Fantendo RPG Ultra
Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Cyclone Games,
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: 12+


Genre(s) SRPG
Series Fantendo RPG
Predecessor None
Successor Unknown
Media Included Wii U Disk
Fantendo RPG Ultra is an SRPG game being developed by Cyclone Games, with a lot of other companies as well. It is an SRPG, similar to the likes of Project X Zone and Nintendo RPG Ultra. Over 30 duos are being accepted for this game.


Plot is TBA.


Image: Characters: A Combo: A-Left Combo: A-Right Combo: A-Up Combo (Level 15): A-Down Combo (Level 30): Y Special:
Blushi & Cham Fire Egg & Chameleon Tounge Volt Egg & Blue Charge Mage Bolt & Cham Kick Flutter Kick & Invisi-Punch Ground Pound & Cham Twirl Magic Egg & Chameleon Blast
Ski & Colt Fire Uppercut & Shock Charge Sky Staff & Claw Dash Symphony Sword & Thunderbolt Pyro Rise & Electro Spin Flame Tornado & Jolt Wheel The Skyland's Defence Strike
Twister & Alpha Twister Buster & Alpha Laser Pheonix Wing & Sheild Dash Saber Lance & Delta Slash Dragon Dive & Epsilon Claw Ice Pegasus & Omega Crash Mega Twister Blast Alpha
Amberwood & Amusari Amber Combo & Sword Strike Fire Amber & Water Blade Ice Amber & Fire Slash Wing Amber & Air Spin Sword Amber & Earth Break Might Amber & Hyper Dawn
SGY & Mix Mike MP5 & WL Pincel Revolver Shootout & Paper Ball Flamethrower & Quick Combo Bazooka Barrage & Drawn Sword Grenade Launcher & Pencil Smach Bikini House & Drawing Commence
Nist & Aria Firus & Light-plosion Flamroar & Dawn Shock Blazcane & Morning Blast Heat Burst & Sunrise Nova Flare Spear & Shine Beam Angel's Power
Zap & Gap Shock Bolt & Pummel Zap Spin & Crashdown Thunderbolt Launch & Tornado Punch Lightning Twist & Energy Blast Elec Dash & Falling Kick D-Zolt Rush
Lectro & Pyro Thunder Blast & Flame Wheel Fuocitta Combo
Johnny Dog & Zane
Rubber & Diggy
Basher & Wingman
Scratch Kat & Slash Kat Tornado Claw & Close Combat Rush Attack & Thunder Sword Pixel Shot & Fire Sword Balloon Bomb & Uppercut Pixel Wave & Ice Sword Pixel to Polygon & Giant Sword
Jay & Kyla Sword Drive Slashing Attack & Reverse Spin Cut Havoc Wrecker & Nightshade Soulseek Starcover Slash & Dusk Destroyer Twilight Rush & Nightfall Clash Darklore Hunter Technique Z
Glowy & Speedy Glow Egg & Mach Wind Combo Bright & Wind Blast

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