This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.
Fantendo Reveue, FR for short, is a "review club" company initially launched by AgentMuffin (tbc). Fantendo users will be able to submit review requests that will then be claimed and handled by club members. The goal of this system is to spread the burden of reviewing across multiple people to reduce stress and boredom.

Scores are whole numbers from 1 to 5 stars. A score of FRs1FRs0FRs0FRs0FRs0 1/5 is bad, FRs1FRs1FRs1FRs0FRs0 3/5 is average, and FRs1FRs1FRs1FRs1FRs1 5/5 is amazing.


  1. New review request is added.
  2. Member claims review, using {{FRc|username}}.
  3. Member posts review in a comment on the page in question, using {{FR|review}} and {{FRs|star rating}}.
  4. Member removes claim template, moves review request to Completed reviews section, and adds the rating.


Please only sign up if you have in-depth grasp of templates, spelling and grammar, and basic Fantendo facts and processes. Using {{User|username}}, add yourself to the list below to sign up.

Review requests

Completed reviews

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