Fantendo RPG: Evolution is a upcoming cross-over game featuring Fantendo characters and a new range of creatures branded Geögon. It will also feature a organization called the Red Diamond that wants to bring a evil child into the world.


Fantendo RPG: Evolution uses a real-time combat system. While you can fight, you can't get far without some help from your Geogon. You can have up to four at a time. and each will fight on their own, but can be controlled manually through the Wii U Pad or bottom screen of the 3DS.


Strange creatures have recently shown up in the Fantendoverse. Nobody knows where they came from. However, alien technology was also found with them, and it was used to capture the creatures in canisters. After backwards-innovation with the devices, many people began to use them as weapons and pets.

One such organization, Red Diamond, has used the former. A terrorist organization set on goal, to get a collection of rare flags. These flags were embedded with Dark Magic and once laid down could bring back the dead.

Will anyone stop them? What is their ultimate plan?






It is said that more info will be revealed at Fantendo Holiday Showcase. Art of some of the Geögon were released, although Sorastitch has said that those aren't all of them.

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