Fantendo Riders: Boost
Developer(s) Mystery Person Studios
Story, Free Race, Battle, Mission
Genre(s) Single Player, Multiplayer (2-4 Players)
Fantendo Riders: Boost is the third Fantendo riders game and the first by Mystery Person Studios. It is released for the Wii U, Nintendo Silver, Neo and 3DS

Story Mode Plot

Hero Story

Bridgeport Streets

Glass Meadows

Villain Story

Super Story


Story Mode

Free Race

Time Attack

Grand Prix

Hero Cup

Race through the Hero Tracks

Villain Cup

Race through the Villain Tracks

Super Cup

Race through the Super Track

Battle Mode

Race Battle

Stage Attack



Character Series Image Type Gear Attacks Special Tricks
Unten TOSWALUNTIDNWR Unten FRB Power Blue Bear

Lv. 1:

Lv. 2:

Lv. 3:

Speedy IPenguin series Speedy FRB Speed Northen Star
Madnesscrazy Madnesscrazy's Adventure MC FRB Fly Air Power

Lv. 1: Punch

Lv. 2: Spin Kick

Lv. 3: Dark Scare



Dark Beam

Black Fire

White Lightning

Vizro VizzShield Series Vizro FRB Speed Razor Leaf

Lv. 1: Vine Whip

Lv. 2: Poison Jab

Lv. 3: Super Nova

Vine Boost

Forest Man




Lunes the Cat Costume Hero Lunes FRB Speed Red Star Trout

Lv. 1: Snowman Ball Toss

Lv. 2: Ninja Suprize

Lv. 3: Samurai Sword Flail

Sleepy Time

Fish Smack

Costume Changer

Claw Dance

Yarn Toss

Lekki The Mighty Lekki Fly Black Nightmare

Lv. 1: Kinetic Force

Lv. 2: Blazing Shot

Lv. 3: Time Freeze

Psychic Spin

720 Driver

Gravity Defier

Bowler's Twist

Flying Squirrel

Bombell Bombell (series) Bombell FRB Fly Bomblobs

Lv. 1: Super Fuse

Lv. 2: Bomb's Away

Lv. 3: Spooky Dance

Bomb Dash




Great Bomb Dash

Hayden The Rise of Darkness Hayden FRB Power Flaming Fire

Lv. 1: Fire Blast

Lv. 2: Sword Spin

Lv. 3: Fiery Sword Slash

Ring of Fire

Shining Sword

Fire Spin

Juggling Fire

Blazing Board


Character Series Image Type Gear Attacks Special Tricks How to Unlock
Zack Crystal Robots (series) Zack FRB Power Power Flower

Lv. 1: Dat Trouble

Lv. 2: Zack's Trap

Lv. 3: Mighty Blow

Mighty Zack



Trappy Punch


Beat Hero Story
Netnu TOSWALUNTIDNWR Netnu FRB Power Red Bear

Lv. 1:

Lv. 2:

Lv. 3:

Beat Villan Story
Zane Another World Zane FRB Fly Blue Wing

Lv. 1: Axe Slice

Lv. 2: Pellet Pistol

Lv. 3: Egg Bomb

Speed Burst


Go high



Beat Super Story
Volra VizzShield Series Volra FRB Power Earth Power

Lv. 1: Fire Power

Lv. 2: Earthquake

Lv. 3: Core Blast


Earth Shaker

Wild Fire

Hot Wind

Leaf Burner

Beat The Hero Cup in Grand Prix
Kage Colossal Tribes Series Speed Psychic Glider

Lv. 1: Psychic Stop

Lv. 2: Invisitack

Lv. 3: Stafferang

Freeze Attack

Timewarp Attack

Attack Revert

Psychic Staff

Staff Shield

Beat the Villain Cup in Grand Prix


Speed Purple Flame

Lv. 1:

Lv. 2:

Lv. 3:

Beat the Super Cup in Grand Prix
Pinti Pinti Land (series) Speed Speeding Missile

Lv. 1: Extended Punch

Lv. 2: Super Spin

Lv. 3: Blinding Awesome

Star Saga

Barrel Guard

High Rise



Beat 1 Cup with 3 different characters
Propeloor Propeloor (Series) Fly Propeller 5000

Lv.1: Propeller Attack

Lv. 2: Cloud Blast

Lv. 3: Propeller Tornado

Tongue Tornado

Spy Propeller

Fly in the Clouds


The Orange Tornado

Beat 2 Cups with three Different Characters
Connor Catfish Swamp Speed Belly Surfer

Lv. 1: Whisker Whip

Lv. 2: Shatter Bite

Lv. 3: Hydro shock.

