best friend Cobby, Flip is ready to use his frog abilities in battle! TBA
Starla Fantendo Starla The princess of the Starlet Kingdom who uses Comet Blasts to fight, she isn't giving her kingdom away that easily! TBA

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