Fantendo RPG: Dimension's Destiny is an RPG for the Nintendo IC made by APIM Group, Inc. for the Fantendo RPG series. It includes many Fantendo characters, their creators and real Nintendo characters.



In the year 6000, two creatures were born, both half gods. One with a kind and helpful spirit and mysterious personality. Another with a cruel and selfish spirit and evil personality. The one was called The Fan, the other The Hater. Both created a place called Fantendo, named after a famous company. It was the center of the so-called Fantendoverse, and connected endless of videogame fanon ideas. However, the place was deserted. Actually, nobody ever found it. They were too busy with other things, they wouldn't even mind it. The ruler of the internet Gods, the Balance, was desperate. The Fan, overheard him. He helped him, to place this whole universe 4000 years ago, in 2000. The Hater doesn't like that. He wanted to create this place to destruct it. He also hates the past. Nothing was so high-technical as everything in the year 6000. And, the restriction of placing a shaped universe is to stay there and watch over it. It could only be placed back if it was deserted again, and The Hater could only place it back if it was destructed. He just wants to begin the destruction, as there came a merely human to the Fantendoverse. The Hater couldn't destruct if there was someone here. So he was unlucky. The Human's name? He's called Plumber. Plumber asked The Fan to create a site about it, and via that, that their fantasy would be placed in the Fantendoverse when it was saved on the site. The Fan agreed and Plumber got permission. And so, Fantendo became lively, with thousands of worlds connected. The Hater wasn't so happy about it. He could kill every creation, but only if he killed their creators. He couldn't do that alone. So he got the creations' villains and asked if they could help kill everyone else in exchange for not being killed and being rulers theirselves. They reached an agreement. However, a good-hearted fellow overheard their plan and informed The Fan. He soon became The Assistant, and both came to The Hater's lair. The fan sent every villain to their own place and banished The Hater into his lair.

And so, every year was held Fantendo Week, with it's most spectacular ending day (on the date of the Hater's Banishment), Fan's Day. To remember these events. However, in 2010, The Hater discovered that the banishment wasn't so strong as he thought...


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