Splash Flip

Deep Fall

Tail Flail

Forward Twist

Swimmin' with the fishes.

Beat all 3 cups with 3 different characters
Aiden The Rise of Darkness Speed Electric Shock

Lv 1: Electro Blast

Lv 2: Staff Smash Hands

Lv 3: Thunder Strike

Shocking Surprise

Electric Shock

Staff Spin

Staff Toss

Electric Staff

Frolo Hamster Havoc (series) Speed Thundervolt

Double Spin

Crazy Flip

Electric Bomber

Sunflower Seed Pursuit

Gyro Flip

Beat the Hero Missions
Gorge Dark Fungi series Power Goru Star Beat the Villain Missions
Douglas Cursed Enigma Series Fly Auride

Lv. 1: Aura Disc

Lv. 2: Aura Sphere

Lv. 3: Aura Charge

Aura Defence

Aura Block

Go-back Attack

Smoke Screen

Phychic Trance

Beat the Super Missions
Solana Costume Hero Fly Rising Octopus

Lv. 1: Paintbrush Swipe

Lv. 2: Flashing Light

Lv. 3: Bullet Octopus


Octopus Muncher

Kicking Legs


Sun Rising

Beat all Missions
Mike the Robot Costume Hero Power Nature's Creation

Lv. 1: Axe Chop

Lv. 2: Tree Uppercut

Lv. 3: Judge Mike

Axe Toss

Manga Reader

Ginger Candy Jiggle



Play as Lunes 15 times
Aidic Hamster Havoc Fly Cloud Drifter

Lv. 1: Paraslow Bestow

Lv. 2: Cloud Throw

Lv. 3: Wing Surge

Scarf Spin

Scarf Twirl


Backwards Flip

Cloud Dazzle

Play as Frolo 15 times
Locky Heroes of Orquedia Poer Hanabushy

Lv. 1: Sword Slash

Lv. 2: Water Jet

Lv. 3: Special Kick-out



Water Summon


Aqua Dodge 

Play as Zack 15 times 

Extra Gears

Gear Image Effect Can be used by: How to Unlock
Sky Shot

Allows any characters to fly

Non-Fly type characters Bought at the Gear Shop for 120 Crystals
Powered Allows any character to smash though obsticles Non-Power type characters
Booster Allows Characters to go Faster Most Characters
Grinds Allows any character to grind Non-Speed type characters
Rocket Boosts go for longer and take up less air
High fly Higher Jumps, this gear does not recive air from tricks. 
Crystalized This gear uses crystals for fuel instead of air
Super Gear Allows the user to grind, fly and smash obsticles. The only way this recives air is by the pits


Item Image Description

Crystals are the equvialant to rings in the Sonic Riders Games. They can be traded for Gears in the Gear Shop. Can be collected in 1, 10, 20, 30 or 100.

Air Required to keep gears running can be collected as items or by going thought pits.
Bomb A maximium of three Bombs can be held and thrown can be collected by themselves or in sets of three.
Wing Bomb A bomb that automaticly deploys itself and aims for character in first place.
Ball and Chain Slows down anyone who gets it.
Robber Steals the Item of anyone.
Shrink Wave Fires a wave of plasma. Anyone hit by this will spin out, lose 30 crystals and shrink for 30 seconds.
Power Glove Allows the person that obtained this to break though objects for 1 lap.
Electric Wire Sets an Electric wire on the field anyone who runs into this will be electricuted.
Wings Allows the person that obtained it to fly though rings for 1 lap.
Grind Boots Allows the person that obtained it to Grind on rails for 1 lap.
Rocket Makes the person who grabbed it to boost to first place. Anyone in the way will be knocked over.
Shields Protects the user from three attacks and/or items
Invisiblity Coat Turns the user invisible for 30 seconds.



Bridgeport Streets


Glass Meadows



Bridgeport Road

Stone Meadows


Bridgeport City

(Combines Bridgeport Streets and Road)

The Great Meadows

(Combines Glass and Stone Meadows)


Hero Missions

Villian Missions

Super Missions

Battle Stages

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