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Fantendo Rhythm Blast
Developer(s) Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Plasmatab, Wii U, 3DS,
1-4 Player(s), Remix
Genre(s) Rhythm, Party
Media Included DS Card

Fantendo Rhythm Blast is a game developed by Pulse Studios based on the Rhythm Heaven series. The player presses buttons or preforms actions in tune of the song that plays depending on the level.


Flashcard Name Description Instructions Tune
N/A Leet and Leetina set off into the skies on jetpacks! Press the A button every time Leet and Leetina boost upwards, and B every time they pass each other doing a trick. Upbeat
N/A Haterman Be Hatin' Haterman reviews items for commercials, but he sure isn't pleased! Press A to the rhythm of Haterman's head shaking, and B in tune with his facepalms. Emotional
N/A Tail Tyrant TaBooki must make it to his friends without getting hit by foes! Press A to wack weak foes with TaBooki's tail, and press B to jump over spiky enemies. Big Band
N/A Mystery Time Yurei blocks oncoming projectiles to save a mysterious silhouette! Press A when the projectile and the controlled metal chunk collide, B when a cluster is thrown. Action packed, detective like
N/A S.M. Quest S.M. travels across a desert to find his true meaning, dodging obstacles! Press A to jump over cacti and tumbleweeds, and press B to duck under hawks swooping down from the sky. Retro, jazz
N/A Engine Trouble Kaichu and Paucha must assist each other to charge the engine of the airship! Press A to shock the engine as Paucha, mimicking the moves of Kaichu. Slow, happy
N/A Apples' Crazy Mix This game focuses on multiple Booes! How exiting, isn't it? Beat enemies with their special treats while keeping to the tunes! Press the D-Pad to switch from YonenBooe, MeizeBooe, JonBooe, MaizaBooe and RemBooe and press (in the case of MaizaBooe, hold) A to use their attacks. Hindustani, Emotional, Detective-like, Opera, Jazz
N/A Pesh the Warrior Evil creatures are attacking Pushopolis, so Pesh runs straight towards their boss while slashing enemies in his path. Press A to slash a normal opponent, press A and B altogether to do a powerful Final Blow against big opponents. Nintendo-ish, normal
N/A Shoot-em-Up RX Roxanne, AKA Agent RX, is on her way to eliminate the 84D-D13s in her path. Press A at the right timing to shoot toward a 84D-D13. Secret Agent
N/A Meta-Retro Meta-Form must defeat King Kube Bot, but this time, in this SNES-Styled World. Press A to jump, B to shoot at Kube, and Y to duck. Funky, retro
N/A Johnny Melody Johnny is having a day off, when Meanstien's robots attack. Press X to dodge, and B to shoot enemies. Country, video game like
N/A Volt Fast-paced electronic
N/A Fairy Garden Tilly wants to plant the rare Music Flowers in her garden. They must be grown on a certain rhythm, though. Tilly plants the seeds by herself. Press A to spray magic dust at the right timing to let it grow. Orchestral, slow-paced


Need level names before I can do this, this is a placeholder.

Name Features/Order
Swapnote Shuffle
Protagonist Party

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