1. To join the Elite Four you must battle a league founder and be approved by them.

What is allowed

  1. This list only includes things that some people might assume are not allowed.
    1. Requesting a promotion. If you ask politely and have demonstrated that you are a good pokémon trainer, you will most likely be promoted or given an opportunity to battle the next gym leader.
    2. Using pokémon that have been EV trained and/or infected with the Pokérus
    3. Using Pseudo-legendaries.

What is NOT allowed

  1. Again, this list does not include obvious things.
    1. Using hacked pokémon in official FPL battles.
    2. Using legendary pokémon in official FPL battles (there are a few exceptions: Manaphy, Cresselia, Phione, and Heatran ARE allowed.)
    3. Editing these rules without permission from a League Founder (Spark01, Stelios7, Uil Team)
    4. Intentionally quitting during league battles to avoid loss

If any trainer breaks these rules, they will most likely be disqualified from the FPL.

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